Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Just family and good food. Tyler gets 3 days off work and there aren't any last minute gift purchases, wrapping, and tons of parties to attend. You can sit back and enjoy your family's company and the days off. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is awesome, too! Thanksgiving is just a great start to the season.

Garyn's and Ansley's preschool does something cool and has a feast that parents and family can come to. The potluck food was so good, too! We also got to hear a couple of cute little songs 
sung by his and another class.

~My tall boy is in the middle with stripes~

~Wish I had been in a different spot cause you can't see him, but its still cute!~


~You'll notice Ansley's tongue is sticking out a lot in this post~

~Wasn't sure which I liked best :) ~

The next day, Wednesday, we headed down to my brother's house and hung out with them. They now have a goat farm and have had a lot of babies in the last couple weeks, so it was our own personal petting zoo!

~Ansley has no fear and would run right out in the field with them~

~These were the cutest of all. Great Pyrenees puppies, only a couple weeks old~

~Got to have a lil' tractor driving...sticking her tongue out helps her focus~

~Now for the real ride with cousin Lakelin~

He is becoming quiet the farmer. The goat farm started because he joined his school's FFA and needed to have a project. You can really see he has a passion for it.

Garyn likes being on top of these haystacks and pretending he is sword fighting. He seriously spends most of the time we are outside on these!

Thanksgiving day was spent with the rest of my family. The kids have lots of cousins to play with...

(sorry for poor lighting)

Most of the girl cousins like to flock around Ansley and dress her up...

~Lauren putting cowboy boots on her~

~Kaysie Lee and Sophie giving her sunglasses...she wasn't too sure about this~

~She just wanted to go be a baby in the nursery...we have Thanksgiving at my
 grandpa's church, if your wondering~

~Then she joined in some singing with Grandpa and Uncle Mike~

BTW Garyn was still over in the gym riding in those cars and 4 wheelers from above picture. The boy cousins tend to entertain him, at one point they were pushing him on a small 4 wheeler so fast I thought there was surely going to be a catastrophe. 

I need to go back to Ansley for a minute and attempt to explain what a tornado she can be sometimes. Or maybe I should say accident prone. Thanksgiving day alone, she sprayed clorox in her face; got acne cream all over her and her shirt; pinched her finger in a guitar case; burned a different finger on a hair straightener; opened the bottle and ate a Children's tylenol, then fell off the back of the couch. Thankfully she survived them all and didn't have to go to the doctor for any of them. When at other family's non-baby proofed house, well even our own for that matter, she needs constant supervision since she's so curious and well coordinated to do things. The very next day we went to Tyler's family's gathering were she only added to the list.

She got into Rachel's , our 11 yr old cousin, make up bag and decided she needed some mascara. In order to do that she climbed onto the bed, unzipped the bag and opened the mascara. I knew she was in that room where Rachel had been putting on her makeup, but didn't realize Rachel had left and didn't take the makeup with her. Once again, no harm and she thankfully only had it on her and not the bed or carpet. You can see she was pretty pleased with her end result!

~We got to see lots of Emma or "Mema" as Ansley says~

~Ansley loves her but likes to express it by taking things from her!~

~Spunky Monkey!~

~And here she is with Rachel. She isn't looking because she is wanting the candy on the counter~

Well, now its time to get ready for Christmas! We were giving thanks all week and weekend for our family and blessings. Now, we need to focus on our greatest blessing; baby Jesus!


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