Thursday, February 28, 2013

February to March: Intentional Recap

February is such a short month, isn't it! Those three days we miss out on seem like a week. However, I feel it was a great start towards my goal to being more Intentional in 2013. I felt more accomplished at the end of the day and that's a great feeling!

Of course, not everyday was peachy. I still had my lazy, unmotivated and unfocused days. However, most of the days I felt par for the course. Not because I accomplished so much but because I kept my priorities in line. I loved feeling good about playing with the kids; being positive and attentive while with Tyler; reading/ studying the bible; taking the time to call a few family members randomly to check in; hanging out with friends; and stretching every dollar. I was intentional to be in the moment and enjoy the task at hand.

(Ansley's new bow holder I made)

March should be just as successful!

1. Follow my Bible reading plan for March.
2. Continue reading Circle Maker- Can't wait!
3. Hang above bow holder
4. Meet with more friends for play dates/ lunch
5. Try to keep evenings for family time and not doing chores
6. Do Bible devotions with Garyn
7. Enjoy baseball season
8. Stop worrying about our next move, pray about it and let God reveal the answer
9. Focus on my scripture memory I have started
10. Listen to prayer needs and pray for them often

These may seem haphazardly listed, but I really am trying to focus on the small things. Being intentional about my everyday activities results in being more available for the unexpected and not feeling over run. I feel God is helping me to set my priorities straight and not busy my brain with all the unimportant thoughts or worries. Like I said, I don't go to bed wondering what happened that day. Yet, I feel more accomplished that I gave each task my all and don't regret wasted time. I just define wasted time differently when I am intentional about my goals! I guess I am trying to say that at times I feel if I can't say I have mopped, folded all the clothes, fixed so many meals and paid those bills then I haven't accomplished squat! Now, if I play Trouble with Garyn, sing songs with Ansley and check in on my Granny, I have done some meaningful yet intentional tasks that will resonate with all of us a lot longer then how many loads of laundry got done. I used to consider those wasted time, too. It's nice to be intentional about relationships rather than chores!

Hopefully, in 31 days I will feel just as good about intentional living!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas Celebrations 2012

The anticipation of Christmas with Garyn was so fun this year. Plus, Tyler and I couldn't wait to announce the news of Baby #3! But as always it came and went by fast.

The Sunday before Christmas, pre-Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with Pop and Josh, Karen, Lorna and Lakelin out at my dad's house. It was our first group to show off the Big Brother/Big Sister shirts off. My dad was the first and he didn't quite let it sink in. I pointed out Ansley's shirt and he read it aloud, then said "Ohhh, I like your shirt!" I looked at him a little pointedly and his jaw dropped and said "What?!" Then when my brother and everyone got there, my niece saw them first and pointed it out to everyone else. I think everyone was a little surprised but excited at the same
Karen, Lorna and Garyn
Of course, the kids couldn't wait to open presents. Ansley got the hang of it pretty quick.
I was supposed to work that night, too, and while I was there I got the call that I didn't have to go in. Made the afternoon/night not have to be rushed! We don't get to see my family as much as I wished, so its always nice to hang out.
Christmas Eve was spent going to the church service and then coming back to our house ( better known as Nana and Poppa's!) where we had Christmas with them and Philip, Kadie and "Mema".

The three cousins
Our little family, can't believe next year their will be a 5th member!

Philip, Kadie and Emma or "Mema" as Ansley says
Garyn got a Mariokart inflatable that he can play Wii in from Uncle Philip and Aunt Kadie!

Ansley was really getting the hang of present opening!

Garyn was so excited that he got K'nex track!
I have to tell you about these K'nex track sets. Garyn decided in early November, I would say, that he wanted more K'nex track sets to go with the one he bought with birthday money. He decided he wanted two sets from Santa. I explained that he would need to pick just one cause Santa might not be able to get both. One morning after that, he woke up and first thing and told me he had an idea: Nana could get him the second set so that Santa didn't have to buy both! Of course, Nana did just that. Also, she apparently "tricked" him. We frequent the toy areas at Toys R' Us and Target. After she had bought the set he realized it was gone but never put the two together. So Christmas, after he had gotten it, he told her she "tricked" him because he thought they ran out but she had bought it without telling him! Too funny!
"Mema" got lots of help opening presents
Ansley got a box full of play shoes from Uncle Philip, Kadie and Emma. She loves to walk around the house in them and somehow stays balanced! 
Daddy got an impact driver
Poppa with his new helicopter
We all got other things, of course. I got a purse, some clothes and that night opened a gift from Tyler and his parents both. It was a book of my blog! This blog! I love it and am so glad to have a tangible copy of my writings. 
That night was very exciting since Garyn is getting more and more into Santa. He had made reindeer glitter at preschool so we placed it outside to show Santa's reindeer how to get here. And while I was putting Garyn to bed, we even heard bells outside! He went to bed so easy.
Christmas Morning, we checked out what Santa brought. They were both ecstatic and didn't know what to say.
Ansley got a new doll, stroller and a vanity/makeup set

Garyn got another MarioKart set, just as he planned! he also got swords and a movie
Before we opened our presents we had breakfast. Our tradition is to light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Present time!

Ansley and Daddy had some tea :)
Next, we drove to Georgia to have Christmas with my family. They were next to see the announcement!
Not sure why Garyn looked so unhappy...
We got there pretty early so everyone saw the shirts one at time practically. But as more knew, they started yelling "Look at Garyn and Ansley's shirts" to everyone before they could even walk in. It was so exciting!
Garyn got a gun and holster set!
We also went to Tyler's grandparents that night but I didn't get any pictures. It was fun to see their faces, as well, when Ansley first walked in. Tyler's cousin, Josie looked at me and said "Wait, what does her shirt say?" Then they all turned to look. It was a fun way to announce! I had to work that night so I didn't get to stay long which is probably why I had no pictures.
Christmas went by just as fast as it came. My favorite part was Christmas morning with the kids being so excited about their toys. I couldn't soak up enough of it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Intentional in 2013

A very creative friend of mine has taken last year and now this year to focus on being a better person. She has used a word to symbolize what area she wants to work on most. I am jumping on board this year mainly because when I write it on the blog, I tend to stick to it!

I have always done well with my goal setting posts in the past and was already feeling an itch to start them again. When Meghan posted about her 2013 goal to Connect, I thought it might be a good way for me to change up my goal making while still focusing on things I want to get done in order to grow in areas I feel I'm lacking in.

I want to be more intentional with all my actions and time in 2013. I have always thought of this word to describe how I want to be focused and deliberate in every way. I feel this word puts action to thoughts and words. If I am intentional to do what I say and think about throughout the day, I might actually feel more successful and better about how I spent my time at the end of the day.

I want to be intentional about my relationships with God, my husband, my children, extended family and friends! We are also really working on our budget and I need to keep on top of it! Guilt tends to loom over me every time I fail to give my all to those I love; doing selfish desires instead.

With God:
  •  intentional to have devotional and prayer time be a priority.
  • want to truly focus on Him and His will in my life
With Tyler:
  • focus on being positive each day; not giving him the laundry list of complaints
  • watch my words, as well, to let him know I love him and am not burned out
With the kids:
  • Want to be intentional about our time together
  • focus on them and their words rather than try to multitask all the time
With other family and friends:
  • Simply to make time for them and follow through with plans made
  • want to intentionally pray for them when I say I will
  • Intentionally watch every penny I spend
  • Be creative in ways to stretch the dollar
  • Stay on top of my coupons, but know when enough is enough
Sadly, all of these areas are things I have meant to work on in the past. I know they will always need attention, but I have not really changed a bit from where I feel I started. So this is the year! I want God to be a priority, and not just go through the motions. I want my family to see a more positive side of me. I know I am not perfect but this year I want my words to match my actions.

This particular month my goals are to:
  1. Continue daily bible study and prayer time
  2. Write prayer concerns for others down and take time to pray for them
  3. As well, I want to check in on my family and friends to encourage them when needed
  4. Have at least one play date/lunch with a friend
  5. Work on my attitude towards Tyler when I want to be negative or feel I deserve to be grouchy
  6. Play games with Garyn and do bible study time with him
  7. Read to Ansley daily and work on her flash cards
  8. Work on cutting coupons instead of checking facebook status numerous times a day (AMEN!)
  9. Do Ansley's hair bow holder from pinterest and stop procrastinating! 
  10. Try to spend less on groceries/ meals and save for those miscellaneous needs that come up
I look forward to setting goals in order to reach my overall goal of being intentional with my time. I so often get into bed at night and think over my day wondering what I really accomplished that was worth anything. I know cleaning, blog reading, facebook and laundry are all going to continue but sometimes I feel those took up the most time of my day. Alas, the next morning, I repeat the same actions and feel guilty again by the end of the day. Ready to change that!
2013 seems like a great time to be INTENTIONAL!


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