Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ansley at 6 mos.

That little cutie above is 6 months old...... flies by!

I am behind 12 days on getting this posted, so she is already almost 7 months...which just makes me cringe! I love to watch her evolve into her own self but hate to know she won't be a baby for long!

Speaking of evolving:

-Ansley was 15 lbs and 13 oz at her appt.. She was 27 in long. That puts her in the 50th % for weight and the 90th % for length. ( Must mention that Garyn was 21 lbs & 27 in at 6 months!) She is thin but long basically.

-She still is toothless (automatically think of How to Train a Dragon when saying that) although she is constantly drooling and gnawing on things.

-Eating wise- she is taking baby food better, about twice a day but sometimes eats only a few bites then starts spitting it out. I have a feeling she may be a picky eater. She just isn't all that interested most of the time in eating but she loves to nurse about every 4 hours. Annndd she is still waking up at night to eat. I am trying to resist and let her fuss/cry back to sleep, but sometimes it's just easier honestly.

-Speaking of sleeping: She sleeps from 9ish to anywhere from 1 to 4 am sometimes if she wakes up early in the night she is up again around 5 or 6am. It is really just random. Naps are still pretty much in the morning around 10:30 and afternoon around 2 then a little cat nap sometimes around 6 or 7. (cat nap meaning 20 minutes or so)

-She is still resists being rocked. She literally pushes away when you try to snuggle her while cradle holding her unless you are tickling and kissing her :) At church she sleeps best in the swing and at home, she lays down and fusses for a bit. Most of the time it takes me going in & giving her the paci a couple times. She sleeps on her side mostly and loves to hold a blanket near her face.

-Her new tricks are sitting up and army crawling! She sits well and plays with her toys. Then she will pull herself over on her belly to get to a toy she wants. She looks like a inch worm doing a wave like motion crawling to something she wants. I have a video I'll have to post. She doesn't do it constantly, only when she can see things within her realm that she wants to move to.

-On the subject of moving: She is a wiggle worm! Holding her is a feat because she constantly reaches for anything around you: drinks, paper, phones, sunglasses, etc. She wants to put it all in her mouth of course. She still likes to stand and bounce on your lap, too. And changing her is a job now.

-I love her little laugh! She laughs and smiles a lot......Smiling like a ham for anybody that looks her way. (Can't you tell from these pictures!) She laughs at Garyn most of the time when he is running, dancing, or laughing himself. Really anything Garyn does is entertaining to her.

-As you may have noticed, her hair is getting longer/thicker.....? In the back it's still short from rubbing on the bed and such but on top its longer I think. Bows are staying better in it and she doesn't seem to mind them.

-She is wearing 6-9 months mainly. Her shoulder width and belly could still fit 3-6 month but the length of her legs and arms make them too small.

-She is still a mix of us both in the looks category. Some days I hear and think she looks a lot like Tyler. Then others she favors me more. Garyn's baby pictures still look a lot like her.

Whoever she looks like, I think she is a beautiful gift from God and couldn't love her anymore!

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