Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dinner Menu

(My beautiful hydrangeas that are giving me fresh flowers to place on the table)

I haven't been doing good these last couple weeks at making a meal plan. I have been trying to write something down, however, we still are eating out too much lately. I have got to get back into this habit of posting because it helps me stick with the plan. I am too easily swayed by Tyler if I have no plan at all!

Sunday- Ruby Tuesday's
Monday- Mexican Chicken Casserole
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken, veggies and cornbread
Wednesday- Waffles, eggs, and sausage
Thursday- Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Friday- Frozen bagged meal
Saturday- eat out

  brown bag burritos
  egg sandwiches
  Chicken salad sandwiches
  hot dogs
  eat lunch out

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rich Updates...

I haven't been blogging as much lately. I thought I would update a little through some pictures of what all we've been doing the last couple weeks...
We have been swimming some these last couple weeks. Garyn is enjoying it and is able to stay afloat with just his arm floaties, instead of the whole garb he had to wear last year. These pics are when Lakelin stayed with us after the Memorial day gathering and we went out to my dad's pool. We have also been to a neighborhood pool that Tyler's mom got us a membership to. I am pretty excited about it. It's Stuart Height's pool, only 5 mins from our house and they give swim lessons to members.

I have also been working a lot lately. I just finished 3 nights. During the summer, I try to sign up for some extra nights. I always wonder why I do it though, because its hard to work 3 nights and Tyler is still busy during the day. Nana and Poppa like to keep Garyn more in the summer, but it doesn't always work out for them to. However, we are trying to save up money for our trips, as you know. More importantly, I am going down to just working 3 days every two weeks this fall! I am currently doing 4 days a pay period ( twice a week) so it is going to be so nice to have that one less day every other week. I'll explain why in a minute... 
This picture is from last week when our pastor's wife, Heather, had her baby. Garyn and their oldest Carson were born 40 mins apart and had their first baths together. Heather and I have been friends since and I had the privilege of giving their second his first bath!

After working all those nights, I came home to this today just waiting for me to attend to......
There was another one on the floor, too. But I am not complaining one bit, because at least they are clean and not dirty all over the floor.
My sweet hubby has been helping out a lot with such things, I even came home one morning and he had clipped my coupons! They were even divided up into piles of like products. He knows what grabs my heart!

Speaking of my sweetie, here are some pics from our anniversary day

We went down to Ocoee to go White Water rafting. We used to love doing that sort of stuff, but now with Garyn its harder. I arranged for Nana and Poppa to watch Garyn while we went. I didn't tell Tyler, until the night, before what we were doing. This is us in the car waiting because I wanted to leave 2 hours before our scheduled time. Ocoee is only 40-45 minutes away if you didn't know. We had time to enjoy each other, though, I tried to convince him I planned it that way.

Here we are in our rafting attire! We look pretty goofy. We enjoyed the trip, Tyler voluntarily jumped in once and involuntarily fell out another time. I was holding on for dear life because I really didn't want to get in involuntarily. Actually, it scares me a little, especially now with Garyn. I felt really safe with the guide and such but those waters are powerful and rocks are everywhere! When Tyler fell out, he fell backwards head first with his legs and feet still in the raft. He tried to pull himself back up but then let go and went under the raft! The guide grabbed his life jacket but couldn't get him out from under so he let go. Tyler popped up quickly, BUT boy was I freaking out a little on the inside! The guide was very cool and nonchalant about it so I guess it happens all the time. The whole event lasted maybe 1 minute, that was 1 minute more than I could stand, though! I was pretty close to screaming "Help him!" or something similar! Whew, definitely an adrenaline rush! lol! Tyler said he was a little worried at one point, too.

Here we are after, on the bus ride back. You can tell that even though I did not go into the water, I was drenched!

The rest of the day was spent consuming way too much food and donuts (it was National Donut day which equaled free donuts!) We also got to see a movie, Prince of Persia, which was unplanned and good.

That same weekend, I got to go to Goodwill half off day and yard sales. I have been finding some good toys for Garyn. I got both this Woody and Buzz for him at yard sales. He is getting into Toy Story. I think that is what we will be doing for his birthday. I also can't wait to take him next weekend to see the new movie.
Isn't he such a cutie?

Garyn has been doing awesome with potty training. He has been getting to play lots of Wii games which means he has been pooping in the potty a lot! We still have some issues when we are out and about but I am not complaining! He has gotten pretty good at playing Wii and can do more games now. This is him playing swords, that's his favorite.

Tyler is taking 2 classes right now and will be finishing up his masters by August. He is having to work really hard on these classes because one is supposed to be done after the other but he got approved to do them together. They are his research paper classes so the different chapters of his paper are due at the same time. Thankfully, his mom helps him a lot! I have no interest to write a paper or do research. Nursing school did me in!

Tyler also is busy with football and now baseball! The head baseball coach is leaving and the previous assistant is now the head coach. That opened up the assistant spot. Tyler had been thinking about coaching baseball for awhile so this was the perfect opportunity. Graduating with his masters and getting an extra supplement check is the reason I get to work less in the fall. I am happy for him to do baseball for that reason!!

Well, that's what going on in this "Richest Life" for us

Friday, June 4, 2010


 5 yrs of dating + 5 yrs of marriage......

Actually, we started our little ron de vue at age 12, we were both smitten by the end of the first week of 8th grade, smitten I tell you! We were those two that flirted, giggled and turned red every time the other was even mentioned by name. Our 2 week dating period in 8th grade is not counted in our 10 year trek.

The years have been filled with excitement and craziness.
 High school was all about dates, proms, and of course football!
Every time I go see Tyler at work, our Alma mater, I think of these years and smile!
College years were filled with wonderful trips.
We have always loved doing things outdoors; skiing, rafting, and such. His parents were nice enough to always drag us along to Colorado, Denver, Seattle and more. Those years were different from high school in that we were maturing together and realizing how rare it was that we were still in love with one another despite the odds.

{BTW, could that shirt have been any shorter??}

Yes, we have had our ups and downs. There were a few breakups at the end of high school and just before college. God knew just how to heal each one, though. It was always harder to be apart.

Then we finally took the challenge of marriage,
I thought he would never ask,
those first 5 years were long enough for me to know he was "the one."

Marriage is a tries you daily. You can't take sick days; you can't always be beautified; and you have adult responsibilities to share! I love every day of it, not every minute, especially when I have worked the night before. However, at the end of the day, I thank God for our marriage, our relationship, our love that seems to be beating the odds.

This little addition changed the dynamics instantly! We are a team now,
no longer two individuals bound, we are now three.
We love seeing ourselves in him and cherish true family time.
Sometimes we still wonder how we were so lucky to have him to nurture and cherish.
The ups and downs are a distant past now, and we know no difference than
having each other to spend each day with.

Smitten, still, I tell you
I love you, Tyler, and wish you a Happy Anniversary.
I hope the next five are just as good!
Thank you for always being there and loving
me unconditionally, warts and all!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Goals and meal plan

June Goals

Go to pool at least twice a week!
Go to Chester Frost "beach"
Go to Myrtle Beach, the real beach :)
Take Garyn to see Toy Story 3
Take Garyn bowling with friends
Have a great anniversary with my hubby!

Paint something in basement
Clean off deck

Finish the bazillion gift baskets for the bazillion baby showers

Deep Clean- under couches and beds
                   clean up laundry room
                   clean/ straighten Garyn's toys
clean and vacuum car before vacation
Give dogs a bath

Freezer Cooking day
meal plan for lunch ideas and dinner
Eat at home all but 5 meals each week (including lunch)

Continue to save for trips! They will be here soon!!
Itemize bank statement for last month

Go bike riding sometime
Continue Tyler in taking multivitamins (he conveniently forgets when I don't tell him to take them)

Finish "Don't Make Me Count To Three"
Begin "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan and attend book club meetings for it
Catch up on daily Bible readings and limit Internet time when behind

Meal Plan:
(Changing this up a little to account for flexibility)

Hot Dogs
Sandwiches-roast beef included
Barbecue Sandwiches
brown bag burritos
pizza pockets (will give recipe later)

Mexican Chicken Casserole
Barbecue grilled chicken
Steaks, baked potatoes
Taco salad
frozen skillet meal (I have several taking up freezer space)


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