Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Goals toward being Intentional

April was productive with lots of fun spent enjoying Ansley's birthday, first baseball games for Garyn and of course Tyler's baseball games. It felt somewhat hectic, really, trying to do everything and keep some sort of schedule. Plus, both kids were sick for a few days two separate weeks in April making for some unexpected rest/play days without getting out. I had to be intentional about when we would spend time at home compared to a day full of running around. Sometimes, I create an errand just to get out of the house. I guess I like being busy at times versus having to entertain two children everyday. However, I also found those days that we couldn't leave very relaxing and productive. So my new mantra for May is to have days intentionally spent at home while having days for errands.

Speaking of May.......
I plan to be more focused in May on some specific goals. It is my last month with the kids in preschool and more importantly Tyler in school. (I seem to get nothing done during the summer!)

- Continue daily bible study time and try not to get behind.
- Change over both kids closets for summer clothes
- Go to storage to take things and find more baby items
- Be positive about Tyler's busy schedule this month
- Keep coupons up to date (I got them all cut and organized in April!)
- Focus on Garyn's book reading
- Try to limit Ansley's pacifier use.....and be patient about this!
- Work with Ansley in potty training (she asks to go all the time!)
- Work on finding items needed for Layne
-Try to get Garyn to bed by 10:30 and not procrastinate
- Finish Circle Maker ! I am over half way, just need to keep it up!
- Be more intentional about eating veggies and cooking them!

Ok, so there it May goals. I feel more accomplished already and just flat out can't believe May is already here! SO gotta make the most of every minute. Off to get Garyn in bed and start reading!

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