Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Snapshots

We had a great Christmas, were able to get everywhere in the snow, and I got a new camera so there are lots of pictures!

Christmas Eve began with making cookies for the neighbors and to take to family functions.......

 As we do every year, the Vesper service or Christmas Eve service starts our family time with Tyler's parents. Then we have snack/ finger foods at their house before opening presents. Stephanie's family joined us this year for a little while and we enjoyed that change up a lot!
Then we began opening presents.....note that this is before I got my new camera!
 Garyn got the new Buckaroo game, Dragon movie (How to Train a Dragon), leapster and games to go with it, and some trains. He kept saying "Another one for me!"
 Tyler constantly has to borrow saw horses and ladder from his dad, so he got some new ones of his own. Following tradition, he had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them around the house.

Poppa got a new IPhone from Nana...

Garyn and Daddy figuring out his leapster. Daddy got 2 pairs of safety goggles along with the ladder and saw horses AND he wore them on his head all night!

Tyler, I, and Ansley... :)

Now with booger who was trying to shoot Poppa with the disc launcher

Ansley had a present, too, lots of cute clothes

Nana enjoyed the calender I made for her.....

It was a great night!
Christmas morning we woke up to beautiful snow, about 2 inches had laid already!

 View outside our front door at 9 am

 Garyn checking out his Santa.......
He got his Shake Shake Bridge set he wanted with some trains, a Boz game, and MarioKart for the Wii. Plus he had Playdoh, PJ's, movies, Tag reading system and Cars character hotwheels wrapped. Probably forgetting some too!

The last two years we have made a "cake" or banana nut bread for Jesus' birthday. We sing and blow out the candle. I really like doing this to help us remember why we are celebrating Christmas.

 Garyn and his MarioKart (prior to new camera, ugh!)

 Tyler got a new I Pod since we washed and dried his old one...(it worked for a week or two afterwards but then wouldn't hold a charge anymore)

While we were deciding on whether to drive in the snow to Ga, Garyn played and played with his new trains and MarioKart

Then we made the trek to Georgia for my family and it wasn't bad at all, so glad we took the chance.

 Garyn and Lakelin, he loooves his Lakelin

 Playing with Uncle Josh...

 Food time!

 Grandpa and I

 Granny, who just got out of the hospital 2 days before, so glad she made it and is doing better....

 Aunt Denise and Abbi (and Chloe)


 Uncle Mike and his daughter, Lauren

 Thought these were funny, Grandpa waving and Granny was saying "Put your hand down" BTW this is them with their children, minus my sweet mom who is in heaven now

 Now Grandpa is holding up Granny's hand, she gets so aggravated with him but its so cute at the same time!

 Kids playing outside in the snow!

 And Tyler doing what he does, cleaning and washing dishes. My aunts love him for it, and I love him for being so thoughtful. I told him he didn't have to always do that and he said, "Well then your Aunt Joy or somebody else would have to do it and they've already done all the cooking and preparing".... Melts my heart

And finally we have the day after Christmas Activities....
Josh, Karen, Lorna and Lakelin came down Christmas night and the next day we had Christmas with them and my dad at our house.
But first we had a family snowball fight!

 Garyn was cute trying to throw with all his might

 Aunt Karen

 Lornie, also known as Lorna, and Garyn, she made this black and white on my computer, it looks really cute, too!

 Attempting a family photo, Garyn was ready to go in at this point...

After we all went in Tyler and Josh played for awhile in the snow, they were diving and tackling each other which is more wet and colder than I'd want to be!

Then it was present time!

Tyler got a Carrhart Jacket
Garyn got a Wii game, Cars truck and Cars PJs....
Lakelin with his hat and shirt.....

Lorna with her photo board, I made, to match her new room

And we all got money from my dad, Garyn laid his out like a train saying he had 5, notice my purple purse and the shoes were from Tyler

Lastly, we had Christmas with Tyler's extended family later that evening. We usually do this on Christmas day but because of the snow, it was post poned one day.

Rachel, the youngest cousin, with her new toboggan. Garyn loves to play with her and she loves to play, too. Although, she is excited about a girl cousin coming!
Garyn got a Bumblebee transformer, and I think I might have been more excited, because it was one of the things on his list (of many) that I never got....
Garyn was worn out after that third day of Christmas activities, as we all were. That day he hadn't had a nap either. Buddy, their dog, was laying in the floor and Garyn just wanted to lay down with him! Buddy would move and so would Garyn, eventually he even asked for a pillow and blanket! But it wasn't five minutes before he was off and running again.

So now the snow has melted and its about to be 2011. I feel like 2010 has melted before my eyes, too. But 2011 is going to be a fun year! Ansley will come and change our lives as we know it now!
Happy New Year to you all!


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