Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garyn's 6!

My first born is 6! {Makes me feel a little old really!}

I can't imagine not having him though and can't help but reflect on how much he has changed and grown. Also, makes me think of how much Tyler and I have too because of him. We like to call Garyn our gentle giant. He is very tender hearted and conscious of how his actions affect others. At the same time, he is big for his age and obviously biggest of our children. He is stronger than he thinks and can unintentionally hurt us when we are playing. He usually starts apologizing right away. Can't you tell by this picture.....

He is obviously such a good big brother. He wants to make Ansley happy when she's upset; he doesn't like for her to get in trouble much; and he always helps me with her. He does argue with her some and gets tired of her fussing or messing his stuff up. I can't blame him sometimes! Even as frustrated as he gets, quickly, he forgets all that and starts calling her "pretty girl!" I can't wait to see how he does with Layne; I know he'll be just as sweet.

Garyn is still a homebody and unsure of doing new things away from us. We really fight with him about dropping him off places that are new or we haven't been to in awhile. He starts whining and being uncooperative which turns into crying sometimes. Once he gets used to a school or a church class, he does better and only complains occasionally. I dread Kindergarten! I really hope he likes his teacher and classmates. We'll get through it though. This was a major reason for keeping him out of school last year. While he still fusses, he has matured a lot over the past year emotionally. He has gotten better about using his words rather than actions.

Having said that, we are having a lot of interesting conversations lately with Garyn. He wants to know details about things. He got stung by a yellow jacket recently and wanted to know all about why they have stingers and where do they live. Then we got started on bees and how they make honey. After awhile, he'll bring it up again with more questions he thought of. He is also beginning to play more advanced games like Uno and checkers. He begins by planning out who all is going to play and writing every one's name out. He will even talk about what snacks we are going to have during our game. We have sport's nights were we play bowling, soccer, maybe golf, then Uno or something. He has also gotten more conscious of time and the calendar. He wants to schedule when such events will happen. He wants to see what we have written on the calendar and countdown the days or write things he thinks are important, too. We have put a clock in his room now, too, after he started going to early workouts with Tyler. We had a couple of long but amusing nights before that were he kept getting up and coming to ask if it was time for him to go with daddy to football practice. Now, he knows to stay in bed until 6 and then he can get up and start getting ready to go. The anticipation just wakes him up all through the night. Tyler did this same thing when he was younger! 

He and some of his friends (plus one of Ansley's friends)

Garyn can be so easy going and just likes to hang out with you. He has a way of just making you feel warm and loved by being next to you. Mainly because he is normally attached to your hip telling you how much he loves you or likes doing things with you. He knows how to melt my heart. It may be my hormones, lately. Many times he has talked about how glad he is I have Layne in my belly. Another time, we were at his school playground just looking at what all he will be able to do in Kindergarten (and because I ran out of gas....different story). After we talked about how fun it'll be; I asked if he would try to come without crying and complaining. He leaned in with his head on my shoulder and said "I'll try momma, but I'll just miss you." I melted. I love our conversations and know they are only going to get more in depth and interesting as he gets older.

Garyn's favorites right now are Star Wars and Angry Bird Star Wars. He is watching movies more and playing less Wii. Yes, I said he is playing less Wii. He has gone about 3 years strong of loving Wii and now I honestly can't remember when he played last. I'm sure he'll go through phases and it'll come back around but it has been the longest stretch for us to not play nightly! He still loves to go play outside pretending all different scenarios. He has gotten Ansley involved more lately; playing restaurant and sword fighting with her.

We had his birthday party at a bowling alley, as you can tell from the pictures. He was so excited about all who were coming and that we were going to play bowling with a lot of people. We had a great turnout and I thought it went well. I was glad, too, that Layne held off so that I could be there!

(Checking out his presents)
I can't say enough about this little guy and how much he means to us. We are grateful to be his parents and watch him grow. I just wish it would slow down a notch or two!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some nesting/ Layne updates!

Well I only have 11 days left until my due date. Which means, Baby Layne could come anytime! I have mixed emotions about it. I'm ready to see him and know that this is a less hectic time since my other two boys aren't about to start school. (Tyler will never be off the school schedule, :) )
At the same time, its easier for me to work and be able to enjoy Garyn's birthday festivities with him in my belly! And with this being our last baby, I don't want to rush him out cause I really enjoy being pregnant. I am wanting to let him come on his own but geez, considering all the changes we are about to have it really would be easier to have a couple weeks under our belt before it starts!

33 wks

Speaking of changes, let me update real quick....1) We are obviously about to have our 3rd child; 2) Garyn is starting kindergarten around the second week of August at a school 20+ mins away; 3) We will be breaking ground on our house around the first of August; 4) This one isn't really a change, but Tyler will be completely busy with football and adjusting to a new school at the first of August!
Nana asked if I was in denial about Garyn starting school.......I'm not but yet trying not to think about all of the previously mentioned all at once. I can only take it one day at a time right?!

36 wks

Back to baby updates! Layne is moving and growing great. I really can't complain about anything! I have some trouble sleeping and heartburn. I have been getting out of breath more especially when carrying or chasing Ansley! I haven't had too many cravings; I just tend to get something on my mind and can't get it out of my head until I eat it. Garyn and Ansley are getting more excited about it. Garyn absolutely loves him already and talks to him (my belly) a lot. Ansley has finally realized there is a baby in there. I was trying to get her to stay still long enough to feel him one day and he moved big enough for her to see my belly move. She looked up at me wide-eyed and then bent down to look in my belly button and said "He's in there!" It was quite funny and cute! So now she says she wants to see Baby Layne or "Wayne" and has even asked to go to the baby doctor to see him. I still don't think she understands it all, obviously, but she seems more prepared than before. I have a feeling both kids aren't going to let him be much!
Garyn and I at our maternity picture of my favorites!
Ansley being a big sis!

Layne's face- He is laying sideways and the pic is only of his face and a foot or hand up to his chin. The black crescent moon in the middle is his left eyelid crease. Then up to the left of that is his nose. Then left some more is his lips. Not sure you got all that but I tried.

Living with Nana and Poppa means Layne will be in our room with us and I can't necessarily prepare a nursery. However! I have been working on the area of the room designated to him. We shuffled around the rocking chair and dressers which meant Ansley's room got shuffled around, too. The changing table is going to live in her room. Since she is still wearing diapers, I can use it for both of them. It has really helped to not have to get down in the floor to change her! Here are some pics of what her room looks like. She is going to remain in the baby bed until we move at least.

Our room....
That's my mostly packed bag over there and I intend to move the bassinet around as needed.

We have such generous friends and family that have given me three showers! I really wasn't expecting anything this time a round since its our third and we have a lot of baby equipment. However, work friends, church friends and family have given me 3 showers. We have gotten a lot of diapers and wipes along with other essentials like baby wash, destin, blankets, etc. We feel very blessed! I didn't get pictures at all of them but here are some I have...

Two of my friends at work. Chrissy and I were only a week or so a part but she had a C-section this past weekend. Having friends at work make it easier to go!
My family in Georgia that gave me a shower.
Garyn and Ansley were eager to help open the presents! Ansley kept saying "Aww, how cute"
And my Sunday School class gave me a lunch shower. Stephanie and I were about 8 days apart and she just had her baby boy yesterday!
I have a lot of friends that were due in between June and July. Most of them have delivered. There are a couple in September including my sister n' law Kadie. Yes, Layne will have a boy cousin only 2 months younger! It's going to be a fun Christmas!

We are just overjoyed to be having a new family member join us soon and all the fun that entails! Can't wait to see what he looks like and how his personality turns out. They are all so different. Garyn thinks he is going to look like Tyler with black hair. Tyler is actually hoping he does so that one of his children will have hair like him! I am just hoping everything goes smoothly and he is a happy healthy baby!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Painting ourselves Navy and Gold

As you know, we are changing from blue and white to navy and gold. Might seem simple on the outside (and it is...) but it also takes a change of mind. When I see clothes out and about for us all, I have to think on these new colors now. My mind is getting more geared to navy and gold though after having a week of literally immersing myself in it!

We spent a few days getting Tyler's room ready and once again I painted the logo for him. The new logo, that is. As I painted away, I thought a lot about the significance of this new change we have. Tyler and I graduated from Red Bank, but we aren't Red Bank now. A lot changes over time and Red Bank has, too. The Red Bank I knew, isn't what the kids now know. You could even take it further to say, we aren't the same. We are two adults with children moving to the Soddy area and changing our surroundings a bit. Funny how a little paint can make you reflect on so much!

(The bottom color is silver not baby blue as it looks)
 Within the same week, we also went to The Athletic Shop and ordered some printed shirts for the  kids and Tyler some coaching stuff. Plus, I found a t-shirt for me to wear. Which reminds me, I have to clean out most of my Red Bank clothes cause its just not kosher for a coaches wife to be seen in a rival team's shirt! I am starting from zero and really don't have any Soddy things!
Then, I also went to Carter's that week to get some sibling shirts and instead found a gold mine.(..and navy...haha.) I was literally spinning around the boys section and at every turn finding a different  shirt that my two boys could wear...and be matching! I even called Tyler to tell him he better come in and help me decide. (He was out in the car with the kids) He didn't, so I just got them all!
Now, I just have to work on Ansley and I, I have a couple items in the works for her, though. I was so excited to find a cute navy Nike skirt at Goodwill that's pleated like a cheer leader skirt in her size! I also found that yellow-gold color pair of bike shorts she can wear with a long shirt or even under that skirt. Goodwill never fails me!
After all this, my eyes are a little more trained to see navy and gold when I'm out and about. I'll always be blue and white at heart but the new colors are seeping in naturally. I can't wait to start this new chapter!



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