Friday, November 23, 2012

"Bye Y'all"

Kids really do say the darnest things. My two have been saying some of the cutest words/ phrases lately that deserve their own post!

The latest, as of yesterday on Thanksgiving, Ansley started saying "Bye Y'all!" Everyone in the family was told this repeatedly when leaving or if she was just ready to go. :) Guess we say this more than we thought!

Garyn has also been using funny tenses to words. He says "Its broke-ed" or "I fell-ed." He loves to tell me "Don't ever say that to me again" when I tell him we have to go or do something he appearantly doesn't want to do. He also links things to his feelings a lot, such as saying "You're just making me sad when you tell me that." It breaks your heart sometimes and other times, you think he just needs to get over it.

He is always coming up with these little ideas to get what he wants, too. "Does that sound like a good idea, Momma?" he'll ask. I just chuckle and agree. While talking about his Christmas list, I told him he may not get both Mario Kart K'nex sets. The next morning the first thing he told Tyler was that he had an idea. "Nana can get me one of the K'nex sets!" And of course, she obliged and has it for him for Christmas.

Ansley has such cute words for things like "pappy" for her pacifier. One of our favorites is how she says "Emma" her new cousins name. On her own she started calling her "Mema." We think it is so cute and have started calling her that as well.

I know there are so many other cute things they have said but I can't really think of anything else right now. Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sporting it this fall

Fall is sports filled for us. I think it is only going to get busier as our children age. Garyn has begun his first season as a soccer player. He seems to really like it so I'm sure he will be playing again.

Of course he needs lots more practice! This was more of a team-player learning experience. I was totally worried in the beginning when he was crying because someone took the ball away at practice. He is super competitive and has to win or else! But during the games I think he was a little aloof. He seemed to be in his own little world running back and forth. When we yelled "Go get the ball Garyn," he seemed to be a little more focused. But didn't ever seem to really have the ball much.

(rehydrating after a rainy game)

So although there were no assists or goals made on his part, he understands more about the practicing, coaching and the feeling when you lose. The great part about YMCA soccer is that you don't really talk much about wins and losses. I know his team won some! Ansley didn't care either way, she supported her big bro and loved to sit in his lap while he was on the sidelines.

And we can't forget about Friday nights. Being a coach's wife can be hard! But when Friday nights come around, I love it! The kids really seem to enjoy it, too.
(McKenzie and Brayden with them watching the game.)
(Poppa is always our game buddy.)
Friday night also became my exercise! Ms. Ansley ran me ragged around the bleachers. She is a cutie though all dressed in blue and white:
My friend Arlene (also the head coach's wife) made matching outfits for our girls.
Here we are with the Lion and a friend's son. Guess I should add that we had our ten year reunion this fall...and today is my birthday so I am feeling a little old!

And to add to the sentimental-ness of this year, this was also the end of our years at Red Bank football. Tyler decided to step aside just recently. We are still in limbo a little about it all. I still think he may coach a smaller venue especially if he doesn't get an assistant principal job. We just feel God has something else in store for us. Its hard not knowing exactly what that is but we are trusting in His plan.
We are looking forward to what's ahead. We know one thing: this spring will include baseball for a little boy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities

We are rolling right into this busy Holiday season! As always, it all comes so quickly and passes before you get a chance to soak it up. So here's to documenting Halloween before its New Years and I've forgotten the little details! (Plus, its Thursday and I'm home alone!)

Two weeks ago we went to a pumpkin patch called Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek. Its a great place to do lots of typical fall activities, like hayride, corn maze, etc. But you know all that so here's the pictures of the fun we had.

(Emma, Kadie and Philip joined us.)
                                                                     "Hay maze"

Critter Barn

Slide, love that smile and Ansley in the back :)
"corn pit"
Horse back riding ;)
Emma had the best ride of all
                                                          My 2 favorite pumpkins!
and a Hayride to pick real pumpkins.... :)
Philip, Kadie and chunky Emma! We laugh because she is catching up to Ansley's weight fast!

Pumpkins make a great seat apparently
Now that you have been bombarded with pictures...........let me give you some more....
Garyn and Ansley had Halloween parties in their classes at school wearing their costumes.
 Garyn was Sonic and Ansley was an owl
She did very well in her costume. Acted as if it wasn't even there; I was a bit surprised but happy. Garyn still doesn't like to leave his own!

 Owl gotta get their energy!
Garyn, I mean, Sonic had to get his energy, too, to run super fast. As you can see, he didn't have his complete costume on. I was just glad he wore it when he did! I thought the day was going to be a disaster because he fussed so much about putting it on. Thankfully, once we were there he got excited about everyone else's costumes and did great.

Now for Halloween night:

Off to Trunk or Treat at church
Garyn and his best bud, Aiden......I mean Spiderman
Playing games
Ansley had a blast in the toddler area!
And lastly we came home and got to see the little lady, Emma

Ansley was super thirsty after all that candy! She had to have a piece at every house/trunk. Isn't Emma just adorable!
 Well I have had to hide candy from Ansley all day. She is a chocoholic to say the least. Garyn loves it, too, but is easily swayed and deterred.
Very fun times ahead as the holiday season begins!



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