Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Goals: accomplishments

So I am way behind on blogging! It seems like when I try to play catch up with other things something else falls to the way side. I was talking to Tyler about this the other day and just summed it up with "such is life with two kids!" He responded with "just enjoy it". I liked that response.

I do have a heart for keeping the blog current and preserving these memories for future enjoyment! I have several events I want to blog on from the last couple weeks so get ready!

 October ended ok, goal wise......


-SS park night

-Wilderness weekend!

-Disney on Ice~ yay!

-Tyler B/day date with just us  P.F. Changs & Real Steel! love dates :)

-Trunk or treat/Halloween
We also went to the pumpkin patch. Fun month!

(same as last month...)

-make Ansley's pacifier holder couldn't find the glue gun :(
-work on Ansley's first year photo album

-hang some pictures I got some in frames, but need to get some more frames to hang them together

-put up Halloween decorations


-have another small freezer day

-continue cooking at home 3 days if not more, did terrible this month on eating out


-bathroom, floors, kitchen and tables once a week

-clean up dressers in bedroom halfway completed


-work on Garyn writing his last name

-continue Bible story and prayer time with him

-almost able to get to 50, keep working on that


-bathe those dogs!

-get Halloween outfits ready  This was a challenge since Garyn had specifics on what he wanted

-get items ready for the JBF sale

All together I am pleased, I got almost everyone done!

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