Thursday, September 19, 2013

Layne at 1 month

Layne turned 1 month in a blink of an eye, of course. Seems it gets faster and faster with each child. In fact, he is already about to be 2 months next week. Geez.....

So before I forget about all his 1 month cuteness....

Layne just started smiling right around his 1 mo. "mirthday"
(This was at 2 weeks or so, not a real smile yet, but very good picture, I think!)

He likes to eat on his own time....there is no scheduling him other than you can guess he'll be hungry 3 hours from the last feed, but every so often he sleeps through 3 hours or fusses to eat before that mark. At 4 weeks old, he took his first bottle. He did pretty good with it!

(This was after a football game, I had made the bottle to give him during the game but he didn't get hungry until right when we were leaving.....of course!)

Sleep wise: Bedtime is usually 10 ish and he sleeps till 2 ish then is back up 3-3.5 hours later. He gets in a good dead sleep those first 6 hours and doesn't make a noise. After that, he tends to need more help getting back to sleep.

Speaking of, he likes the pacifier but isn't completely attached to it. He will fall asleep without it but gladly takes it when tired if you are there to offer it. Big sister likes to offer it to him a lot!

At one month, Layne has grown to 11 lbs 1 oz and 23 1/2 inches long! At birth, he was 8 lbs 4 oz. 20 3/4 inches. Then at his 5 day checkup he was 8 lbs 3 oz. So almost 3 pounds in 4 weeks! Big brother and big sis were 9 lbs 4 oz and 9 lbs 5 oz, respectively. So we are anxious to see how this growth curve goes. I know there is no need to compare, because they are obviously all different, but given that they are growing differently makes you want to imagine what's in store for the future.

Big brother and sister are enamored with Layne and literally fight over who gets to hold him next. We have to set aside turns and watch Ansley closely because she tends to grab at him when she is mad about it not being her turn. Both love to talk to him and help with his pacifier and such. Ansley wants to do everything from change his diaper to feed him her baby doll bottles.

At one month, Layne still seems to be laid back although he tends to get gas a lot and will want to be held up so he can burp some more. I asked the doctor about reflux because he seemed to be doing this a lot and having some spit up with the burps but it seems to be normal. He doesn't get very fussy just wants to be held up.

Onto holding, right around 4 weeks, he seems to prefer to be facing out the most. Ansley liked this most, too. We haven't reached a screaming cry when not in this position like Ansley did, but he wiggles and such until you move him.

He likes to wiggle a lot, actually. And at times, he practically jumps out of your arms trying to move and hold his head up. And for only 1 month, he seems to see and hear well. He looks right into your eyes and turns his head to noises. May be at the right time, but seems to be earlier than I remember the other two.

Although he still puts his hands to his mouth, he has stopped trying to suck his thumb. I probably plug the pacifier before he gets a chance, but he seems to be less interested in finding it.

We still say he looks the most like Tyler and a lot like Garyn did as a baby. It is scary to look down and have flash backs of holding Garyn. When he is asleep, he seems to be identical to Garyn. When his eyes are open he looks more like Tyler. He lost some hair on the top of his head and looks like a little old man now, too.

So I tried to recreate the same scene and if it weren't for already knowing which is which, I'd say they are twins.....

Layne 7 weeks

Garyn at about 6 weeks

Monday, September 2, 2013

Building a Home: weeks 4 & 5

When we first started talking about building, I was adamant that I didn't want to build. My brother and sister n' law had built a house when I was in high school. I remember them having to decide on details of the kitchen or the molding and so on. Many hours were spent in Home Depot staring and comparing faucets and sinks. I also thought about the stigma that it is very trying on a marriage. (You know, they always say if a marriage can withstand building then it can get through anything.) And then...I worried about the hidden costs and overages that can incur.

After searching houses and neighborhoods, I slowly started easing into the idea. I know God answered many prayers in which we asked for direction and peace about what we should do. Considering the time and work it takes to renovate a house, I really didn't want to get a fixer-upper again. I love seeing the results of the labor you put into fixing up a house, but with three kids, football, jobs and just life in general; I hated to get into that situation again. Tyler was thinking right along the same lines and had no fear of building.

Fast forward to now, we are building! Yes, I know that has already been stated and expanded on! However, I still have to say it to really believe it! Tyler and I frequently look at each other and say "Honey, we are really building a house." Its just surreal to us to have finally made a decision and be one step closer to our own home. As well, I can't believe how different from my preconceived ideas building has been. We made a lot of decisions earlier in the summer and don't have to think about the details. Decisions were smooth since our building company has options grouped together. So when you choose lights you are mainly choosing the color or finish only. If you have a special light fixture in mind, it can be substituted easily but not required. I loooooved that since I can be very indecisive. It was nice to have less options to consider. In other words, I am glad God changed my thoughts on building and I do think Tyler and I will still be married at the end of this process. :)

Now, less talking and more pictures!

We left off having the block foundation completed at the end of week 3. At the beginning of week 4, we had some rain that slowed work a little. But on Friday the framers came and worked thru the weekend. We were shocked to see how quick they move! By midday Saturday, you could "walk" into the first floor of our home!

We went back on Sunday and the outside board had been put up. And we toured the house; staring blankly trying to soak it all in!

End of week 4 picture:

The next week, work continued on the second floor and completing the details of the first. We found a couple changes that needed to be made. Its hard to see it all on paper, but in 3d you quickly notice the space here and post there.

The kids of course are ecstatic every time we pull up and it looks different to them. They love running around and have already discovered their racing path in the house!

(Garyn in front of our bay window in the eating area)

I think Layne is worn out from touring!

The porch is added!

Our family room view when standing in the playroom.

The foyer, stairs and office area



  The eating area and kitchen view from the family room
Ansley's room

Kids bath....window is too big and will be changed, I guess, so imagine it a foot smaller in width and height.

Garyns room (sorry its blurry)

Layne's room

Our bathtub will be there. Window is size the other bath window should be

Master bedroom

And I had to take a picture of our name on the roof framing. Thought that was cool :)

So at the end of week 5 our house looks like a home! Well, it needs a little more work,well maybe a lot but I just feel its getting close!

(oh & remember there are 4 windows and a door going across front bottom to mirror second level.)
We are feeling so blessed!


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