Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Building a home: Weeks 6-10

Are you ready for a house update?! I know the few of you who read this are because you have told me in person! I have been dreading updating this because the further I get behind the longer it will take and harder it is to remember! But I primarily write on this blog so that we can look back and remember these days of our life.

So to begin....
In the last post, we had finished Week 5 and there were interior walls framed.

 Week 6:
To the best of my memory, the only thing that happened week 6 was the roof being put on and the doors and windows were delivered. I was so excited to see the doors and windows in person inside the house. You know, every little detail is exciting as you are building! Finally seeing what's on paper in real life!

doors stacked up

So this was the end of week 6!

Week 7:
This was a busy week with electrical, plumbing, and heating and air guys there. They did a "rough in" of everything before sheetrock was placed. So we were able to see where light switches, vents, outlets, and such were going to be.

return for AC unit

Laundry room plumbing and wiring

Oulets and such
You can also tell from those pics that the doors and windows got put in...
Bay window/ eating area and the sliding glass door to deck

Outside view of same

I decided to start a little progression photo shot here in the bay window since I already had a couple of the kids in this spot. I know/knew our outside picture wouldn't show all that was transforming on the inside.
Couple of other fun things this week were the bathtubs and fireplace getting installed.
Thought it was fun to take a picture of it out in front yard. One day when we revamp (like 20 yrs from now, hahaha) we can look back at its pearly white beginning.

kid's bath

My larger garden tub.

Fireplace with a view of plumbing above. (and Ansley changing her baby)

                                              End of week 7, crocked view of it at least!

Week 8:
Siding!! I was anxious to see this since we made a color change on the fly. The original color we chose was discontinued and from memory alone we picked this new color over the phone. I had remembered liking it but still wondered exactly how green it would look.

I just love it and am glad the other got discontinued!
The above pic was actually taken towards the end of week 9, the first part of siding was started on a Friday of week 8 and the side you don't see in our picture was done. So we didn't take a picture out front for week 8 nor 9 & 10! We kept forgetting the real camera. But I will be getting one this week for sure!

Week 9:

The next week was inspections for the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and framing. This was the first week that went slow. Everything else had happened so quick that we felt the brakes had been put on or something. It's all still on schedule since other weeks went so quick but its hard to remember that when you see days of no work.

So all I can remember happening was installation.
I know now what my house would look like pink! Tyler also worked on a box above the mantle and behind the TV spot for our DVR/DVD boxes. You will be able to see it in a later picture.
I wanted to remember some other parts of the building process. Our kids think of the property as one big playground right now.
One of their favorite spots is the large dirt mound from the grading work that will eventually be gone. I know Garyn, especially, will be unhappy about that. They like to climb up and feel they can see everything and are on top of the world!

Another spot is right next to the dirt pile and its the sand pile. It never fails that they both have their shoes and socks off playing in it, even if I say not to. We are going to have to relocate this sand somewhere else cause it really keeps them busy and happy!

Another area is, of course, the swing set area, which has been there for awhile. We call it the knoll. Almost every time we are there, we go up to the knoll so the kids can swing and slide. I love that there is nothing else for me to do (normally) but to play with them. We are away from hectic life, i.e. laundry, cleaning, cooking, other distractions and such. And we have a beautiful view all around us. We have a picnic table there that Garyn has done homework at and we have had many picnics on.

Now onto week 10!
Week 10:
   This week was sheet rock week! The house looked so different after it was hung. We were able to see the rooms as they would actually be when we move in. The sheet rock instantly made everything look smaller! But I was told that would happen.
Looking into the family room from the playroom, fireplace is covered.
Box cut out in wall is the one Tyler did for our TV boxes.

kitchen wall I believe......
Whew! Finally got all that out! And now we are already on week 14 so I have got to update more! Guess I better go get started........stay tuned :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Month by Month : Layne's 2 months

I have so many updates I want to do on here but just can't seem to ever find the time! And then I remind myself that I 1: have a new kindergartner whose school happens to be 20+ mins away 2: have a 2 yr old I am trying to potty train, 3: have a 2 month old, and 4: building a house and will be moving soon. If that's not enough to keep me busy than I don't want to see what busy really means!

On to talking about my precious 2 month old....

Layne is still pretty easy going. He sleeps well in his bed or on the bed propped up in the boppy pillow. The only time he has to be held to sleep is around dinner time, he is fussier then and won't let you put him down much. He definitely uses his paci but doesn't seem as attached to it as his siblings were. At night, from about 10 pm to 6 am, he rarely uses the pacifier.

Speaking of nighttime, Layne will do about a 5-6 hr stretch most nights. If I make sure he eats sometime between 10-11 pm, then he will sleep til 2-3 am for me. In between feedings he is out! He rarely opens his eyes or even cry really. Early mornings, he sometimes fusses and wiggles when I lay him down. I may just not remember, but I don't think Ansley or Garyn were sleeping this well at this age. In fact, I was telling someone that this is the longest I have kept a baby in the room with us because they usually fuss and stir keeping me awake. Just another answer to prayer since he doesn't have a room to move to!

Layne is smiling all the time now. He likes to be talked to and is starting to like little toys to look at. He moves constantly when awake unless you are walking with him and then he just studies everything. But he likes to kick and flap his arms; doing his exercises as I call it.

(first time in BeBe Pod)

He still eats about every 3 hours and has done well taking the bottle when I work or at church and things. At his 2 month appointment, he weighed 13 lbs 7 oz and was 24 inches. He didn't keep up with Garyn this time; Garyn was 14 lbs 4 oz at 2 months. (Which, if you remember at 1 mo. he was 9 lb 4 oz, making that a 5 lb gain!) And little Ansley was just 10 lbs at 2 months, of course she is a girl and will naturally be smaller.

I still think he looks a lot like Tyler and Garyn. His hair has started coming back on top and looks dark. His eyes also seem to be turning darker. We shall see if Tyler gets a dark-haired brown-eyed child finally! I see similarities for all of them but differences as well.

(all 3 in order by age and all right at 2 months old)

Having Layne here seems so natural and I am blessed to have three sweet babies to love and care for. They make everyday interesting that's for sure!

He already has changed, almost doesn't look like the same baby!


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