Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working hard

Remember this sneak peak....
 Well 'bout time I showed some before and afters, huh?

Our basement is pretty big. We have 2 larger rooms that we are turning into a den and playroom. Then there is a full bath, a bedroom, a laundry room, large work room, and another room that is storage but could be a small bedroom. Not all of it is painted or decorated yet. We have gotten our den pretty completed and usable. Also, the bedroom is pretty well together, compared to what it was. So enough talking, here are the pics....
This is the toy room, it doesn't look much different right now but I posted it to show you the wall color and tile. The den area looked like this before. I hope to get this done next month.
This is the biggest bedroom down there that we have as a guest bedroom. The color is hard to discern in the picture, but its a peachy pink color with green and blue stencil around the doors and ceiling. Nice, huh?  Actually, a girl from church grew up with the girl that lived here, can't wait to ask if this was her room.
Tyler and Garyn painting the den:
The den now:
We painted it a khaki color and the large blank wall to the right is where the TV projects onto the wall. I am doing a sports theme down there with Tyler's high school football things. I plan to make Garyn's play area sports themed, too.
This is the bedroom after being painted. It's a baby blue color. The blinds are still pink :) I had this paint for our bedroom upstairs and am glad I used it down here. It wasn't the color I was hoping for, but it works in here. The bedroom set was mine in high school; originally it was my parents.

I have painted a lot lately! The trim downstairs is all brown, so that has taken some time and I am not done yet. But I took a break from downstairs and painted our master bedroom this past weekend.
Tyler was gone and he isn't real fond of green, and that was the color I wanted! He likes it, though, but probably wouldn't have let me pick it if he had been with me. I really like it!

Garyn has been hard at work, too! On Saturday, this past weekend, we were in Lowe's getting the above green paint. They were having one of those kids projects for free like the calendar set we had done.
He was so funny to watch! We made a bird feeder.
He pounded on those nails hard. Then he would just quit and start coloring.
I can't wait to put it up, though. I think I am gonna leave it natural wood this time.

Looking back, its great to see our hard work we have gotten done this month! Soon I will be crossing off April's goal list and starting May. Time flies, doesn't it?


  1. Congratulations on the hard work in the basement! You're going to love it!!!

  2. I love the concentration on Garyn's face while he's making the bird house in picture 2! He is such a handsome little man! Wish we got to see more of him :)!



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