Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun

This fall we have done more in way of decorating and festivities. Garyn at 3 is into doing activities and  understanding more of whats going on. However,Tyler and now Garyn are not fans of Halloween, more on that later.

But we went to a Pumpkin Patch this year as a Sunday School gathering. We all have little boys within a year apart so they love hanging out together. Here are all the pics....
 He was a little afraid of the witch behind him.

 Counting to play hide and seek.

 Garyn and Aiden
 Hayride to pumpkin field
 Pumpkin field and cotton field behind it

Ethan and Phil looking for pumpkins

 Garyn and daddy looking for pumpkins, while I sat on the hay ride with my boot

 Garyn and our 3 pumpkins

He got to pet and feed some farm animals

Jumping into the corn box 

 They were saying "to infinity and beyond"

 All but one boy on the wagon, Garyn, Aiden, Braxton and Maddox

Going thru the corn maze on the wagon

Sharing snacks with Aiden on the way home

Couple weeks later we carved our pumpkins, but it was about a week too early cause now they are wilted and moldy...  :(

Garyn helping scoop


Daddy's, one tooth tried to fall out

Mine, took forever...

Daddy and Garyn's cat

Tonight's Trunk or Treat at church and Trick or Treating later at home

Garyn is going as a football player, I think, yesterday we took back the Dash from the Incredibles. The costume has changed back and forth and we may end up with the same dilemma as last year.
We'll see!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Month.....

In one month, I will be 27.....but today Tyler is 27

I have one month to be younger than him

We were one month apart in 1983.....

We had the same type of baby bed, both born in Georgia, and both ended up at Red Bank Middle School where we met

I love him so much and thank God for bringing us together, however

This year, at 27, he is not liking the number.....

Even more reason for me to rub it in that I am still 26 :)

And that I will, as I do every year.........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goodbye peach......Hello hillbilly?

We are redoing our bathroom and I could not be more excited to see the change! When we bought the house, we had this lovely 70s peach bathroom in the main hallway.
This is the bath tub and shower tile (and a cute little G-man at about 7 mos. taking a bath)

The toilet and sink were the same color, as you can see in the first picture. Once Tyler took them out, we went a day looking like rednecks! (no offense to any rednecks :) ) We had the ripped-out-linoleum in the front yard, too.

Tyler painted the tub and shower tile with tile paint. Excuse his goofiness.........and yes he is in his boxers

The paint worked well. He started this a couple weekends ago and then yesterday started the flooring.
We also took out the cabinets and are going to take out that wall heater you see. Tyler is going to have to work on the cabinets to fit our new granite counter top! So excited.....

Today, Tyler and his dad started tiling the floor today....

Daddy let Garyn help some.....

The tile is down, Tyler and Garyn are napping, and I am resting my foot. I wish I could have helped more cause I love this type of stuff. Can't wait to show more!

Friday, October 1, 2010

One undesirable goal completed

September is already?!

Looking over the goals I did get more done than not...

All the fun goals were done:
         Went on date with hubby! Ate at Olive Garden and saw The Town (good movie)
          We have still been feeding 10-16 football players each week, excited that God has kept them coming.
          Also, did our Sunday School Party here, and it went well. Fun to entertain with our basement finished.
Of course, we haven't missed a football game yet.

The DIY goals were halfway:
We have been working on the downstairs and the hallway bathroom
Didn't get to plants

Playdoh and painting days were done
Didn't get to the labels or the picture frames

Had freezer cooking day!
Ate at home more but not as good as we should have been

Been doing good up until......

I broke my foot!!!
One goal I had not planned on completing!

UGH!! I am frustrated beyond belief that I had to fall and break my foot!
So now lots of sitting and icing are happening. I do not like sitting and watching others work for me. Please pray that I will sit, though, because its the only way it will get better.
I am more stubborn and independent than I thought I was a week ago (before I broke my foot)!
It surprises me that I want "to do it myself"


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