Friday, April 23, 2010


       Garyn and I have done a lot over the last week that have been fun! I love the spring weather because it motivates me to do fun stuff!!

To start, last weekend, my brother and his family were here {{2nd weekend in a row we got to see them!!}}
Garyn and Lakelin played baseball outside a lot. Garyn is really into you throwing him the ball to hit. He also has a new little golf set that he has been playing with non-stop. Lakelin likes to act like he's still little, too.
On Saturday, Josh and Karen were going on a date for their 16th anniversary!! Tyler had to go chaperon at prom so me and the kids went to Chuck E Cheese's!! Garyn had never been there.
{{side note- You know Garyn can read a lot right? Well, he has never been to Chuck E Cheese, and when we pulled into North Gate he pointed over to Chuck E Cheese's and said "Momma, there's Chuck E Cheese" I said, " How did you know that?" He said, "It says Cheese" Crazy, huh?}}

Garyn loved all the games there. Half way through, he finally notices the large Chuck E. and starts to freak out on us. He was so scared and we had to move to the other side of the place so he couldn't see him.
Lorna and Lakelin racked up on tickets and then got some prizes. I think the games were much more fun than the prizes they give out....

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo, which was my goal!
One thing I hadn't taken into account was Garyn being scared. {I should have, cause he finds something everywhere to be scared of} He quickly got over it, but I thought I was going to have to drag him through at first. The thing he was most scared of were the sound effects and once I pointed the speakers to him, he calmed down. So every time we would hear them he would say "Momma, its just music", cracks me up! He even touched the pig.
{{Another reading side note, he read the sign saying, "Red Panda" before we got there. He said, "Momma, red panda, lets go see it"  There was no picture and even if, he doesn't know what a red panda is. But he can read his colors and we have a book , Panda Whispers.
I'm only just a little proud!}}
The next adventure was unintended. Notice his hair above? Well, it was a mop that would not stay down or straight for nothing. For the last couple weeks, at least, I have been working with it 2-4 times a day to get it to lay down or out of his eyes. My sis n' law does our hair and she has been really busy lately with proms. Tyler has been wanting it cut or buzzed I should say for weeks. So on Wednesday night, I took the matter into my own hands like I have done before. BUT this time I wasn't going to just trim, I was going to cut it as best I could. I mean I have several friends that do their kids?! And Garyn hates getting it cut anyway, and last time I trimmed it, he did tons better at home than at the beauty shop. However, cutting that mop was taking a looong time and he got frustrated, I got frustrated, too. And this is what happened.......

I was so mad at myself! I was attempting to cut his bangs in the front with no guard on. He jerked, I was on the opposite side, Tyler was on that side and trying to keep him still, and needless to say, I couldn't hardly see and Garyn was moving! I put it down after that and sat furious at myself, thinking "Oh my goodness, now he is going to be practically shaved or buzzed as Tyler wanted."

The next morning, we went straight to Sports Clips...
 {cheap, practical, Tyler likes to go there, no one I know!}
She was very nice and understanding, wonder how many goofs she gets? I confessed and she just went to town. She tried to keep it longer, but the gap was still noticeable so I just said keep going. I think it is so cute now though! She put it in a Mohawk, and man I liked it! I never thought I would.

I like the option though to leave it down, of course. I sent Tyler a text pic and he loved it! {He is gone to Disney world you know...won't get into to that though}  Nana isn't so sure on it, but everyone else likes it! So this adventure turned out great I guess! He did so good while she was fixing it that I let him play Wii guitar at Best Buy. {Doesn't he look like a classic rocker dude!} First time in awhile, and it turned out to be its on adventure in itself!

About 5 minutes after these pics were taken, I look over (I was playing the drums) and Garyn has peed in the floor! A big puddle, too! He was just playing like it hadn't happened! As I was assessing and scolding, an employee came by and I told her. It was thankfully on the concrete; she was very nice and went to get a mop. I waited until she got back and repeatedly apologized and tried to help her. She refused and we left. I was so embarrassed!!

And the last adventure was today. We went to Coolidge park and played some golf.....

Then we rode the carousel, so fun, even as an adult!!

The fountain was Garyn's favorite, though. He did not want to leave it.

Once I got him changed, we went to get some Clumpie's Ice cream....yummmm, it was so good.

This adventure was a little hard for me, not to be a downer on all this fun. But I have rarely been down to the North Shore since closing The Big Much. It is still a sore subject for me! My life is great now and I know I am in God's will. Things happen for a reason; I should be past it, I guess. However, its hard for me to be down that way and remember my ten years on that street... all the fun and friends. The building is not the same and its hard to physically see it. I equate it to a death and the building the grave site. Isn't that awful and weird!! Honestly, I am glad that stage of my life is over, but I miss certain things.

Anyway, sorry for the pessimistic side of the day. I LOVED all our adventures! Hope you are having your own!

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