Friday, April 11, 2014

Month to Month: Layne is 8 months!

Month to month this little guy has changed some, but I would have to say this last month has shown the biggest changes!

 Layne is now mobile, fully crawling. And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy cleaning and trying to keep him contained; he started pulling up and pushing things as well. And he even climbed up the steps! Whew, from staying in one area to going up steps all in one month, I'm tired just thinking about it!

(He loves to move all around his bed, I come in often to find him like this)

He has also got those 2 teeth that are popped up well now. We have started giving him more table food, like toast and bread stuff. Also, I have given him some green beans, peas, and cantaloupe to pick up. He isn't so sure about that though. He still seems to like all baby food except peas and peaches, oddly enough. And he will drink water some from a sippy but he really just likes to gnaw on the spout. Nursing wise, he still eats about every 3-4 hrs and once in night, usually.

Night times have started moving to sleeping all night. Instead of being up by 3, he has started pushing it past 4 and usually 5 or later. And we have started putting him down at 8 if he doesn't have a late nap around dinner. Which is usually only when we are home. If we are out, he goes to sleep in car around 6. So there have been nights he has slept from 8-5! But its still random and depends on how the cards fall that day. :) He also likes to sleep face down, sometimes so much that we turn his head because it looks like he can't breathe! Add to it the fact he likes his blanket up near his face.....we check in on him a lot.

Size wise, last I weighed him he was 21 lbs and 28 1/2 inches long. I had a hard time keeping him still for the length but he's somewhere around there! He is wearing a lot of 12 month stuff now and I just bought some size 4 diapers because 3s are getting tight. Speaking of, his allergy to Pampers has gone away. He still has eczema but seems to be getting less and less irritated by random things.

Quirky things he does: He likes to stick his tongue out a lot (if you couldn't already tell by the pictures). And he has just started clapping. It's so cute! He loves to crawl under the table where he normally falls and hits one of the chairs or legs. He also likes to get under there and start pushing the chairs while standing up to them. He loves his brother and sister! Just about anything they do gets him to belly laughing. He also likes cartoons and will crawl to look at TV if a cute song is on or something. His favorite song is Old McDonald. Ansley knows to start singing that if he's fussing.

He is still using the paci some but it isn't a must. He still says "mama" and "dada" but is also saying "pp" noises. He is constantly pulling my and Ansley's hair and thinks its a game when I try to pull it away! He has also started blowing raspberries on my arm and thinks that's funny, too.  He is also loving bath time. He gets excited and just starts splashing wildly.

(notice the tongue, again)

Just love this sweet face and am sad to see how fast he's growing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Month to Month: Layne is 7 mos. old

Seven months have past now since the cutest little guy entered our world......

His little personality is still so calm and collected, although he has started having some stranger danger. He definitely knows if a new person is holding him. While it doesn't always bother him, he will occasionally look at me and just begin to squall if he is unsure of who exactly is holding/talking to him.

Layne is moving more and more. He just started crawling about a week ago. He has a little shuffle going on, he isn't always on both knees and will drag the other leg or will straighten it and kick off so to speak with it. He hasn't moved room to room yet but gets around one room well. Everything goes straight to his mouth, as usual for 7 months, so I have had to really stay on top of the small toys and everything else that ends up on the floor.

(He didn't want the monkey to sit next to him!)

Sleep wise, he is still getting up to eat in the middle of the night. I am not sure when we will break that habit. Generally, he sleeps from 9ish-7ish. Naps are getting to be in the same time frame but are still sporadic. He has developed a habit of staying awake until  the next feeding in the mornings and then falling asleep for an hour or so. Same happens for the afternoon. Then usually after dinner or later he might take a quick 30 min nap. I have been letting him call the shots sleep wise because he has always been a good sleeper. But I am beginning to see the need for a routine because he wants to wait til a feeding to go to sleep and isn't letting me just rock him or lay him down.

Speaking of sleep and moving.....he usually is sitting up in bed by the time I get in there. He will just grin and laugh once he sees me. So cute! He is starting to pull up to standing on some things so we have moved his bed down. And another sleep change is that he prefers his stomach now. I believe the other two did this a little earlier, because I was surprised at how long he stayed on his back.

We have now tried most all the fruits and vegetables. He likes most all of them except peas. He will eat them but not as readily. Usually, he eats something at all three meals with us. But if I forget to bring something or he is asleep, he doesn't notice or act hungry. He now has one tooth! It poked through last week and there is now a second about to make its appearance. (The two front bottom) Seven mos is the earliest for my 3 to get teeth. I am not sure if that's a good thing or not! But now I have let him have some little teething biscuits and rice cake type baby things.

When we went to the doctor for his last illness right around he's 7 month mark, (he has now had 2 ear infections since Christmas) he was 19 lbs 14 oz. Then a week later, we were back for a recheck and shots and he was already up to 20 lbs 4 oz! I was able to look back at Garyn's weight at 7 months and it was a whopping 22 lbs! I just didn't realize how big Garyn was for his age. Like Garyn, Layne doesn't look super chunky but is dense/solid I guess.

Another milestone reached....he said "momma" last week! He says it most when he is tired or fussy. Not sure he knows its my name but he says it and I answer! :) Garyn and Ansley just love seeing all these changes and new things. They both still exclaim "He crawled!" every time he moves practically. Milestones that aren't intended but always happen have also been reached. In the past month, he has fallen off the bed and couch. So we are no longer putting him on those! Thankfully, with both, he took it great, cried but didn't have any symptoms to worry about.

Layne's hair has gotten longer and thicker. It looks to be turning a little blonder but still seems darker than Garyn and Ansley's. His eyes are definitely brown now. Those eyebrows are still the most talked about feature his has! People will think he is raising them on purpose but he isn't.....they just grow that way! We still think he looks a lot like daddy and Garyn, too. Every once in awhile people will say they can see some of Ansley in him, too.

Mixture of all 3, Garyn is in train shirt and baseball shirt; Ansley is easier to pick out.
I think their cheeks are all the same when they smile.

Well, I only have a week until he is 8 months! Geez, ssssllllooowww down time!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Disney for Valentine's

Tyler and I have spent many Valentine's Days together. Always doing something different; never having a set tradition. I can remember one of our first in high school, we were on a ski trip. Others were simply dinner and a movie. Then children came and it got even simpler, sometimes celebrating a weekend after or before. This year, we just happened to spend it in Disney! It wasn't planned necessarily. We choose that weekend because of the holiday the Monday after. Somewhere after making the reservations, it dawned on me we would be gone Valentine's Day enjoying our first day at Disney. It may sound cliche but it will be one I'll remember. Not because of the cards or chocolates (which neither of us got) but because we were all together, having fun, with no worries!

So on to the real topic of this post....Disney! We started out going to a breakfast with Lilo & Stitch at the Polynesian, Hawaiian style breakfast. It was very yummy! The kids were just ecstatic to be at Disney and the atmosphere was a fun start to our trip.

 {Ansley displaying her excitement}



{Mickey, we also saw Pluto that morning}

Afterwards, we rode the ferry back to Magic Kingdom. First up, we watched a little bit of the parade going as soon as we walked in. Then we went and got some Magic Kingdom Sorcerer Mickey cards. A game that uses the Disney villans and heros characters. Garyn was super excited to learn about this from a little boy on the ferry. The first ride we rode was Pirate's of the Caribbean. Next, Ansley and I went to see Ariel while I believe Tyler and Garyn went to barnstormer or Phillarmagic, or both....! We quickly realized we would be splitting up some in order to allow Ansley to see Princesses' while Garyn got to ride some rides Ansley couldn't. I didn't get a picture of Ariel with Ansley. I think I was too taken aback by Ansley asking her what her shells were.....Ariel couldn't stop laughing!

Right afterwards, we went ahead and rode the Ariel ride. Ansley and Layne both loved it, despite their bewildered look in this picture!

The rest of the day was Buzz Lightyear ride, Stitch ride, people mover, go carts and Pooh ride. We stayed for the light show that night which meant we were super tired when we got back to the hotel. (in which we had not unloaded the car yet!)

{Gaston's chair}

{Parade watching spots since we didn't get a closer spot early enough}


Day two, we went back to Magic Kingdom. We got a later start since we had had a later night. But we rode Peter Pan, Barnstormer again, Dumbo, Phillarmagic again, people mover, Ariel again and Buzz Lightyear again. Ansley and I saw Rapunzel, Merida and Snow White. Ansley loved seeing the princesses and didn't get the least bit scared. Garyn never wants to voluntarily go see characters. The first trip he acted more scared. This trip he wasn't scared and would take a picture with them but he wasn't just biting at the bullet to go. Back to Ansley....she felt a little too comfortable with the princesses. I already said she was asking Ariel about her shells, well then we went into see Rapunzel and Snow White. She literally tried to look down their dresses at their "bobs" as she called them! They both chuckled, not really knowing what in the world she was doing! She has just gotten inquisitive about everything lately. She tries to feed her babies and tells me she wants "bobs" of her own. We get a lot of chuckles over this girl! Layne just chilled and got shuffled around, nothing really bothered him, as usual.


{Ansley didn't take naps the whole trip, once we got past naptime though, we chose to avoid the whining and fits and let her have her paci!}

{happy boy}

{Merida. blurry}

{Ariel ride}

{The three trying to all sit in stroller.....despite the fighting, 
they wouldn't know what to do without each other!}

Not long after the above picture, we decided to try Layne out in the carrier. Tyler insisted on holding Layne and pushing the stroller.....super dad!


{Snow White}

{Peter Pan ride}

Moving along! We went to dinner with the Cinderella crew that night at 1900 Park Fare. This was a good dinner and the cast were all talkative and funny. Drusella, one of the step sisters, claimed Layne with a kiss. All the others commented on the lip mark on his cheeks, knowing he had been claimed already. The prince was even calling him his future brother n' law. They were a great character group!

{kiss mark}

{Ansley was just beside herself in all these!}

Day three was Hollywood Studios. We had breakfast at Hollywood and Vine with Disney Jr. characters, most importantly Princess Sophia.

{She wore her Sophia dress and couldn't wait}

{Dancing with Doc}

Garyn couldn't wait for this day because we were going to do Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios. We went straight there after breakfast and waited to sign up for a time later in the day to come back again. He got to learn more about Jedis' and fight Darth Vader! He loved it!

{receiving his certificate}

We also saw the car stunt show, Indiana Jones stunt show, Muppets show, rode Star Tours, saw Minnie Mouse, saw Sully and Mike and rode Toy Story Mania. It was another great day. We were tired but pumped. All the fun makes it easy to keep going! The weather was cool in the mornings but warm and sunny during the day. Perfect, since we had just left 7 inches of snow at home!

That night we stayed and watched Fantasmic. The funny part was that Garyn got scared mid ways through (that is funny, but just listen...). He had his head covered, was shaking and all. Even mentioned that he wanted to leave. Then as soon as it was over, he got up and said "I liked that; I wasn't scared at all!" I couldn't help but laugh! He was super scared the first trip then wouldn't go the second trip. We talked him into it this time. He was glad he went but did obviously get scared again during it! He is getting braver, though!

Day four was Animal Kingdom, swimming and Downtown Disney! Despite all this, it was the most relaxing. We had a short visit at Animal Kingdom this time. The kids really wanted to swim and didn't want to do all we normally do. Mostly, we rode the safari, saw some of the animals, and saw Baloo and King Louie. Last but not least, we rode the Mt. Everest ride with Garyn! He had never ridden and was brave enough to ride it twice, once with daddy and then me! We were so excited that he rode it since he hadn't ever wanted to. And it gave Tyler and I a riding partner!

{Animal Kingdom is the only sign we can remember to take a picture in front of!}

{These characters were so fun and interactive. We just got the Jungle Book movie 
so they were so excited to see them!}

 We also had breakfast at the Tusker House where we got to see Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey!

Next, it was on to swimming and finally looking around our resort some.

{Her new Ariel bathing suit}

{First time swimming}

{We stayed at All Star Movies}

{Thought this was cute}

{Attempted to get our picture in it and this is what we got, hahaha}

 Downtown Disney was fun, too. We ate a yummy dinner at the Wolfgang Express, got some souvenirs, and ate ice cream. Then got back to pack up for our long trip home! It was a great trip and I just love all the family time we were able to have!

And I can't wait til the next trip! 


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