Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SNeAk pEak aNd cOncErT

The basement is getting done!! I am so excited about having a den and making use of our basement!

Tyler is on spring break so we have worked the last couple days painting, moving furniture and setting up the basement. It is a ginormous (not sure if that's a real word..:)) space and isn't nearly done but you can see parts of it here in this video....

The video is our very own G-Man, rocking it out to some Chris Tomlin ( which BTW is my favorite cd that I got for Christmas). Garyn loooooves music but rarely puts on a show for anyone other than close family and friends so enjoy:

I will post some more pics of the finished product soon!

Also, we are eating this week (hahhaha) even though I have not made a meal plan! Basically, we are all over the place because of spring break, so here is the plan:
Mon- Tyler gone to class (masters) he ate fast food, we ate at home
Tues-Ate out with some old friends!
Wed-Ate at home with some great friends!
Thursday- Tyler gone, Garyn and I ?? either at home or Nana and Poppa's
Friday- Tyler gone, Garyn and I at my brother's house ??
Saturday- Tyler still gone, G and I at home ?, maybe still gone to bro's
Sunday- Tyler must have abandoned us, G and I eating whatever at home before I go to work
Monday- Tyler is home!! Will eat at home : new menu to begin

Also also also~~ I have 2 new blog friends! (both are actually old friends that now have a blog, to clarify!) So go check them out!

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  1. Loooooving this hilarious video! :) He is great!



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