Friday, April 30, 2010

This week's $60

Here is what all I got this week. I didn't go on Wednesday like usual, felt really weird. I went to CVS and Bilo on Monday and got this: 
My CVS purchase was the 5 body washes, diapers and 2 vitamin waters. I got all of that for $4.04!!
I had $12 of ECBs ($7 were from here). I did 3 separate transactions and got more ECBs to use on the each purchase. Also, I have $3 ECBs for the next purchase.
BiLo was a random trip. I was at CVS next to BiLo and we needed some biscuits; their bananas were 44 cents a lb last week and I needed tortillas for the Brown bag burritos. Also, the milk was on sale for $2.88 and got apples for the mini apple pies, so I just popped in and spent $15.88. I hate going in unprepared, because while that's good, its not great!

I spent $45.?? . I would have spent a dollar less but I left one of the juicy juice coupons on the printer! Makes me so mad when I do that!
Don't have time to individualize all this, and I'm sure not everyone cares, but I got:
2 Starkist tuna packets
1 loaf Sara Lee Bread
1 taco seasoning
3 Hunts Tomatoes
3 Rotel cans
1 black beans
2 Mission tortillas (20 packs)
Digiorno Pizza and bread sticks
4 Juicy juice bottles
Cottonelle 12 pack
2 Tostitos (they were BOGO and coupon for Kettle chips free)
Kettle Chips
Salad mix
Milk (already drank a gallon in 3 days)
and a bag Pedigree dog food-not pictured

So my total was $64.??
I  obviously went over but last week I had right at $5 left so I was right on.
Hope you found some good deals!

April's Accomplishments.....

Here is how I did with my April Goals:

Game Night! I think we have one weekend this can happen out of this month, but I am going to shoot for it!
The weekend I had planned turned out to be the football fundraiser dinner and Prom weekend, which Tyler had to chaperon, so maybe next month......
More dinners with new/old friends

Take Garyn to zoo ( haven't been since this day) Here and did many more adventures


Get main basement area cleaned out and ready for paint YEA!

Paint master bedroom

Finish putting up cork boards for Garyn's many art projects in playroom


work on scrapbooks I did a small scrapbook of our Christmas pictures/cards from friends. I hate throwing them away, so I am going to simply start scrap booking them, nothing extravagant, just to be able to look back at our Christmas cards and pictures

coasters? Nope, those coasters are never getting to rest on my coffee tables at this pace

Meal plan every week!

Eat at home 4x a week at least

Freezer cooking day  Here


deep clean once a week  Didn't do my usual, but cleaned a lot downstairs and up when we moved furniture around. I, also, got our desk straightened.

put dishes away before bed Both this and laundry went much smoother this month, it was nice.

stay on top of laundry better


Keep saving for trips

try to do cash only for gas, grocery and eating out $$ The groceries went well, the others, not so much


Keep supporting Tyler

Try to muster up some motivation on my part now that its warming up Zilch

Eat more veggies


I have been attempting to read through the Bible in one year, and keep falling behind so

Goal is to catch up and then stay on task with the days reading

I would also like to do a bible story time with Garyn each day, we have a couple different books we use Garyn and I did ok on this but I can't say it was everyday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working hard

Remember this sneak peak....
 Well 'bout time I showed some before and afters, huh?

Our basement is pretty big. We have 2 larger rooms that we are turning into a den and playroom. Then there is a full bath, a bedroom, a laundry room, large work room, and another room that is storage but could be a small bedroom. Not all of it is painted or decorated yet. We have gotten our den pretty completed and usable. Also, the bedroom is pretty well together, compared to what it was. So enough talking, here are the pics....
This is the toy room, it doesn't look much different right now but I posted it to show you the wall color and tile. The den area looked like this before. I hope to get this done next month.
This is the biggest bedroom down there that we have as a guest bedroom. The color is hard to discern in the picture, but its a peachy pink color with green and blue stencil around the doors and ceiling. Nice, huh?  Actually, a girl from church grew up with the girl that lived here, can't wait to ask if this was her room.
Tyler and Garyn painting the den:
The den now:
We painted it a khaki color and the large blank wall to the right is where the TV projects onto the wall. I am doing a sports theme down there with Tyler's high school football things. I plan to make Garyn's play area sports themed, too.
This is the bedroom after being painted. It's a baby blue color. The blinds are still pink :) I had this paint for our bedroom upstairs and am glad I used it down here. It wasn't the color I was hoping for, but it works in here. The bedroom set was mine in high school; originally it was my parents.

I have painted a lot lately! The trim downstairs is all brown, so that has taken some time and I am not done yet. But I took a break from downstairs and painted our master bedroom this past weekend.
Tyler was gone and he isn't real fond of green, and that was the color I wanted! He likes it, though, but probably wouldn't have let me pick it if he had been with me. I really like it!

Garyn has been hard at work, too! On Saturday, this past weekend, we were in Lowe's getting the above green paint. They were having one of those kids projects for free like the calendar set we had done.
He was so funny to watch! We made a bird feeder.
He pounded on those nails hard. Then he would just quit and start coloring.
I can't wait to put it up, though. I think I am gonna leave it natural wood this time.

Looking back, its great to see our hard work we have gotten done this month! Soon I will be crossing off April's goal list and starting May. Time flies, doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner Plans and Freezer Cooking!

Sounds like I am cooking a freezer from that title!

We have been having internet issues the last couple of days. I was sure it was because of all the storms we have had lately, but Tyler sat down to try and figure it out and found the reason it wasn't working. Garyn had pressed the button, evidently, that turns the Wi-Fi off. One click and the internet was back up! So I wasn't able to get my meal plan up yesterday because of one click of a button! Such is life with a 2 year old.

Dinner Plans:
Monday- Breakfast
Tuesday- Eating out (me with SS girls at Ichiban and the boys are going to Amigos with Nana & Poppa)
Wednesday- Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
Thursday- Chicken Stir Fry * new one
Friday- Eating out
Saturday- Tacos and Roasted Corn
Sunday- Deep Dish Pizza casserole * new one

Freezer Filling Day was today {cooked things to fill the freezer :) }

I got a lot done this time! I was shooting for making 3 casseroles/ dinners, atleast. I ended up getting this done:

I made 2 meat loafs, 2 Curried Chicken Casseroles, 2 Mexican Chicken Casseroles, 11 Brown Bag Burritos, 11 Mini Apple Pies { 6 already made and 3 already eaten} + one bigger-mini apple pie for 2
 * I split the 8 serving casseroles into 2 that will be more our size. If some friends or family come, I can easily put the 2 together to cook.

All together thats 8 + meals plus a dessert. I worked longer, of course, and made a bigger mess, but now I can have 2 dinners a week until next time I freezer fill/cook!

One trick I have learned from is to bake the chicken I need.

 It cooks in about 30 mins at 350 and is tender. It also keeps the stove top free. I actually started cooking them this morning when getting Garyn's lunch ready for school. I placed them in frozen and then approx. 30 mins later I pulled them out. By the time I got back from taking Garyn to school {a.k.a. Mother's Day Out}they were nice and cool for cutting.

Tyler came by to pick up some lunch during his planning period and actually helped me some. He wanted to try some of the mini apple pies so he prepared the first 6. Not so sure he was a big help since he made a mess making hot dogs and chili for his lunch, and then spilled coke all over the place that I had to mop up. BUT I enjoyed his company for an hour or so!

Speaking of the mini apple pies, they are pretty good, not so sure that they are easier than the Slab Apple Pie. The taste, obviously, is very similar. I halfed this recipe and either I measured wrong or Tyler made the first 6 crust too thick, but I ran out of crust. When I made extra it was in between 1-2 muffin cups so I opted for the small oval pie. I froze the ones I didn't cook for a yummmy dessert.

The Curried Chicken Casserole, I had made once before awhile back and came across the recipe when planning. I LOVE curried chicken. I, also, love all the food groups being in this one....isn't it colorful?

Well, you can't quite see it all, but it has carrots, celery and apples. Better yet, here's the recipe:

Curried Chicken and Rice Casserole:
2 Tbsp. butter
2 ribs celery, chopped
1 med. onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
1 apple (granny smith is the best) peeled and chopped
2 cups brown rice (uncooked)
2 cups diced cooked chicken
5 cups chicken broth
1 cup milk or plain yogurt
1 Tbsp. curry powder
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper

1) Preheat oven to 350. Melt butter in a skillet and add celery, onion, carrots and apple, cook and stir for a few minutes. Add remaining ingredients and combine well.
2)Pour mixture into an 8 inch sq. casserole dish. Sprinkle with additional curry powder if desired.
3)Bake for 45 mins approx., until rice is tender and it is bubbly

I made my Mexican Chicken Casserole, again. It is an all time fav around here. I love how colorful it is too! Lots of veggies for these non-veggie boys of mine.

Tyler loves meatloaf and just until recently was stuck on no onions in it. I put some in this time, so we will see how he likes it. This recipe isn't anything grand, because its so plane for Tyler. I may be able to try some other recipes now that he is branching out.

Meatloaf: { I doubled this}
1 cup tomato juice ( I use ketchup and a little water)
3/4 cup Quaker Oats
1 egg
1/4 cup chopped onions
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 1/2 lbs ground beef

Last, I made Brown Bag Burritos again. I switched it up a little this time because I didn't have enchilada sauce. I added a can of Rotel and some taco sauce. I got 11 from halfing the recipe.

I am so excited to have 2 meals a week that can come from the freezer!

Friday, April 23, 2010


       Garyn and I have done a lot over the last week that have been fun! I love the spring weather because it motivates me to do fun stuff!!

To start, last weekend, my brother and his family were here {{2nd weekend in a row we got to see them!!}}
Garyn and Lakelin played baseball outside a lot. Garyn is really into you throwing him the ball to hit. He also has a new little golf set that he has been playing with non-stop. Lakelin likes to act like he's still little, too.
On Saturday, Josh and Karen were going on a date for their 16th anniversary!! Tyler had to go chaperon at prom so me and the kids went to Chuck E Cheese's!! Garyn had never been there.
{{side note- You know Garyn can read a lot right? Well, he has never been to Chuck E Cheese, and when we pulled into North Gate he pointed over to Chuck E Cheese's and said "Momma, there's Chuck E Cheese" I said, " How did you know that?" He said, "It says Cheese" Crazy, huh?}}

Garyn loved all the games there. Half way through, he finally notices the large Chuck E. and starts to freak out on us. He was so scared and we had to move to the other side of the place so he couldn't see him.
Lorna and Lakelin racked up on tickets and then got some prizes. I think the games were much more fun than the prizes they give out....

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo, which was my goal!
One thing I hadn't taken into account was Garyn being scared. {I should have, cause he finds something everywhere to be scared of} He quickly got over it, but I thought I was going to have to drag him through at first. The thing he was most scared of were the sound effects and once I pointed the speakers to him, he calmed down. So every time we would hear them he would say "Momma, its just music", cracks me up! He even touched the pig.
{{Another reading side note, he read the sign saying, "Red Panda" before we got there. He said, "Momma, red panda, lets go see it"  There was no picture and even if, he doesn't know what a red panda is. But he can read his colors and we have a book , Panda Whispers.
I'm only just a little proud!}}
The next adventure was unintended. Notice his hair above? Well, it was a mop that would not stay down or straight for nothing. For the last couple weeks, at least, I have been working with it 2-4 times a day to get it to lay down or out of his eyes. My sis n' law does our hair and she has been really busy lately with proms. Tyler has been wanting it cut or buzzed I should say for weeks. So on Wednesday night, I took the matter into my own hands like I have done before. BUT this time I wasn't going to just trim, I was going to cut it as best I could. I mean I have several friends that do their kids?! And Garyn hates getting it cut anyway, and last time I trimmed it, he did tons better at home than at the beauty shop. However, cutting that mop was taking a looong time and he got frustrated, I got frustrated, too. And this is what happened.......

I was so mad at myself! I was attempting to cut his bangs in the front with no guard on. He jerked, I was on the opposite side, Tyler was on that side and trying to keep him still, and needless to say, I couldn't hardly see and Garyn was moving! I put it down after that and sat furious at myself, thinking "Oh my goodness, now he is going to be practically shaved or buzzed as Tyler wanted."

The next morning, we went straight to Sports Clips...
 {cheap, practical, Tyler likes to go there, no one I know!}
She was very nice and understanding, wonder how many goofs she gets? I confessed and she just went to town. She tried to keep it longer, but the gap was still noticeable so I just said keep going. I think it is so cute now though! She put it in a Mohawk, and man I liked it! I never thought I would.

I like the option though to leave it down, of course. I sent Tyler a text pic and he loved it! {He is gone to Disney world you know...won't get into to that though}  Nana isn't so sure on it, but everyone else likes it! So this adventure turned out great I guess! He did so good while she was fixing it that I let him play Wii guitar at Best Buy. {Doesn't he look like a classic rocker dude!} First time in awhile, and it turned out to be its on adventure in itself!

About 5 minutes after these pics were taken, I look over (I was playing the drums) and Garyn has peed in the floor! A big puddle, too! He was just playing like it hadn't happened! As I was assessing and scolding, an employee came by and I told her. It was thankfully on the concrete; she was very nice and went to get a mop. I waited until she got back and repeatedly apologized and tried to help her. She refused and we left. I was so embarrassed!!

And the last adventure was today. We went to Coolidge park and played some golf.....

Then we rode the carousel, so fun, even as an adult!!

The fountain was Garyn's favorite, though. He did not want to leave it.

Once I got him changed, we went to get some Clumpie's Ice cream....yummmm, it was so good.

This adventure was a little hard for me, not to be a downer on all this fun. But I have rarely been down to the North Shore since closing The Big Much. It is still a sore subject for me! My life is great now and I know I am in God's will. Things happen for a reason; I should be past it, I guess. However, its hard for me to be down that way and remember my ten years on that street... all the fun and friends. The building is not the same and its hard to physically see it. I equate it to a death and the building the grave site. Isn't that awful and weird!! Honestly, I am glad that stage of my life is over, but I miss certain things.

Anyway, sorry for the pessimistic side of the day. I LOVED all our adventures! Hope you are having your own!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Week's $60

I am going to start posting my weekly grocery deals! I want to share how much (or little) I can spend each week. I know not everyone is into coupons, but we all love a good deal right?? Well, its part of my richest life now, so to know more about me, coupons are in there somewhere!

I have said before that we are trying to save money for trips, home improvements.....there are many reasons. I have set my weekly grocery amount to $60 and each week spend that, more or less. I , now, am using cash as much as possible and if I don't spend it all I save it for next week. Therefore, my monthly total is around $240 (depending on # of weeks in the month). However, the accountability of this will be great!

So here is this week's $60!

This is the Publix purchase

I got all that you see for 21.97!!

  • Cascadian Farms granola bars-$0.99

  • Cascadian Farms frozen fruit x 2 - $0.99 ea

  • Fiber One value pack -$1.95

  • Snyder's Pretzel -$1

  • Sun Chips-$1.95

  • Pull-Ups- $ 6.49

  • Egg Beaters - $0.67

  • Healthy Harvest Noodles -FREE

  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudel - $0.7 

  • Huggies Wipes -$3.49

  • Yoplait yogurt-$0.25

  • Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner x2 $0.20 ea

  •  Windex Cleaner x 2 $0.20 ea

  • Shout spray $0.20

  • Hormel Chili $1.79

  • Newspaper- Publix penny item coupon and insert $0.50
  • Publix Penny Item was the 3 Paper towels pack -$0.01
note: I am also sending in for a rebate for $5 back for buying 3 SC Johnson products (scrubbing bubbles, windex and shout)

Bilo Purchase

I got this for $14.94

  • Trix Yogurt $1

  • Hormel Chili x 2 - $1.68 ea

  • Classico Sauce x 2 Alfredo and Tomato sauce $0.98 for both

  • Hormel Natural Lunch meat x 2- $0.90 ea

  • Strawberries- $1.99

  • Milk- $2.88

  • Bananas- $1.34
Target~ Not pictured

  • Kandoo wipes- $0.65

  • Johnson's baby facial sunscreen- $5.99
  total= $7.53

CVS~ Not pictured

  •  Hershey's chocolate bags x 3 $9 OOP

  • Colgate Toothpaste $ 1.99 OOP
total= OOP $ 12.29 and $7 worth of ECB to use next time.
PLUS- Hershey's is doing a rebate were you get a free movie ticket for buying 4 bags of candy! (I already bought one bag for Easter) The candy total was $9.00 (wish I was able to get it more on sale but this is Garyn's potty treat right now, i.e. if he pottys he gets a piece of chocolate. We have gone from suckers to chocolate)

Therefore, this week's total is $56.73 plus a future movie ticket and $5 rebate.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What's on the menu!

Monday- Chicken Alfredo and salad

Tuesday- Three Cheese Ziti

Wednesday-Petros {Yes, this is the same thing as the restaurant that I miss so much!}

Thursday- Roast Beef sandwiches and chips

Friday- Left overs?

Saturday- possible eat out

Sunday- Nana and Poppa's before I go to work

note: Tyler is leaving Thursday for Disney World with the seniors. He is so lucky; I am so jealous! He won't be back til Monday. Our second long weekend without him this month!

Also, I made a list of all the meals we like and want to try....its long! It is highly suggested to do by the meal planner gurus out there so that you have a base to start with. I think I am going to like it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Family time...

We went down to my brother's house this weekend since Tyler was gone with the football coaches to Ohio. We got to spend lots of time with some of Garyn's favorite people. Garyn has his list of people that he lights up when they are around. Lakelin, Lornie (Lorna), Josh, and Karen are 4 of those such people!

Lorna and Lakelin were having sleep overs that night so there were a total of 9 11-14 yr olds there! Garyn loves watching the girls dance and the boys play video games. He was just beside himself. I hardly saw him the 2 days we were there! On Saturday night, we went to a Bon Fire at 2 of the kids house and my brother's friends. We made smores...yumm! I managed to get a few pics there....

Lakelin and Garyn on the golf cart. Garyn got tours around their house. Lakelin is his favorite!

Garyn and uncle Josh, he loves his uncle!

Garyn played basketball with all the teens, they would pick him up to let him dunk. He was in hog heaven! Its amazing to me how good they were with him.

I just love family time and seeing how much Garyn loooves them all. They live an hour away so we don't see them but once a month, which isn't enough!

Meal Plan for the week:

Monday: I will be eating something from home at work, Garyn and Tyler will be eating at Nana
and Poppa's

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Lasanga and salad

Thursday: Grilled Chicken and veggie sides

Friday: Game Night! will be making some Barbeque Potatoes and extras

Saturday: Eating out

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kmart Doubles!

This week has been fun for me because Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 making items up to $4 off!! Oh, how much this excites me and probably makes me weird!

I can tell you, though, that I am not the only one. I went on Monday, it started on Sunday, and there were soooo many things already gone that were free when coupons doubled. One day and they had been wiped out!! BUT I still found lots of good deals!
The picture below is my total purchase after 4 trips, yes 4, there was a 5 coupon limit per day.
Garyn kept saying "cheese" when I was taking the picture so he is in the picture and he is my best deal of all!!! ;)

Of course, its hard to tell everything but I got 25 items for 27.47 + tax!


3 boxes of dog treats---all free!

1 bag of cat treats- free

2 bags of cat treats- 49 cents

1 Pull-up pack--$5.99

1 bag dog food--99 cents

1 bag cat food--$1.99

1bag dog Dentastix--free

2 Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner refills- $2 each

1 Johnson's bubble bath wash--$1.50

2 Dove deodorants---free

1 Right Guard deodorant--free

1 Contact solution- $3.15

1 Bic Soleil razors-$1.69

1 Bic Razors--free

1 Gilette men's razors--$2.00

2 Glade Sense&Spray refills--$1.50 each

1 Tampax Tampons--49 cents

1 Nivea body wash--$1.99

1 Clean&Clear face wash--$1.69

Total- $27.47 plus tax= $30.01

Kmart is a pain sometimes and their prices are normally a lot higher than others, but when they double it's worth it! I live 5 minutes away, too, so it was fine to run over there. And Tyler was home and went with me once...

Hope you have found some good deals lately!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SNeAk pEak aNd cOncErT

The basement is getting done!! I am so excited about having a den and making use of our basement!

Tyler is on spring break so we have worked the last couple days painting, moving furniture and setting up the basement. It is a ginormous (not sure if that's a real word..:)) space and isn't nearly done but you can see parts of it here in this video....

The video is our very own G-Man, rocking it out to some Chris Tomlin ( which BTW is my favorite cd that I got for Christmas). Garyn loooooves music but rarely puts on a show for anyone other than close family and friends so enjoy:

I will post some more pics of the finished product soon!

Also, we are eating this week (hahhaha) even though I have not made a meal plan! Basically, we are all over the place because of spring break, so here is the plan:
Mon- Tyler gone to class (masters) he ate fast food, we ate at home
Tues-Ate out with some old friends!
Wed-Ate at home with some great friends!
Thursday- Tyler gone, Garyn and I ?? either at home or Nana and Poppa's
Friday- Tyler gone, Garyn and I at my brother's house ??
Saturday- Tyler still gone, G and I at home ?, maybe still gone to bro's
Sunday- Tyler must have abandoned us, G and I eating whatever at home before I go to work
Monday- Tyler is home!! Will eat at home : new menu to begin

Also also also~~ I have 2 new blog friends! (both are actually old friends that now have a blog, to clarify!) So go check them out!

Life as a Ballard
The Warlick Ways

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! I still can't find my camera so these are some phone pictures.
Garyn made his own Easter Egg on Saturday, hard to tell but there is a big knot in the middle of his head. He had a blanket over his head hiding and ran into a window sill......

Anyway, back to the real Easter eggs...
This is the only one I got with his Easter attire, with his basket Last night, we had dinner at my in law's (a.k.a. Nana and Poppa) house. Afterwords, we colored eggs, Garyn seem to like it and it wasn't too messy.

We went to church and then after naps ( I napped, as well, since I'm working) did our own little egg hunt. Tyler had been out in the yard working with his shirt off. When did it get so hot!?! Garyn followed suit and had his shirt off, too. (I don't blame him, that sweater vest would have been unbearable! Never know with this weather, though) Here is the shirtless egg hunt!.... He is risen! On this day, I thank God for the sacrifice that I don't deserve and for His resurrection. I pray you, too, believe in His resurrection and are thankful!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Goals

Game Night! I think we have one weekend this can happen out of this month, but I am going to shoot for it!
More dinners with new/old friends
Take Garyn to zoo ( haven't been since this day)

Get main basement area cleaned out and ready for paint
Paint master bedroom
Finish putting up cork boards for Garyn's many art projects in playroom

work on scrapbooks

Meal plan every week!
Eat at home 4x a week at least
Freezer cooking day

deep clean once a week
put dishes away before bed
stay on top of laundry better

Keep saving for trips
try to do cash only for gas, grocery and eating out $$

Keep supporting Tyler
Try to muster up some motivation on my part now that its warming up
Eat more veggies

I have been attempting to read through the Bible in one year, and keep falling behind so
Goal is to catch up and then stay on task with the days reading

I would also like to do a bible story time with Garyn each day, we have a couple different books we use

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Goals Completed....

Did eat out with some new friends and some old, more than I can count!
Didn't take Garyn to fly a kite..........bad momma

DIY/ Craft:
Did Garyn's toy bin labels! I am so excited, hoping he can sort them better on his own.
Did painitng activity plus some...remember...
I painted my cabinet door as extra, Tyler hasn't put it up yet but its a start!
Didn't do my coasters!UGH! I didn't have all the pics I wanted to use, and being frugal I am waiting for a free prints ( Every couple months someone like snapfish, shutterfly, walgreens offers free prints and I haven't paid for any in like a year!)

Worked in the basement a good bit, on days that Garyn had Mothers Day Out & I didn't work
Part of that was the consignment stuff, I made about $95 off the sale!! woo hoo!

Did eat at home a lot! Most weeks we hit 5x a week!
Made several new meals.....Lasgna, Baja Chicken Tacos, Barbecue potatoes.......
Freezer cooking day: check

Health/ Wellness:
Walked once a week.....not twice
Eating veggies still, Garyn now knows that carrots go with sandwiches! Tyler is doing better!
Tyler is also running and working out a lot! I am very proud, he is now doing P90x with a group
of guys at work.....guess I need to be more motivated

We have been saving for our trips! Never got to say that we are going on 3 trips this summer
1 beach/ 2 mission- one mission trip is only me (if I can get off) to here
Home improvement fund hasn't really changed much! We are focusing on the trips right now
BUT we need to do better! We have talked about doing a cash only system for the extra
expenses. I have been getting $ out for the groceries, but other than that we haven't followed
through with it

Still been cleaning something each week, I don't really remember all of them but I know I
cleaned out Garyn's closet some more in preparation for the sale and summer clothes
Also cleaned under the beds and couch. I did another cleaning on Garyn's bath toys, too.

Well thats the month of March! I know I want ever get all of them done cause I keep increasing my goals. However, I'm still loving the accountability of these monthly goals! Keeps me focused!
Check back for April goals tomorrow!
(sorry no pics, can't seem to find my camera)


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