Monday, May 31, 2010

May Goals- check?

Well May has past and I thought it was going to be more productive, yet our schedules changed some towards the end that caused there to be less time for me to get some things done. We also had our spontaneous trip. I feel it's only going to get worse as the summer goes, so I think I will plan accordingly for June!


Play date at Coolidge

Game night  We didn't do this, but we did have people over for Memorial day cookout {pics below are from this day}

Take Garyn to "The Beach" Was hoping to be able to go for the above cookout, but it was raining off and on

Go to Six Flags with friends at work

                                      {Kids playing in sprinkler at cookout}


Paint in basement some more Guess I wore myself out last month

Hang pictures in basement

Plant small garden

{My garden has zucchini, 2 tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, and I planted a watermelon that doesn't look like it is going to make it}


Work on scrapbook Just not enough time in the day!

Coasters! I am determined!! (I actually got the box open, saw that I needed to make copies, went and Kinkos wouldn't print the copies on the paper the kit requires. So I am going to have to get Tyler to do it at work)

                            { Josh, Karen, and Matt playing ping pong yesterday}

meal plan every week   I didn't get to post it this past week, but we had a plan

Freezer Cooking Day  UGH! This is my favorite, didn't get to it though, schedule changes made it hard

2 new meals a week  I probably only made 2 new meals 2 different weeks....

                                        {Maddox playing in his little pool}


Deep clean: 1) fridge &; microwave 2) put away winter jackets and sweaters

3) clean dresser tops off 4) under couches and beds

Continue staying on top of laundry and dishes

Clean & vacuum out car



Itemize last 4 mos for taxes

Continue cash only for groceries and begin for eating-out!  Did eating out maybe two weekends...???

Keep saving for trips


Push veggies still

Start Tyler on multi vitamin

Do a P90X video at least twice a week I did one and a half

Limit our desserts and research some healthier ones I limited buying them out but not so sure they are healthier....

Wash face before going to bed (night or morning)

                       {Had to get out the big pool so everyone would fit!}


Start reading "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman

Stay on top of daily Bible readings I am behind by 10 days!! :(

Read Bible stories with Garyn as much as possible

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Remember my goal to go to Six Flags? Well, we did Monday and it was so much fun!!

I had not been in a long time, like 8 years. I have always had motion sickness, without throwing up, in the car, airplane, roller coasters......But had not been on a roller coaster since the last said trip. Well, my motion sickness has gotten worse! I rode the Ga Scorcher and was feeling a little dizzy and had a headache. {Which I came in with one from the car ride and am so used to the headache since I get it everyday when in the car, especially if I am not driving! If I am ever rididng with you and we are talking but I am looking straight ahead, I have a headache and looking about the car makes it worse. So don't feel that I am being rude.}

So we rode the log ride next, nothing bad there. Then we get on Goliath, and ride it twice in a roll since there was no lines. My name is definitely not David because Goliath defeated me!!! I felt a little nauseous and dizzy after the first time. I thought, maybe I shouldn't push myself but it was fun and everybody else was doing it!! LOL

So when the ride ended I looked over and told Mandi, friend from work, that I might throw up. And I really thought I could have, thankfully though, I held it together. However, I was not able to ride anymore rides for a couple hours! Everybody said I looked pale. I was spinning so bad, I had to lay down on the bench to try to stabilize myself. Whew! I will never push myself again and thank God for dramine!
Lessons learned: 1) Take dramine before riding rides
                       2) Only ride Goliath, or anything that flips you upside down and around, once

7 girls went from work and 1 was pregnant, Sandy.
So we rode some calmer rides for her; I benefited as well. :)
Above is Tiffany and Chrissy on the Carousel, below is Sandy and Sommer.....
Then myself and Ashley, who actually now lives in Atlanta and only works a couple nights a 
month with us now. It was great to see her!

Here is everyone on the raft ride, I had just started feeling better so I decided not to ride.
I secretly also didn't want to get soaked!
Sommer, the one in the pink & white stripes with her hand up, was the one that did not want to ride and get wet. She wasn't just wet, she was trenched! Poor thing!
We also rode the Antique Cars...

Sandy, the prego, and myself were chosen to drive since we weren't getting to ride much!

It was such a fun girls trip though! We just acted goofy, ate like pigs, and had a great time. This was the second annual trip, we said, and we'll be taking the third next year! I guess you are never too old to enjoy Six Flags!

THis WeEkS $60

Here is what I racked up this week for $60..

2 Old Spice body washes- orig. $4 ea-B1G1 coupon-$2 ECB= $2.74 + I got $8 worth of ECB
2 Pantene Shampoo-orig. 2/6.97-$2.50 in coupons-$1 ECB= $4.02 + got $2 ECB
1 Nuetrogena powder originally- $12.99-$3.00 coupon and $10.00 ECB= 1.20 (tax)

Total: $7.96!

milk- $2.49

Total: $12.33

2 bananas {really not sure where the rest are! Garyn wanted one so we pulled a second off for them to charge us, and that's the only two we paid for and came home with!! lol}
2 Daisy sour creams- $0.67ea
2 Edy's Popsicles-$2.00 ea
1 Weight watchers Popsicles-$1.85
3 Baked beans-$1.10 for 3
2 crouton packages- $3 for both
green leaf lettuce- $1.79
Total: $17.95

2 Infusium 23- $2.99 for both
OM hot dogs- $5 for all 4 packs
Green Giant veggies- $2 for 3
Oreo cookies- $3.50 for all 4 boxes
Kraft singles- $1.79 for 2 packs
yogurt- $1.69
Coppertone sunscreen- $2.99 !!
Mott's apple juice- penny item!

Total: $24.59

Grand Total:  $62.83

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This week's $60

Huggie's Wipe Refill pack- $3.49
Crystal Light mix- 3 for $4.91
Dog food (not pictured)- $17.98
2 toilet bowl cleaners were $6.58 but I have decided not to include them since I only buy these once a year or so..... :)
Huggies wipes in dispenser (gift) I had a coupon for $2 off so it made it $0.49
Total: $28.82

Watermelon- $4.99 {cause Garyn loooves it and almost carried it out of the store}
Flour- $1.39
Apples- $2.49
2 dozen eggs- $0.79 each
bananas- $0.92 (this price is soo much cheaper but they are riper and so you can't buy many at once)
bread- $1.19
2 cans baked beans- $0.59 each

Total: $14.80

John Frieda hair products- 2 for $2
Clearasil pads- $2.83
Wesson oil- $1.32 (1 is for Nana)
Cream of mushroom soup- $0.89
Brownie mix- $0.70 (1 is for Nana)
Yo plait gogurt-$0.40
crescent rolls- $1.16 ea
Dannon Yogurt- $1.30

Total: $12.97

BiLo:Chef Boyardee cans- 5 for $4
No Yolk egg noodles- $0.75
Bic razor- $0.99
Parkay Butter sticks- $0.75 ea
Coffeemate creamer- $0.66
Milk- $3.65
Edy's Ice Cream- $4.50 for 2 {trying to lessen the Dairy Queen runs:)}
Lunchables sandwich- $1.50 {maybe Tyler will eat this for lunch instead of Subway}
Grape tomatoes- $2.50
 Baking potatoes and sweet potatoes- $4.38
Bananas {a.k.a. mananas}- $1.58

Total: $ 28.16

Grand Total $84.75
So you can see I went way over but remember this and this? I had some cushion and still didn't use all the money I had left over from the last 2 weeks. I enjoy being able to look back and have it written as to how much I spent and have left over!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Dogs

I don't think I have ever written about our 2 dogs, nor shown pictures.
We have 2 Basset Hounds, Oscar and Daisy. Oscar is the male and our favorite {its OK to have favorites with dogs, I think}. We got Oscar at 6 weeks old after our first Basset had gotten run over. He was our baby for awhile, until he got bigger and in true Basset form wanted to eat everything, including Tyler's wallet. He also wanted to lay all over everything and was too hard to keep tamed. About that same time, we got Daisy and they both became outside only dogs. Daisy was a year old and while I can't be certain, she was either abused or completely ignored. She was from a breeder who was downsizing and stayed in a small kennel with her sister with little contact. From day one, she hasn't liked Tyler at all. She barks at anything and everything. Quite frankly, she is a little dumb! Oscar is smart; knows some commands; is Houdini and gets out of our fence frequently. We wanted to breed them, but it isn't working.......that's another story.
Well, we gave them a bath today as part of my monthly goals, so here they are.....

This is Daisy, the female, getting suds'd up

And Oscar, saying "seriously, you are taking a picture?"

Garyn loves giving them a bath. Although, I am the one doing the work. He just does a good job of getting the dogs and me wet! I always put him in a swim suit and let him play in the water, cause he gets soaked even if I don't. He really wanted the dogs to get in his pool with him....

I really still enjoy our dogs and want to make it a priority to spend more time with them.
They seemed so happy after their bath....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So BIG. So Proud.

Garyn is changing. {Aren't we all?}

I am so amazed today as I  thought of the changes over the last year. Today was his last day of Mother's Day Out for this school year and it got me to thinking of how he has changed.

Garyn May2009

Last year, at this time, he still had a pacifier! And was only talking in 2-3 word phrases. He screamed every time you left him somewhere. I mean SCREAMED. {Some of you saw this first hand} Using the potty was a complete after thought, as it should have been. And his favorite place to sleep was with his momma and daddy.

Around 6 months ago, we were battling sleeping in his own bed and beginning potty training. Wow, what a ride and struggle those two have been. He was back to newborn hours, sneaking into our room every 2-3 hours! While we did give in some, I stayed strong {notice I } and put him back in bed every time and listened to the crying and then silence that meant he was sneaking his way in, again.

{Now don't get me wrong, I love snuggling and sleeping with him. But not in a queen size bed with Tyler on the other side! Tyler takes up 2/3 of the bed, I tell you. Add Garyn and that leaves me like 1/5 of the bed! So I vowed to make it only a once-in-awhile snuggling-sleepover. }

Potty training has also been challenging, as always. But I am glad to say  that the last week he has been pooping in the potty at home! I say at home, because he has had his accidents and he hasn't gone at church or school. He has actually been telling us when he needs to go, we sit him down, and he goes! I am so proud. He even did well during our trip! In fact, the whole time we were in Gatlinburg, he kept his rocket! {The rocket is on the pull up and fades when you pee. Its a big accomplishment to still have your rocket when we go to the bathroom}

I thought we would never get to this point! He has been so stubborn through the process. While the process isn't over, it is starting to click in his little brain. He gets so excited when he is successful. We have been playing lots of Wii!!

When we leave him now, at church or school (a.k.a. mother's day out), he does sooo much better. He doesn't always run in and play, but there is no jumping up and down while almost tearing apart the baby gate at the door! He might slightly whine or cry, but can be reasoned with easier. This makes things so much easier! I would have never imagined the stress leaving your child screaming could be. It has brought me to tears a number of times....not because I think he is miserable the whole time, nor that I feel like a bad mom for leaving him, but because the workers have to try to make him happy the whole time and you struggle long should I let him cry? or Do I spank him for screaming like that? or Why do I even try to come cause I am just going to be worrying about whether he is screaming the whole time? I have been pulled out of church, gatherings, Sunday school many of times because he was uncontrollable! And not to mention, the whole family has differing opinions on the subject and you can't help but wonder who is right.

So I am so glad that stage is over!

And back to sleeping....For the last month, he has come into our room maybe once a week! He goes to bed so much easier, too. Actually, I am a little sad, because he hasn't been wanting to read and rock anymore! We will go into his room and when I ask "what do you want to read?", he'll say....."Momma, I wanna go to bed". I say ok and secretly want to cry while at the same time I am so excited that he isn't fighting it anymore. He has his Kitty (a.k.a. Sully from Monsters, Inc.)  and Giraffe now. Two new stuffed animals that over the last 3 months he has decided he needs to sleep with. He has them......I am so glad he has a comfort.

Garyn May2010

However, I know we are phasing out of toddler stage and into big-boyhood! He will be 3 in 2 months! What? Can't believe that.....He is talking non-stop. {He has even started calling us "mom" and "dad" sometimes.....where did that come from?} Several people at church and such have said things about how they couldn't believe how he was talking all of the sudden. He is really getting into sports and playing with friends.
We are going to have many fun years in front of us. We are so proud to be his parents. God has truly blessed us! I love him more everyday and want to cherish every minute.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dinner Plans....

Sunday- Frozen Pizza , we tried the new DiGiorno's with bread sticks, and the bread sticks were really good
Monday- Tacos or Taco salad (or maybe both!)
Tuesday- Barbecue Potatoes and baked beans (* new recipe for baked beans)
Wednesday- Breakfast
Thursday- Tuna Noodle Casserole * new
Friday- Hamburgers
Saturday- Eat out

Pray that Tyler will stick with it this week.... :)  Hope you enjoy your dinners!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The mysterious trip!

Well, we are back from our trip! It was great. After driving a couple hours still not know where we were going, we came upon Gatlinburg! I had mentioned this a couple times and was quickly told that was not where we were going. Every guess I made was a no, though. He did a good job at keeping me confused. 

So we arrived late Thursday night. Garyn had fallen asleep in the car and I gingerly got him out to take him to bed. However, he woke up while going through the hotel. Once we got to the room, he was wired and kept wanting to "go on our trip!" We had told him on the way, we were going on a trip. He wanted it to start right then! We let him run up and down the hotel halls (quietly) a few times and then had to force him to go to bed. He is just now at that age to understand and be excited about vacations. I was excited, too.

Our bright and colorful room.


Garyn jumping on the nice, pretty bed, minutes after arriving.

    The next morning, we ate some pancakes from Flapjacks, how can you go without eating pancakes in Gatlinburg. Then we rode the sky lift, knowing Garyn would love it! And he did.............
Don't worry we were holding on to him as he hung over the rail!
The views are just beautiful on the sky lift. Its always refreshing to see God's beautiful creation!

We walked down through the shops for a bit and we actually got Garyn to wear a hat long enough to buy it! Its a Cubs hat (which is daddy's fav baseball team) and it looks so cute on him! Not sure what he is pointing to....
We were there at a good time, it wasn't that busy.
Lunch was Apple Barn! Tyler couldn't remember the last time he was there and had forgotten how good it was. When the apple fritters came out, he lit up! They were all gone in a heartbeat. We got some apple butter at the store to bring home and treasure the taste!

They have a new Titanic Museum that we wanted to check out. It was really neat for us, Garyn kept wanting to know where the boat was.....Oops, guess we shouldn't have told him we were going to a boat. They did have a few kid friendly things for him to do along the tour. There was a lot of historical items and information about the Titanic. And one cool part is that they give you a boarding pass before going in that has an actual person that was on the Titanic. It has a little story-clip about them and ends without you knowing if they survived. They are gender specific, too. At the end, you look on the memorial wall to see if you survived. Tyler survived while Garyn and I perished. (sniff, sniff) They also had a ceiling to floor wall that was an iceberg to touch. Next to it was cold water to represent the 28 degree water they had to swim in. I really was impressed with the whole production of it!

Afterwards, we went to Cade's Cove which is a beautiful protected park that has a loop you can drive and see all kinds of wildlife. Well, we lucked up and saw 3 young black bears!  I couldn't believe it, nor could I believe everyone was so close to them! I mean, momma bear could be plotting who to attack! So I got my pictures from right beside the road and then we got back inside the car!

Unfortunately, Garyn was asleep when we saw the bears, but he woke up before we saw these deer...
They have a bathroom area and some old houses and mill to tour that has a stream next to it.
Tyler and Garyn enjoyed skipping some rocks in it.
After eating at Calhoun's, we were stuffed!!! I mean I am still pretty full off of the 3 large meals we ate! We headed back to the hotel which had a mini-golf course in front of it. Garyn had been dying to go play golf since we arrived. He was so funny playing. All 3 of our balls were his, we finally got him to not touch ours after we hit it. But then, he would pick up his ball and set it down right next to the hole to make sure he got it in. He would get so excited when we got it in the hole and once he got so excited that he hit Tyler right in the nose with his club. Ouch!
Lastly, we swam in the indoor pool at the hotel. Garyn hasn't swam since last summer so it was fun to see him enjoying it again. It was a good way to relax after all the walking we had done.
Tyler had to be at graduation by 10:45 the next day so we hit the sack in order to get up early and leave.
I really enjoyed the time we got to spend just the three of us. I love my boys!  I look forward to the summer when we get to spend more time like this together. Tyler did a great job taking me on a short but fun trip!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Week's $60 and cleaning


Shaving cream- $2.99 OOP but got $3 ECB to use on next purchase

Nature’s Bounty men’s multivitamin- $7.99 for 2

Kashi- Heart to Heart cereal- free (got a free product coupon from vocalpoint)

Trident gum- $1.49 (not on sale just Garyn’s treat)

Total paid out of pocket- $7.73


Welch’s juice - $1.65

Popsicles- $2

9 Lives cat food 12 cans- $1.62 for all

Hunt’s Ketchup- $0.40 each

Publix toilet tissue- Publix penny item

Stouffer’s skillet- FREE $2.5o and had a $2.50 coupon

Fiber one yogurt- $0.25

Breyer’s ice cream $2.49

John Frieda hairspray and gel- $0.99 ea

Granola bars- $0.57

GE light bulb- $0.39 !!


M&M cookie (another Garyn treat)

Total- $16.29!!

Clear Care Contact cleanser- $11.99 for both plus $3 ECB
Bumble Bee Tuna- FREE
Covergirl Lip gloss- $2.50 for two
Right Guard- $1.49 plus $2 ECB
Kotex U- $3.99 plus $5 ECB
Crest Toothpaste- $2.75 plus $3.50 ECB
So when I did 3 different transactions to use ECBs on next purchase my out of pocket (oop) was only $14.86 and I have $5 in ECBs. I should have split up one and done another transaction to use those ECBs but I thought I would be able to use them on a prescription I had to pick up. But I really needed the Clear Care and that was a great price on it so I am ok with it and can use the ECBs next time!
Satin Care travel- $0.44
Kleenex hand towels- $0.99 (I think I am going to use this in my car, they seem a little wasteful....)
Pamper's Wipes- $0.39
Total: $2.14
(Not Pictured and Not Counting)
Big box of Pampers- $16.99 (These aren't counting because they are for gifts, but I used a Target coupon that was for the above wipes and these, plus a coupon on each item and that's why they were both cheap)
Overall total: $41.02!
From the looks of these numbers I may be able to lower my weekly budget or add in gifts!
I cleaned the fridge today and organized it. I love when I do this, although, it is tedious. I even made a list of most of the things in the freezer so that I wouldn't keep buying items I already have 3 or 4 of, and hopefully I'll use them now that I know they are there! I have a question, too. What is the difference in the drawers as far as putting fruit in or veggies. I know there is a difference and have no idea. My drawers even have those chill adjusters, but I don't know if I am using them right......any experience out there?
I know you just were dying to see those pictures! Sorry if this is a lame post......
More interestingly, we are leaving soon for this mysterious trip Tyler has planned. I am ready to relax and have fun. I really don't care where we go. I have discovered that part of the reason for this trip is because Saturday afternoon he is going to a scrimmage football game somewhere a couple hours away and I was a little frustrated with him about it. We haven't had a weekend were we both were home in awhile. But it is working cause I am ok with him going now that he is surprising me with this trip.
This guy has my number, don't you think.....
And no, I didn't just complain so that he would do something for me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu Plan and withdrawals

Monday- Spaghetti Pie
Tuesday- Mexican Chicken Casserole
Wednesday- Barbecue Chicken sandwiches
Thursday- Breakfast??

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are iffy because Tyler has informed me not to make any plans. He even wanted to know if there was a way I could get off work Friday night. I am not sure what he has up his sleeve, but I like surprises. I just hope he can keep it a secret! He isn't always good about being careful in what he says around me. Or maybe I am just trying to put things together to figure it out!

Can I just say that I love making meal plans, but I have to keep in mind it can change. Or I should say, Tyler can change it!  Spaghetti Pie is on the list because Tyler did not want it last week, I tried to change it to a different day and he still protested. So I made it yesterday, while he was taking a nap! He ate it without complaining and that's all that counts!

Yes, Tyler is a tricky one. He called me last week during the day and said, "Honey, I'm having withdrawals." I said, "To what?!" (you never know with men) He said, "To eating out, I feel like I haven't ate out in months! I'm tired of eating at home." He is truly addicted.

And now, we have a new goal to work on, not eating out for lunch! This guy has started calling us during the day to meet him for lunch. He is awful! He thinks since we are eating at home for dinner, he'll just get his fix at lunch. It is a rare opportunity for us to get to see him at lunch, so I have been falling for it! But here lately, work is less hectic for him and his planning period is during lunch so he calls. I am gonna have to work hard this summer while he is out of school to keep us from eating out one meal everyday! The thought tires me, whew!

I tell you most of the time it is easier to discipline Garyn than Tyler! Not that I discipline him, but he told me the other day, "You're my conscience, you keep me from doing anything and everything I shouldn't." I don't like having to be the bad guy, though. So I give in half the time and encourage the other!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This week's $60

It wasn't a big week, but that means less money!
Bilo Purchase
bananas- bought 5 actually, but 2 got eaten on the way to Publix :)
meat- on sale for $1.99 lb - $9.99
Whiskas cat treats- $0.50 ea
dog biscuits- $0.99
Cortizone cream- $2.99 (needed)
dog shampoo- $3.41 (not cheap, but needed)
strawberries $1.99
Stonyfield organic yogurt- $0.49 for all 3
carrots- $0.99
Also, bought a newspaper.
Total: $26.40
Publix Purchase
Pop tarts *w/ fiber :)- $0.50 each
Carefree pantyliner- FREE
Sara Lee buns- $1.75
Olay face wash- $0.49
Chocolates for Tyler's mom- $5.99 *
Dove deodorant- $0.15 ea (!!)
Covergirl makeup- $2.75 ea
Yo plait yogurt- $3 for 8
granola bars- $1.19
9 Lives Cat food- $1.00
potato chips- penny item
plus a $50 gas card (deal was that if you buy one you get $10 off your total)
Total- $63.18
*I don't count the $5.99 chocolates cause it is a gift and then subtract the gas card.
That means I only spent $7.17!

Pull-Ups- $5.99
$8.99 - 2($1.50 coupons)
I also bought some baby gifts and a prescription that I don't count towards my $60

Tyler made a Monday Bilo purchase- milk, sour cream, and Snuggle softener.
I have no receipt (you know guys) but he says it was almost $5.
I sent him with a $3 off Snuggle coupon that was about to expire.
So the Snuggle was close to free!
Grand total for the week: $45.11


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