Friday, April 11, 2014

Month to Month: Layne is 8 months!

Month to month this little guy has changed some, but I would have to say this last month has shown the biggest changes!

 Layne is now mobile, fully crawling. And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy cleaning and trying to keep him contained; he started pulling up and pushing things as well. And he even climbed up the steps! Whew, from staying in one area to going up steps all in one month, I'm tired just thinking about it!

(He loves to move all around his bed, I come in often to find him like this)

He has also got those 2 teeth that are popped up well now. We have started giving him more table food, like toast and bread stuff. Also, I have given him some green beans, peas, and cantaloupe to pick up. He isn't so sure about that though. He still seems to like all baby food except peas and peaches, oddly enough. And he will drink water some from a sippy but he really just likes to gnaw on the spout. Nursing wise, he still eats about every 3-4 hrs and once in night, usually.

Night times have started moving to sleeping all night. Instead of being up by 3, he has started pushing it past 4 and usually 5 or later. And we have started putting him down at 8 if he doesn't have a late nap around dinner. Which is usually only when we are home. If we are out, he goes to sleep in car around 6. So there have been nights he has slept from 8-5! But its still random and depends on how the cards fall that day. :) He also likes to sleep face down, sometimes so much that we turn his head because it looks like he can't breathe! Add to it the fact he likes his blanket up near his face.....we check in on him a lot.

Size wise, last I weighed him he was 21 lbs and 28 1/2 inches long. I had a hard time keeping him still for the length but he's somewhere around there! He is wearing a lot of 12 month stuff now and I just bought some size 4 diapers because 3s are getting tight. Speaking of, his allergy to Pampers has gone away. He still has eczema but seems to be getting less and less irritated by random things.

Quirky things he does: He likes to stick his tongue out a lot (if you couldn't already tell by the pictures). And he has just started clapping. It's so cute! He loves to crawl under the table where he normally falls and hits one of the chairs or legs. He also likes to get under there and start pushing the chairs while standing up to them. He loves his brother and sister! Just about anything they do gets him to belly laughing. He also likes cartoons and will crawl to look at TV if a cute song is on or something. His favorite song is Old McDonald. Ansley knows to start singing that if he's fussing.

He is still using the paci some but it isn't a must. He still says "mama" and "dada" but is also saying "pp" noises. He is constantly pulling my and Ansley's hair and thinks its a game when I try to pull it away! He has also started blowing raspberries on my arm and thinks that's funny, too.  He is also loving bath time. He gets excited and just starts splashing wildly.

(notice the tongue, again)

Just love this sweet face and am sad to see how fast he's growing!


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