Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012

I was remembering last Easter a lot before celebrating Easter of 2012.  Not only did we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection but we are also about to celebrate Ansley's birth. I am starting to get a little sad about that fact.....it just can't be!

Back to Easter, we had an adventurous one this year. To start, we spent the 4 days prior at the beach. I will have to get that posted soon. But it was a nice relaxing beginning and lots of family time. Then on Sunday morning, we got to spend it in the park. We have been visiting another church lately that does an egg hunt and service in Coolidge Park.It was a different experience for sure. However, we enjoyed it!

The kids "hunted" eggs....

We enjoyed having church together, actually. I was worried how the kids (or Ansley I should say) would do but the relaxed atmosphere and large open area in front of us worked great!

My two main men!

                                           Baby girl and I while she snacked on a cracker

Rockin' the shades while at church

It was a great Easter and I hope to be able to get some more pictures up from the day soon. I am having a hard time with photobucket. It is taking me at least 3x as long to blog now! Plus, I think my mother n' law has some of all four of us together. But for the sake of getting this posted, those can wait!

Tomorrow is my baby's first birthday,,,,,yikes!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clear View

We once again have a clear view of a birds nest through our door window. You couldn't ask for a better nature lesson for us to monitor. I just hope this one has a better outcome than the last one. The birds thankfully re cooperate or forget about the disaster last year and rebuild in our same door hanger. (Yes, I know its most likely not the same birds!) That's a lesson for us all!

Nature is just so beautiful...

The egg/s have hatched now as of yesterday!

To the right of the nest is one furry bird with a yellow peak. Not sure if other egg is just shell or another bird but today we couldn't see it anymore. We are being cautious to not disturb them!

Hope to have our Easter pictures up soon! But don't hold your breath!

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Goals

I know its the 9th day of April and I am just starting but we have been a little busy. We had an unexpected beach trip last week and then I have work 3 of the 9 days of April already (which is a major portion for me). After taking the month off in March from goal setting I didn't want to skip April!

This week (9th-14th)
-work on laundry
-mop and clean bathrooms
-finish putting away trip stuff
-clean desk and toy room
-catch up on James Bible Study
-send out Ansley's bday invites
-put away Easter

Next week (15th-21st)
-work on picture frames/hang
-organize closets
-move furniture in Ansley's room
-mop and clean bathrooms
-put away jackets
-declutter Garyn's room

Last week (22nd-28th)
-work on party plans
-dust and straighten tables
-clean/straighten kitchen shelf and counters
-mop and clean bathrooms
-clean up downstairs

Short and sweet list for me! I will be busy though as always. AND most important is Ansley's birthday! Excited but sad at the same time....


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