Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kmart Doubles!

This week has been fun for me because Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 making items up to $4 off!! Oh, how much this excites me and probably makes me weird!

I can tell you, though, that I am not the only one. I went on Monday, it started on Sunday, and there were soooo many things already gone that were free when coupons doubled. One day and they had been wiped out!! BUT I still found lots of good deals!
The picture below is my total purchase after 4 trips, yes 4, there was a 5 coupon limit per day.
Garyn kept saying "cheese" when I was taking the picture so he is in the picture and he is my best deal of all!!! ;)

Of course, its hard to tell everything but I got 25 items for 27.47 + tax!


3 boxes of dog treats---all free!

1 bag of cat treats- free

2 bags of cat treats- 49 cents

1 Pull-up pack--$5.99

1 bag dog food--99 cents

1 bag cat food--$1.99

1bag dog Dentastix--free

2 Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner refills- $2 each

1 Johnson's bubble bath wash--$1.50

2 Dove deodorants---free

1 Right Guard deodorant--free

1 Contact solution- $3.15

1 Bic Soleil razors-$1.69

1 Bic Razors--free

1 Gilette men's razors--$2.00

2 Glade Sense&Spray refills--$1.50 each

1 Tampax Tampons--49 cents

1 Nivea body wash--$1.99

1 Clean&Clear face wash--$1.69

Total- $27.47 plus tax= $30.01

Kmart is a pain sometimes and their prices are normally a lot higher than others, but when they double it's worth it! I live 5 minutes away, too, so it was fine to run over there. And Tyler was home and went with me once...

Hope you have found some good deals lately!

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  1. Dude, I totally forgot about the k-mart doubles! Ugh.

    Oh well, I probably wouldn't have been able to handle it with all the limits per day and you know me and math...we just don't jive quickly!

    .mac :)



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