Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September goals

SO I am far behind in blogging...I feel. I think of great things to blog about then never find the time to do it! I still love my goals and like to have them on my blog if only for myself to stay accountable.

August was about half way done, I blogged on most of my accomplishments here and here....

September (whats left of it)

Continue having the football players dinner and bible study.....this has become a Tuesday regular and we
      feel blessed to be able to do it and they don't want us to stop. We have even been asked to do it during
       baseball season. (BTW have I mentioned Tyler is now the assistant baseball coach?)

Go on a date night- Didn't get to do this in August, the fall is busy for us, so its even more important

Attend all football games!

Sunday School party/meeting at our house


Finish the basement bathroom and blog Progress 2

Start on the upstairs bathroom

Change plants that have died out for new fall ones!


Playdoh party....again

Fill empty picture frames and hang them

Label things around the house for Garyn to learn the words


Freezer cooking day!

Cook more.....we have been eating out or eating pre-prepared meals a lot lately


Finish tidying purple bedroom

Get back into a cleaning schedule

Clean up laundry room

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  1. Keep up the good work, Sarah! Love this accountability posting!

    .mac :)



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