Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was so much fun this year! Garyn was a lot more excited about trunk or treat and getting candy. That excitement over shadowed his fears. We had very few "scared" moments actually. I was so proud and glad he could enjoy the fun!

It was fun, as well, that he chose his and Ansley's costume. We went back and forth a little between Yoshi and Mario but he was set on Ansley being Baby Peach from the start. I had to look hard for something she could wear that resembled Baby Peach's basic pink dress. Her costume was a fairy or something but Garyn approved.

Happy Baby Peach
Getting into brother's candy
Good choice sister!

As you can see, she was a ham smiling constantly looking at all the other kids costumes. Garyn looked so cute as Mario and was excited to wear his outfit more than once which you know is the first year I haven't had to fight him to wear it. I found the overalls at a thrift store the week of Halloween and quickly made the hat. However, it came together great and he even let me paint the moustache.

Getting into his candy pile after Trunk or Treat

Beginning with his preschool party to Trunk or Treat then the Halloween night on our street, Halloween  seemed to go on forever. He was excited each day to be Mario wearing it for about 4 days in a row! The candy excited him more though. We laughed because he wanted to take his candy bucket full each time not understanding that he needed the room for more candy. Plus, he thought our candy bowl for giving out was for him, too. He caught on and wanted to go all down our street to trick or treat. Our street was crowded since we have the haunted house 2 doors down. We had about 100 kids come to our door! Ansley, Garyn and I walked while Daddy stayed at home to pass out candy.

Garyn and most of his preschool class

Sugar anyone?
Love how Ansley is looking at him like, "What is wrong with you?"

Garyn even thought for a minute that he wanted to go to the haunted house, but when we would stand outside it, he would change his mind! Of course, Tyler wouldn't go with me so I didn't go this year. Oh well, I enjoyed trick or treating though!

Can't wait til next year! Well, I can actually because that means they will both be one year older, but you know what I mean!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raise the Roof

The title was the first thought I had when thinking about writing this post. I remember raisin' the roof in high school at dances when the rap song was popular.

During fall break, we literally raised a roof or more like laid a roof. If you remember back in April during the storm we only had roof damage from the tornado. It was really small damage, too, just some missing shingles and hail damage. There were no leaks. After getting multiple estimates, Tyler couldn't stomach the thought of paying the outrageous prices when he is so handy.

Tyler, Garrett and Philip tearing the old roof off

I was having a hard time stomaching the monstrosity of a job it would entail! But it was an amazing week, God was definitely in the works bringing together all the details. From the weather to the extra help to the safety......He had it all in his hands and it worked out beautifully.

Carter and Jack repairing a weak spot Jack's foot found :)

We had a couple experienced helpers that we had not originally planned on helping. Their help, though, made us both feel that the work was just as good as a professional. Tyler also got several football players, a lot of family and friends from church to help. We were blessed at how many showed up working for food only! It was also a great fellowship time for everyone.

Tyler, Jack and Myles laying shingles

More help laying shingles

I spent a lot of time running and getting water, powerades and food! Tyler had to worry about all the supplies, a dumpster and keeping everyone safe. It was a busy few days for sure juggling all the details.

Dinner at Tyler's parents one of the nights

Dinner with most of the help the night after they finished

It was worth it all though! They finished after 3 days of work and just hours before a rain storm hit!
Like I said, God was truly involved in the details! Now, we have a beautiful new roof!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ansley at 6 mos.

That little cutie above is 6 months old......
Geez......it flies by!

I am behind 12 days on getting this posted, so she is already almost 7 months...which just makes me cringe! I love to watch her evolve into her own self but hate to know she won't be a baby for long!

Speaking of evolving:

-Ansley was 15 lbs and 13 oz at her appt.. She was 27 in long. That puts her in the 50th % for weight and the 90th % for length. ( Must mention that Garyn was 21 lbs & 27 in at 6 months!) She is thin but long basically.

-She still is toothless (automatically think of How to Train a Dragon when saying that) although she is constantly drooling and gnawing on things.

-Eating wise- she is taking baby food better, about twice a day but sometimes eats only a few bites then starts spitting it out. I have a feeling she may be a picky eater. She just isn't all that interested most of the time in eating but she loves to nurse about every 4 hours. Annndd she is still waking up at night to eat. I am trying to resist and let her fuss/cry back to sleep, but sometimes it's just easier honestly.

-Speaking of sleeping: She sleeps from 9ish to anywhere from 1 to 4 am sometimes if she wakes up early in the night she is up again around 5 or 6am. It is really just random. Naps are still pretty much in the morning around 10:30 and afternoon around 2 then a little cat nap sometimes around 6 or 7. (cat nap meaning 20 minutes or so)

-She is still resists being rocked. She literally pushes away when you try to snuggle her while cradle holding her unless you are tickling and kissing her :) At church she sleeps best in the swing and at home, she lays down and fusses for a bit. Most of the time it takes me going in & giving her the paci a couple times. She sleeps on her side mostly and loves to hold a blanket near her face.

-Her new tricks are sitting up and army crawling! She sits well and plays with her toys. Then she will pull herself over on her belly to get to a toy she wants. She looks like a inch worm doing a wave like motion crawling to something she wants. I have a video I'll have to post. She doesn't do it constantly, only when she can see things within her realm that she wants to move to.

-On the subject of moving: She is a wiggle worm! Holding her is a feat because she constantly reaches for anything around you: drinks, paper, phones, sunglasses, etc. She wants to put it all in her mouth of course. She still likes to stand and bounce on your lap, too. And changing her is a job now.

-I love her little laugh! She laughs and smiles a lot......Smiling like a ham for anybody that looks her way. (Can't you tell from these pictures!) She laughs at Garyn most of the time when he is running, dancing, or laughing himself. Really anything Garyn does is entertaining to her.

-As you may have noticed, her hair is getting longer/thicker.....? In the back it's still short from rubbing on the bed and such but on top its longer I think. Bows are staying better in it and she doesn't seem to mind them.

-She is wearing 6-9 months mainly. Her shoulder width and belly could still fit 3-6 month but the length of her legs and arms make them too small.

-She is still a mix of us both in the looks category. Some days I hear and think she looks a lot like Tyler. Then others she favors me more. Garyn's baby pictures still look a lot like her.

Whoever she looks like, I think she is a beautiful gift from God and couldn't love her anymore!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November goals


-my birthday! date night


-possibly girls night with family

-pottery day with SS girls


just really don't know what I might be able to do....

-hang Christmas decorations...usually right after Thanksgiving
  (although Tyler already said, Halloween is over and its time for Christmas!)

-maybe do Ansley's pacifier holder....lol

-work on pictures some more


-usual weekly cleaning

-work on switching Garyn's clothes out, winter items are still in cabinet of his room

-finish cleaning off dresser

-clean up in laundry room


-try for less eating out!

-have some ideas for the week decided on to make it easier


-work in Garyn's adding/math workbook

-continue our daily bible story and working on how he can apply them


-work on coupons, I have been organizing them better lately!

-stay up on my own daily bible study and prayer time

These are what all I can think of now, I am excited the fall holidays have started! But sad too, that it means Ansley is getting that much older! I know that probably sounds weird, but you moms know what I mean. Christmas is just around the corner and she will be 8 months Christmas day! I feel like she was just born like a month ago!

October Goals: accomplishments

So I am way behind on blogging! It seems like when I try to play catch up with other things something else falls to the way side. I was talking to Tyler about this the other day and just summed it up with "such is life with two kids!" He responded with "just enjoy it". I liked that response.

I do have a heart for keeping the blog current and preserving these memories for future enjoyment! I have several events I want to blog on from the last couple weeks so get ready!

 October ended ok, goal wise......


-SS park night

-Wilderness weekend!

-Disney on Ice~ yay!

-Tyler B/day date with just us  P.F. Changs & Real Steel! love dates :)

-Trunk or treat/Halloween
We also went to the pumpkin patch. Fun month!

(same as last month...)

-make Ansley's pacifier holder couldn't find the glue gun :(
-work on Ansley's first year photo album

-hang some pictures I got some in frames, but need to get some more frames to hang them together

-put up Halloween decorations


-have another small freezer day

-continue cooking at home 3 days if not more, did terrible this month on eating out


-bathroom, floors, kitchen and tables once a week

-clean up dressers in bedroom halfway completed


-work on Garyn writing his last name

-continue Bible story and prayer time with him

-almost able to get to 50, keep working on that


-bathe those dogs!

-get Halloween outfits ready  This was a challenge since Garyn had specifics on what he wanted

-get items ready for the JBF sale

All together I am pleased, I got almost everyone done!


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