Friday, April 30, 2010

This week's $60

Here is what all I got this week. I didn't go on Wednesday like usual, felt really weird. I went to CVS and Bilo on Monday and got this: 
My CVS purchase was the 5 body washes, diapers and 2 vitamin waters. I got all of that for $4.04!!
I had $12 of ECBs ($7 were from here). I did 3 separate transactions and got more ECBs to use on the each purchase. Also, I have $3 ECBs for the next purchase.
BiLo was a random trip. I was at CVS next to BiLo and we needed some biscuits; their bananas were 44 cents a lb last week and I needed tortillas for the Brown bag burritos. Also, the milk was on sale for $2.88 and got apples for the mini apple pies, so I just popped in and spent $15.88. I hate going in unprepared, because while that's good, its not great!

I spent $45.?? . I would have spent a dollar less but I left one of the juicy juice coupons on the printer! Makes me so mad when I do that!
Don't have time to individualize all this, and I'm sure not everyone cares, but I got:
2 Starkist tuna packets
1 loaf Sara Lee Bread
1 taco seasoning
3 Hunts Tomatoes
3 Rotel cans
1 black beans
2 Mission tortillas (20 packs)
Digiorno Pizza and bread sticks
4 Juicy juice bottles
Cottonelle 12 pack
2 Tostitos (they were BOGO and coupon for Kettle chips free)
Kettle Chips
Salad mix
Milk (already drank a gallon in 3 days)
and a bag Pedigree dog food-not pictured

So my total was $64.??
I  obviously went over but last week I had right at $5 left so I was right on.
Hope you found some good deals!

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