Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was so much fun this year! Garyn was a lot more excited about trunk or treat and getting candy. That excitement over shadowed his fears. We had very few "scared" moments actually. I was so proud and glad he could enjoy the fun!

It was fun, as well, that he chose his and Ansley's costume. We went back and forth a little between Yoshi and Mario but he was set on Ansley being Baby Peach from the start. I had to look hard for something she could wear that resembled Baby Peach's basic pink dress. Her costume was a fairy or something but Garyn approved.

Happy Baby Peach
Getting into brother's candy
Good choice sister!

As you can see, she was a ham smiling constantly looking at all the other kids costumes. Garyn looked so cute as Mario and was excited to wear his outfit more than once which you know is the first year I haven't had to fight him to wear it. I found the overalls at a thrift store the week of Halloween and quickly made the hat. However, it came together great and he even let me paint the moustache.

Getting into his candy pile after Trunk or Treat

Beginning with his preschool party to Trunk or Treat then the Halloween night on our street, Halloween  seemed to go on forever. He was excited each day to be Mario wearing it for about 4 days in a row! The candy excited him more though. We laughed because he wanted to take his candy bucket full each time not understanding that he needed the room for more candy. Plus, he thought our candy bowl for giving out was for him, too. He caught on and wanted to go all down our street to trick or treat. Our street was crowded since we have the haunted house 2 doors down. We had about 100 kids come to our door! Ansley, Garyn and I walked while Daddy stayed at home to pass out candy.

Garyn and most of his preschool class

Sugar anyone?
Love how Ansley is looking at him like, "What is wrong with you?"

Garyn even thought for a minute that he wanted to go to the haunted house, but when we would stand outside it, he would change his mind! Of course, Tyler wouldn't go with me so I didn't go this year. Oh well, I enjoyed trick or treating though!

Can't wait til next year! Well, I can actually because that means they will both be one year older, but you know what I mean!

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