Monday, April 12, 2010

Family time...

We went down to my brother's house this weekend since Tyler was gone with the football coaches to Ohio. We got to spend lots of time with some of Garyn's favorite people. Garyn has his list of people that he lights up when they are around. Lakelin, Lornie (Lorna), Josh, and Karen are 4 of those such people!

Lorna and Lakelin were having sleep overs that night so there were a total of 9 11-14 yr olds there! Garyn loves watching the girls dance and the boys play video games. He was just beside himself. I hardly saw him the 2 days we were there! On Saturday night, we went to a Bon Fire at 2 of the kids house and my brother's friends. We made smores...yumm! I managed to get a few pics there....

Lakelin and Garyn on the golf cart. Garyn got tours around their house. Lakelin is his favorite!

Garyn and uncle Josh, he loves his uncle!

Garyn played basketball with all the teens, they would pick him up to let him dunk. He was in hog heaven! Its amazing to me how good they were with him.

I just love family time and seeing how much Garyn loooves them all. They live an hour away so we don't see them but once a month, which isn't enough!

Meal Plan for the week:

Monday: I will be eating something from home at work, Garyn and Tyler will be eating at Nana
and Poppa's

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Lasanga and salad

Thursday: Grilled Chicken and veggie sides

Friday: Game Night! will be making some Barbeque Potatoes and extras

Saturday: Eating out

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