Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Week's $60

I am going to start posting my weekly grocery deals! I want to share how much (or little) I can spend each week. I know not everyone is into coupons, but we all love a good deal right?? Well, its part of my richest life now, so to know more about me, coupons are in there somewhere!

I have said before that we are trying to save money for trips, home improvements.....there are many reasons. I have set my weekly grocery amount to $60 and each week spend that, more or less. I , now, am using cash as much as possible and if I don't spend it all I save it for next week. Therefore, my monthly total is around $240 (depending on # of weeks in the month). However, the accountability of this will be great!

So here is this week's $60!

This is the Publix purchase

I got all that you see for 21.97!!

  • Cascadian Farms granola bars-$0.99

  • Cascadian Farms frozen fruit x 2 - $0.99 ea

  • Fiber One value pack -$1.95

  • Snyder's Pretzel -$1

  • Sun Chips-$1.95

  • Pull-Ups- $ 6.49

  • Egg Beaters - $0.67

  • Healthy Harvest Noodles -FREE

  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudel - $0.7 

  • Huggies Wipes -$3.49

  • Yoplait yogurt-$0.25

  • Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner x2 $0.20 ea

  •  Windex Cleaner x 2 $0.20 ea

  • Shout spray $0.20

  • Hormel Chili $1.79

  • Newspaper- Publix penny item coupon and insert $0.50
  • Publix Penny Item was the 3 Paper towels pack -$0.01
note: I am also sending in for a rebate for $5 back for buying 3 SC Johnson products (scrubbing bubbles, windex and shout)

Bilo Purchase

I got this for $14.94

  • Trix Yogurt $1

  • Hormel Chili x 2 - $1.68 ea

  • Classico Sauce x 2 Alfredo and Tomato sauce $0.98 for both

  • Hormel Natural Lunch meat x 2- $0.90 ea

  • Strawberries- $1.99

  • Milk- $2.88

  • Bananas- $1.34
Target~ Not pictured

  • Kandoo wipes- $0.65

  • Johnson's baby facial sunscreen- $5.99
  total= $7.53

CVS~ Not pictured

  •  Hershey's chocolate bags x 3 $9 OOP

  • Colgate Toothpaste $ 1.99 OOP
total= OOP $ 12.29 and $7 worth of ECB to use next time.
PLUS- Hershey's is doing a rebate were you get a free movie ticket for buying 4 bags of candy! (I already bought one bag for Easter) The candy total was $9.00 (wish I was able to get it more on sale but this is Garyn's potty treat right now, i.e. if he pottys he gets a piece of chocolate. We have gone from suckers to chocolate)

Therefore, this week's total is $56.73 plus a future movie ticket and $5 rebate.

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