Monday, June 11, 2018

End of the school year 2017-2018

Garyn and Ansley had a great school year with lots of learning. Layne also started learning a lot this year in mother's day out.

Garyn had Mrs. Elrod for 4th grade. He liked his class and was with several kids he had been in class with before.

He ran cross country and track again this year.
He was able to decrease his running time to less than 8 mins.

 Garyn also had his first "job" this past year. He had to "interview" he said to be a tutor for the Kindergartners and First graders. He actually just raised his hand and volunteered. It was super cute though to hear him talk so big about his "job". At the end of the year, he also was given the job to help all the 5th grade girls down the steps at graduation. He did so well acting polite throughout the graduation. I teared up thinking what a good young man he is becoming!

For the first time, Garyn played football last fall. Tyler was an assistant coach for the team. It was a fun, learning season for him. The number 52 was Tyler's number in high school; it was neat to see him with "Rich" on the back as well. He says he wants to play again next year and eventually play college at UTK! Big dreams!

Ansley cheered for the Soddy Kids Club and was able to cheer at a couple of Garyn's games. She still loves gymnastics and cheering.

He also did Science Olympiad for the second time. While he didn't place in any event, he and TJ, his teammate, barely missed the mark.

Garyn played basketball for the 4th-5th grade Basketball school team. Tyler coached him and they had a good season. Garyn has gotten better at defense and offense being much more focused; in tune with the game and where he needed to be.

Garyn played 9/10 baseball this spring and while they didn't have a winning season, they played hard and came close several games. Garyn has gotten really good at being the catcher.

Ansley had Ms. Dent this year. Garyn had also had her in 1st grade.

Ansley did really well learning to read more fluently. She struggled some in math but will be doing some tutoring this summer to help her stay on track.

Ansley hopes to play basketball for the school next year. She played for Upward this winter to get herself prepared for next year.

Ansley also played soccer for the first time. She hadn't ever asked before but seems to be getting into sports more. She catches on quick; never complaining about practice or games.

Layne also had a great year in preschool. He continued at Rechoboth in the 3 year old room since he will be going to Kindergarten just after turning 6 years old. He loved having Brinkley in his class.

After Christmas time, he started asking if he could go to school on days he wasn't supposed to. So he started attending Stuart Heights preschool program 1 day a week; meaning he went a total of 3 days a week to "school".

Layne started learning to write his name well this past year. We also worked on counting to 30 and reading some sight words. Layne recognizes at least half of the alphabet letters now, as well.

Layne played baseball for his first time this spring. He absolutely loved it and did well.

Now we get to enjoy summer hoping it never ends!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trick or Treat 2017

If you asked, half of our family would say Halloween is not their favorite holiday. Ansley and I like it; Layne is wavering depending on his mood; Garyn and Daddy would both say its their least favorite! None the less, everyone participates and we enjoy it!

Garyn chose Luigi; Ansley chose Mal from Descendants and Layne eventually chose a blue Power Ranger. He had at one point wanted to be Luigi like Garyn but changed when he saw all the options.
Next year, we will start looking for costumes earlier because we have some issues finding what everyone wanted! We thankfully got Ansley's in the mail the day before she had to wear it to school. And then Garyn's had to be hemmed because it was a man's size!

To start, the kids got to dress up at school the Friday before Halloween as a fundraiser. Emma rode with us that morning so we had almost the whole crew! Layne was not going to be left out!

In fact, Layne had been wearing his costume quite often. It was so funny to look in my rear view and see a blue Power Ranger!

The kids also painted pumpkins for the school contest. Ansley wanted Mal just like her costume and Garyn wanted a world with an Eagle (school mascot). Layne, again, couldn't be left out and painted a monster with eyes that were crying, he said.

We had a church get together and all the kids wore their costumes. We love our new church (not so new anymore but since last blog posts it is!) The kids all enjoy getting together and playing.

Probably can see Ansley wasn't Mal here. She got the red fish headband from a teacher at school and decided she wanted to wear that instead. I had to figure out the rest! Just never know with Ansley!

Halloween night, we went to some friends' house that live in a big neighborhood near by. We have been trick or treating there the last couple years and its impossible to get to all the houses even! Which makes for lots of candy!

The boys got tired of walking pretty quickly. They decided it wasn't worth the candy, haha! Brinkley hitched a ride some too!

This last one is on here because we got a good laugh out of it! We went to see Nana and Poppa Halloween night and they had their Halloween lights on and had put a Christmas tree up with the lights on. To make it funnier, Tyler had announced that Christmas music would start playing on the radio earlier that night. He and Nana love Christmas and are ready to celebrate!

Also, sorry about all the video ones. Its not actually a video put has the short motion on my phone when looking at it so the computer is reading it as one. I will have to figure that one out!


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