Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So BIG. So Proud.

Garyn is changing. {Aren't we all?}

I am so amazed today as I  thought of the changes over the last year. Today was his last day of Mother's Day Out for this school year and it got me to thinking of how he has changed.

Garyn May2009

Last year, at this time, he still had a pacifier! And was only talking in 2-3 word phrases. He screamed every time you left him somewhere. I mean SCREAMED. {Some of you saw this first hand} Using the potty was a complete after thought, as it should have been. And his favorite place to sleep was with his momma and daddy.

Around 6 months ago, we were battling sleeping in his own bed and beginning potty training. Wow, what a ride and struggle those two have been. He was back to newborn hours, sneaking into our room every 2-3 hours! While we did give in some, I stayed strong {notice I } and put him back in bed every time and listened to the crying and then silence that meant he was sneaking his way in, again.

{Now don't get me wrong, I love snuggling and sleeping with him. But not in a queen size bed with Tyler on the other side! Tyler takes up 2/3 of the bed, I tell you. Add Garyn and that leaves me like 1/5 of the bed! So I vowed to make it only a once-in-awhile snuggling-sleepover. }

Potty training has also been challenging, as always. But I am glad to say  that the last week he has been pooping in the potty at home! I say at home, because he has had his accidents and he hasn't gone at church or school. He has actually been telling us when he needs to go, we sit him down, and he goes! I am so proud. He even did well during our trip! In fact, the whole time we were in Gatlinburg, he kept his rocket! {The rocket is on the pull up and fades when you pee. Its a big accomplishment to still have your rocket when we go to the bathroom}

I thought we would never get to this point! He has been so stubborn through the process. While the process isn't over, it is starting to click in his little brain. He gets so excited when he is successful. We have been playing lots of Wii!!

When we leave him now, at church or school (a.k.a. mother's day out), he does sooo much better. He doesn't always run in and play, but there is no jumping up and down while almost tearing apart the baby gate at the door! He might slightly whine or cry, but can be reasoned with easier. This makes things so much easier! I would have never imagined the stress leaving your child screaming could be. It has brought me to tears a number of times....not because I think he is miserable the whole time, nor that I feel like a bad mom for leaving him, but because the workers have to try to make him happy the whole time and you struggle with....how long should I let him cry? or Do I spank him for screaming like that? or Why do I even try to come cause I am just going to be worrying about whether he is screaming the whole time? I have been pulled out of church, gatherings, Sunday school many of times because he was uncontrollable! And not to mention, the whole family has differing opinions on the subject and you can't help but wonder who is right.

So I am so glad that stage is over!

And back to sleeping....For the last month, he has come into our room maybe once a week! He goes to bed so much easier, too. Actually, I am a little sad, because he hasn't been wanting to read and rock anymore! We will go into his room and when I ask "what do you want to read?", he'll say....."Momma, I wanna go to bed". I say ok and secretly want to cry while at the same time I am so excited that he isn't fighting it anymore. He has his Kitty (a.k.a. Sully from Monsters, Inc.)  and Giraffe now. Two new stuffed animals that over the last 3 months he has decided he needs to sleep with. He has them......I am so glad he has a comfort.

Garyn May2010

However, I know we are phasing out of toddler stage and into big-boyhood! He will be 3 in 2 months! What? Can't believe that.....He is talking non-stop. {He has even started calling us "mom" and "dad" sometimes.....where did that come from?} Several people at church and such have said things about how they couldn't believe how he was talking all of the sudden. He is really getting into sports and playing with friends.
We are going to have many fun years in front of us. We are so proud to be his parents. God has truly blessed us! I love him more everyday and want to cherish every minute.


  1. Oh man, I love that Garyn Rich!

    He is a fun little guy!

    Growing up is so hard to wath but such a relief too with less work to do to provide for your little one.

    How awesome is it that you are gonna get to look back at this blog one day and re-read this post many years long after My Garyn Jonathan Rich is gone from your home and in his own!


    We are blessed!

    .mac :)

  2. Aww! He has grown into such a handsome little man :) You should be very proud! I can't believe he will be 3! I still can't believe Halle is 15 months! Time flies!



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