Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Girl

So I haven't really posted much on this pregnancy or the baby GIRL we are having! I guess that's part of her being my second one. It is starting to fly by and I feel its gonna catch up with me before I have everything ready.

I found out on my birthday that she is a she. We all had a hunch that it was a girl beforehand, though. Including and especially Garyn. He would insist it was a baby sister every time we talked about it. Another cool story was that Nana (Tyler's mom) had had 2 dreams before knowing I was even pregnant that she was holding a baby girl sitting next to Tyler. Then on top of those two things, I was feeling it was a girl. Therefore, when we knew for sure that day, our excitement was calmer than you would expect. I was 16 wks and 4 days on that day.

I started feeling her move early. I was around 12 weeks, the doctor said I most likely wasn't feeling her yet, but I beg to differ. With Garyn, I was at least 18 wks. I remember people saying you should be able to feel him. Once, I did I realized I had been feeling him but just was second guessing if that was what it was or not. Recently, Tyler has been able to feel her moving. Actually, the day I was 20 wks. was the first time he felt her.

As far as cravings, sickness, etc. , I haven't had it too bad. I was more nauseous with her than Garyn, but never threw up or even felt bad enough to be in the bathroom. Just a queasy-need-to-sit for a minute feeling the first month or two. My main thing now is being soooo hungry. I get exhausted trying to think of something to eat. I feel I have been a lot pickier about food and so I get tired of the same snacks. Therefore, I am over trying to decide what I want every two hours or more! And if I wait too long to eat, ohhh its bad. I get nauseous, a headache, and irritable. But I can't complain, its been great so far. The only "craving" is for fresh foods like fruit, salad, and southern style veggies. However, don't let that fool you; I have eaten plenty of sweets and fattening foods. :)

Big brother Garyn seems to be excited about it all right now. He asks what she is going to do and keeps bringing up that she is going to play trains with him. So I try to make it realistic in that she is going to cry, eat, and sleep for awhile. He follows that with, "And then she'll play trains with me." Makes me smile every time. The sweetest is that he talks to my belly now, telling her "good morning" and "It's ok baby Ansley".  Which by the way is her name, Ansley. Haven't completely decided on the middle name yet. He was a part of the name decision and liked Ansley.

I can't wait to see if this enthusiasm for her stays once she is here. I do feel guilty and a little sad at times for him. I know his world (and ours) is about to change. We will no longer be a family of three. And its also a reminder that he isn't a baby anymore. Looking at his pictures and baby items makes me remember that he is 3!! He is no longer a baby and is getting further away from the babyish stage. Speaking of being babyish, he has started acting like a baby. He lays on us and "crys". He'll say "Momma, I'm a baby; say 'its ok baby'". That has started since I became pregnant, so I think its his way of wanting to confirm his spot as the first baby.

Now for the picture show....

This was the 6 week ultrasound, little bean that you can hardly distinguish.

This is 12 wks, more like a baby.

 This was 15 wks or so, done at work :)

Here is the day we found out she was a girl, at 16 wks.

This was last week at 21 weeks. It was much harder to see a full picture of her because that big blob is my placenta. It blocked a full body view of her. But I liked this pic of her feet. She is laying breech right now so she may move to where we can see her better the next time. (And yes, I get an ultrasound every time!)

Here I am at 19 weeks

I, once again, seem small to most people. I think I am big enough. I haven't really changed since that picture. I will balloon, though, the last couple months, or at least I did with Garyn.

Tomorrow I will be 22 weeks, can't believe it really. It is still shocking to me at times that I am actually pregnant and having a girl. God is so good for giving me this gift when I was beginning to think I might not be able to get pregnant again. Ansley will be told her story many times I'm sure!

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