Thursday, September 20, 2012

If walls could talk.....

If the walls of 905 Brynwood Dr. could talk I know they would tell a lot about the years we spent there as our little family.

When I look at these empty rooms and walls, I see, hear, feel the love, laughter, tears, and words we all conjured up during our days here.

The living room shouts about the exciting tag races Garyn led around through here. And the cheers of the many Wii games played with Gman. But then there is also the many presents opened a Christmas and multiple birthday parties that took place within these 4 walls.
Thinking about the dining portion of the room, I think of the beginning of our family time around the table praying, eating and talking about our days.

The playroom speaks even more about the Trouble, Connect 4, puzzles, Legos and Cars played with in here. Along with the many tickle and wrestling escapades atop the carpet. My fondest memories are the first steps taken holding onto the fireplace surround.

Next door, the kitchen would tell about the cooking lessons, spilled milk, and many conversations and  many freezer cooking days. Both of my children stood on the dishwasher door around 1 year of age countless times while I emptied or filled it. I also see the small wooden chairs that were their stepping stool and were constantly lined around the counters. Oh and another favorite, is the wooden board which was more like a plate just low enough for their little hands to reach and get a taste of whatever I was cutting.

Ansley's light purple walls echo the lullaby's and coos that I hear when in her room. She will not remember it of course but it will be forever ingrained as her nursery in my mind.

Garyn's room has changed a lot starting as a nursery and then turning into a little boys room with a cowboy theme. I automatically think of all the time spent trying to get him to sleep. He needed rocking as a baby and then cuddle time complete with humming and back rubs. He has just started spending more alone play time in this room. I know he will miss it.

The hallway bath makes me think of many bath times as well as the sweat equity spent redoing this space. I think they would probably thank us for updating this entire room!

Ohhh, the master. I immediately think of the many tickle wars held between all 4 of us. Mommy and Daddy's bed has always been a play spot. I also chuckle thinking about falling in the floor at 9 months pregnant.
Our home is now another's home. The walls will start a new chapter with a different set of characters. And as Garyn continually reminds me, our house can't talk, much to my dismay. Perspective is what needs to be changed on my part. I feel I held myself together throughout the move and closing. The walls knew how I really felt, though. I just know it!


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