Friday, September 24, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day FINALLY!

After not having a freezer cooking day since this one.......I am determined to not miss a month again. I couldn't believe how long it had been! I can see a difference too. We have been eating out a lot lately, even Garyn and I for lunch. Partly because I get so hungry and only certain things sound good to me. Cooking (mainly just strong smelling meals) makes me nauseous, too, so I have my excuses I guess.

But yesterday I hunkered down and got two things done to put in the freezer!

First, I made Brown Bag Burritos. I took advantage of the taco night we had for the football players on Wednesday and browned extra meat. (Tacos were one of the things that I could hardly stand in the kitchen while it was cooking.......don't care if I eat a taco for awhile.)

I got 12 done and hope this curbs the lunch-out issue!

Next, I made apple pies. I mixed the Slab Apple Pie recipe and the Mini Apple Pie recipe some, to get the best of both. I am not sure, though, how the crust is going to turn out. I used the Slab Apple Pies crust and it didn't do so well in the muffin pans. It turns out as a flakey, buttery good crust and that didn't want to stick together in the muffin pans. So I used the rest for 2 mini Slab Apple Pies.

So I now have 12 brown bag burritos, 9 mini apple pies and 2 small slab apple pies in the freezer! Better than nothing!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been wanting to post about this for over a year and a half. Little did I know, God had more to add to the story; more than I ever could have imagined. In fact, it probably really wouldn't have been a story if I had had it my way. But I loooove the story now. Oh, the lessons God has taught me over the last year and a half.

To start, I have Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome which basically means your ovaries produce cysts instead of doing what they are supposed to do. I was diagnosed just before becoming pregnant with Garyn. I started a medicine to just regulate my cycle and stop the cysts. After being told all the infertility issues that typically go along with it, Tyler and I decided to not prevent and became pregnant with Garyn a month after starting the medicine. Needless to say, we were a little shocked and wasn't expecting it to be so easy!

Fast forward 2 years or so......we decided to start trying for number 2. Quickly, we saw those infertility problems we thought weren't going to effect us. God, as well, showed us we were not in control. When a year passed, we started some fertility drugs. At the same time, God continually reminded us that He was going to bless us on His time. One particular sermon a few months ago, showed us that God can choose to eliminate all other possibilities for something to happen other than himself to receive full glory. After church, we both said that could be what God was doing with us. The doctors were telling me they didn't understand why the fertility medicines weren't making me ovulate {I say doctors because 3 months into the fertility drugs my main doctor sent me to a fertility doctor} Out of the seven months I took the fertility drugs that are supposed to make you ovulate, I only ovulated twice.

By the time, I took the medicine the seventh time, I was frustrated, hurt, depressed at times, and feeling God didn't want me to take the medicine anymore. I was putting too much faith in the medicine and not enough in Him. Even though, I knew God was ultimately the decider, I just felt the medicine should at least make me ovulate and was mad at when it didn't. My Honduras trip was the beginning of an eye opening experience God was about to take me through.

To make a long story (and a little-too-much-information-story) short: when I arrived in Honduras, I realized I needed my medicine while also discovering I once again was not pregnant (it was not a daily med, just certain days of the month). Unlike normal, I wasn't upset; didn't cry or get mad. I felt at peace. I can't explain it but I trully felt God take the burden off my heart and allowed me to let it go. I also took it as a sign that God obviously didn't want me to take the medicine. There was no way to call Tyler, no way to go to way I was going to be able to take the medicine that month. The whole week, I felt comforted the few times I thought about it that no matter what happened, I was going to be just fine. In fact, being there with all the orphans made me feel so selfish for being caught up in my own misery the months prior.

A month later, I took a test and was completely shocked! Although, I felt God had intervened in me not taking the medicine; I thought that was the lesson to be learned. Trust God and start being content in His will. However, I was blessed in the process with a positive test. Four positives actually! I had taken so many that showed negative, that I just couldn't believe I finally had a positive!

Tyler and I had said the whole month, "Wouldn't it be crazy if this were the month I got pregnant?" We knew God would want us to tell the story to never forget what He had done for us. And it's not crazy, it's God. He can do anything, even after the doctors are speechless and don't know why the medicines aren't working. Even after you have spent 19 months trying to get pregnant with no reaults. ( I know so many more have tried much longer than this, and I feel for them or you. ) Now, He has all the glory for this child growing inside me. He eliminated any other possible reason for me to become pregnant.

So I tell you this story with great excitement and great praise to God. I hope you can see what He has taught us and apply it to your own circumstances that you may be facing. It has been a journey for sure, but I would rather not have it be any other way than God's way.

Today, I am 9 weeks & 2 days and was able to see the baby's heart beat and even movement! I realize I have a long way to go (31 weeks to be exact) but I feel God will help me through the next chapters of this story. I just have to remember this journey!

And Jesus looking on them said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. Mark 10:27

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cool Giveaway..

I usually don't post others giveaways but I thought this one was great and I personally know the giver and she's great too!

So if you want to get some free fall earrings go to the Ooey Gooey Daily News and enter! The winner will be picked this Friday, the 17th.
The earrings are from an Etsy store and are handmade!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September goals

SO I am far behind in blogging...I feel. I think of great things to blog about then never find the time to do it! I still love my goals and like to have them on my blog if only for myself to stay accountable.

August was about half way done, I blogged on most of my accomplishments here and here....

September (whats left of it)

Continue having the football players dinner and bible study.....this has become a Tuesday regular and we
      feel blessed to be able to do it and they don't want us to stop. We have even been asked to do it during
       baseball season. (BTW have I mentioned Tyler is now the assistant baseball coach?)

Go on a date night- Didn't get to do this in August, the fall is busy for us, so its even more important

Attend all football games!

Sunday School party/meeting at our house


Finish the basement bathroom and blog Progress 2

Start on the upstairs bathroom

Change plants that have died out for new fall ones!


Playdoh party....again

Fill empty picture frames and hang them

Label things around the house for Garyn to learn the words


Freezer cooking day!

Cook more.....we have been eating out or eating pre-prepared meals a lot lately


Finish tidying purple bedroom

Get back into a cleaning schedule

Clean up laundry room


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