Saturday, May 25, 2013

Many hats of Daddy

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I loved the symbolism it showed of Tyler's many hats.....literally. The last couple months have been a busy time for him! He has actually had to wear all 3 in one day going between his different duties as our breadwinner and daddy! We are transitioning into a new chapter and are now in the last pages of the current one. But the next chapter has already started writing itself whether we were ready or not!

Tyler has spent the last 6 years at our Alma mater, Red Bank. He has grown a lot in his teaching career there. He has  done many different roles as a geography teacher, technology coordintator, U.S. History teacher, dual enrollment and the list goes on.....! If you didn't already know, Tyler and I also grew in love at Red Bank years ago. As cheesy as that sounds, its true! :) I can still remember his first year teaching there when I brought Garyn, a newborn,  in to see all our past teachers. Then again, with Ansley, everyone celebrated with us as we grew to a family of four. We have a lot of new friends, as well, that we will stay in touch with and miss.

Garyn's first football game, only 3-4 weeks old.

He has been coaching football since his first year and has worked with a lot of great coaches. He has learned a lot from these guys coaching wise. As well, they have all helped him be a better person in some way or another. The last two years he was the defensive coordinator for Red Bank, making his duties even harder. But I think most of all he has enjoyed his time with the kids making great relationships that both the coach and player benefited from. This year he coached baseball, too. We have a love-hate relationship with baseball. Spending 4+ nights/days a week for hours at the field can be so tiring. As you know, the kids and I went to a lot of games. 1) It was a chance to see him, even if from a far. 2) The kids enjoyed being outside and I like the inning or two I got to see in between keeping up with Ansley. Tyler loves the time with the players, I think because he gets to act like a kid again. Yet, also be an example for them; a good one hopefully.

Garyn and Tyler 2011 football season.

Ansley and daddy 2011 season

With all that said, this was Tyler's last year there. He was contacted about coaching at Soddy Daisy earlier in the spring and after a lot of prayer and just plain waiting, he is going to be the defensive coordinator and more importantly, the ninth grade Geography teacher. Hence, the SD hat you see next to the RB one. This is an odd combination, really, since they are rivals. (Ironically as I sit here writing this, he is next to me wearing a Soddy shirt and RB shorts, haha) Seems odd at times still to think we will be wearing navy and gold. However, it is simply a new job and welcomed change. We will be moving closer to that area, as well, making his drive to Soddy shorter than from where we are now.

In the last 6 weeks or so, he has been going to early morning workouts with the football team before heading to work at Red Bank. Then, he had the lift-a-thon to attend, parents' meeting, coach meetings and the last 2 weeks he has been conducting spring practice! All while still coaching baseball and teaching at Red Bank! I still don't know how he did it without walking in a practice with the wrong colors or just plain falling over from exhaustion!

First game day (Ansley wishes she had an orange Orioles shirt!)

Lastly, there was still yet another hat he had to wear. Garyn's baseball team this year is the Orioles. Daddy has been helping coach on nights that his other coaching duties don't interfere. We love this coaching hat the most! So fun to watch and encourage Garyn. While we get intense at times, its a lot more laid back than some of the high school games we watch/coach! Tyler isn't so sure, though, that he can handle the young ones. He has to really step back and have fun when everything isn't going like he planned. Garyn has had some hard times, himself, when he wasn't able to score before 3 outs or even worse when he didn't get a hit. He has had a lot of breakthroughs in his confidence and competitiveness, learning while his team may not always win; he can be happy about his hit. Yes, this hat has brought a lot of lessons for both Tyler and Garyn this year.

All but one of these many hats he has had to wear are ending soon. He has another week at Red Bank, training the next technology coordinator and cleaning out his room. Garyn has about 5 more games left in his baseball season. And of course, Soddy 2013 football season has only begun. We will be moving into his new classroom soon and becoming fully immersed in this new chapter of his career which becomes all of ours, honestly.

I am so happy that he is called Daddy in our house. He takes that role very seriously, along with being my husband. No matter how many hats he has to wear, we come first on his priority list. We love him more than words can say and are excited for this next chapter, and hopefully a less cluttered dash!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gus Gus

I want to tell you a little story about our four legged family member, Gus the cat.
(for any of my facebook friends, sorry, I know you have heard enough about him lately)

Tyler and I got Gus when we were first married, about 7 years ago. I had never had a cat and didn't really want one. I didn't think I would care for one being in the house all the time, dealing with the litter box and most importantly the hairballs! However, Tyler had always had a cat growing up and swayed me. (It wasn't terribly hard, by the way.) Tyler's aunt had brought home a stray that had been hanging out at her school and then had a litter of kittens before they knew it. Beautiful Siamese mix kittens at that. We chose a male and fell in love quickly, of course!

Tyler named him after the mouse on Cinderella. I know it seems odd to name a cat after a mouse! Gus was very active and wanted to go outside all the time. We didn't let him out but once we moved to our second house...which was when I was pregnant..... he went down our hill of a backyard and I ran after him about to fall...again probably 7 or so months pregnant.....I decided quickly that he could be an outdoor cat.

Gus was then a better pet. He stopped being whiny and hyper when inside. And once Garyn came, he was great with him and then with Ansley, too. Our two dogs practically grew up with Gus since they were all young at the same time.

Fast forward about 6 years, last week, Gus didn't come in one night. I didn't think much about it but then the next day and night, we still couldn't find him. The next 2 or 3 days it rained, a lot. We got more and more worried. Nana had seen an owl the first night he didn't come in and we heard that some owls will get cats. One neighbor said they had seen coyotes in the woods before. Then we have some neighbors who have lost mulitiple cats on this street. One of those neighbors feels there is someone getting rid of them because they don't like cats. All sorts of theories were rolling around our heads. I was worried, then just plain sad that we couldn't find him. Garyn started talking about him being gone and we made posters to put up around the streets. I also checked at the McKamey animal shelter. I got to were I wanted to cry everytime I thought about him being gone for good.

(Laying on top of me the night he came home)

 After a week, I had lost all hope. Low and behold, just about that time, Gus came home! Last night, Saturday May 11th (also my mom's birthday), Gus was here when we got home. He wasn't hurt or dirty, just hungry and a little skiddish. We were all loving on him the whole night. He seemed to like all the attention, too. We can't help but wonder where he was. He must have been trapped somewhere since he hadn't eaten much nor been hurt. But who knows really.

(Garyn and Gus right after we got home)

So that is the story of our cat Gus and what we have been focused on the last 9-10 days. I am just so glad he is back! Garyn said it made his heart happy and he was glad Layne would get to meet Gus now. :) Gus slept in Garyn's room actually which he used to do a lot. We are trying to keep him in but he has already been out a couple times. He hasn't stayed gone long, though. I plan to only let him out when I'm home. But again, I'm pregnant and am not gonna chase him all the time.

When I was looking for a picture to make the poster, I couldn't find any! I had one picture on my phone but that was it. As well, I have never posted about him on here either.So I plan to take more pictures of him because he is obviously dear to our hearts and loved!

Video Garyn took with Gus, shows how tolerant Gus is of our kids!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Goals toward being Intentional

April was productive with lots of fun spent enjoying Ansley's birthday, first baseball games for Garyn and of course Tyler's baseball games. It felt somewhat hectic, really, trying to do everything and keep some sort of schedule. Plus, both kids were sick for a few days two separate weeks in April making for some unexpected rest/play days without getting out. I had to be intentional about when we would spend time at home compared to a day full of running around. Sometimes, I create an errand just to get out of the house. I guess I like being busy at times versus having to entertain two children everyday. However, I also found those days that we couldn't leave very relaxing and productive. So my new mantra for May is to have days intentionally spent at home while having days for errands.

Speaking of May.......
I plan to be more focused in May on some specific goals. It is my last month with the kids in preschool and more importantly Tyler in school. (I seem to get nothing done during the summer!)

- Continue daily bible study time and try not to get behind.
- Change over both kids closets for summer clothes
- Go to storage to take things and find more baby items
- Be positive about Tyler's busy schedule this month
- Keep coupons up to date (I got them all cut and organized in April!)
- Focus on Garyn's book reading
- Try to limit Ansley's pacifier use.....and be patient about this!
- Work with Ansley in potty training (she asks to go all the time!)
- Work on finding items needed for Layne
-Try to get Garyn to bed by 10:30 and not procrastinate
- Finish Circle Maker ! I am over half way, just need to keep it up!
- Be more intentional about eating veggies and cooking them!

Ok, so there it May goals. I feel more accomplished already and just flat out can't believe May is already here! SO gotta make the most of every minute. Off to get Garyn in bed and start reading!


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