Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Goals

Game Night! I think we have one weekend this can happen out of this month, but I am going to shoot for it!
More dinners with new/old friends
Take Garyn to zoo ( haven't been since this day)

Get main basement area cleaned out and ready for paint
Paint master bedroom
Finish putting up cork boards for Garyn's many art projects in playroom

work on scrapbooks

Meal plan every week!
Eat at home 4x a week at least
Freezer cooking day

deep clean once a week
put dishes away before bed
stay on top of laundry better

Keep saving for trips
try to do cash only for gas, grocery and eating out $$

Keep supporting Tyler
Try to muster up some motivation on my part now that its warming up
Eat more veggies

I have been attempting to read through the Bible in one year, and keep falling behind so
Goal is to catch up and then stay on task with the days reading

I would also like to do a bible story time with Garyn each day, we have a couple different books we use

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