Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! I still can't find my camera so these are some phone pictures.
Garyn made his own Easter Egg on Saturday, hard to tell but there is a big knot in the middle of his head. He had a blanket over his head hiding and ran into a window sill......

Anyway, back to the real Easter eggs...
This is the only one I got with his Easter attire, with his basket Last night, we had dinner at my in law's (a.k.a. Nana and Poppa) house. Afterwords, we colored eggs, Garyn seem to like it and it wasn't too messy.

We went to church and then after naps ( I napped, as well, since I'm working) did our own little egg hunt. Tyler had been out in the yard working with his shirt off. When did it get so hot!?! Garyn followed suit and had his shirt off, too. (I don't blame him, that sweater vest would have been unbearable! Never know with this weather, though) Here is the shirtless egg hunt!.... He is risen! On this day, I thank God for the sacrifice that I don't deserve and for His resurrection. I pray you, too, believe in His resurrection and are thankful!

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