Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raise the Roof

The title was the first thought I had when thinking about writing this post. I remember raisin' the roof in high school at dances when the rap song was popular.

During fall break, we literally raised a roof or more like laid a roof. If you remember back in April during the storm we only had roof damage from the tornado. It was really small damage, too, just some missing shingles and hail damage. There were no leaks. After getting multiple estimates, Tyler couldn't stomach the thought of paying the outrageous prices when he is so handy.

Tyler, Garrett and Philip tearing the old roof off

I was having a hard time stomaching the monstrosity of a job it would entail! But it was an amazing week, God was definitely in the works bringing together all the details. From the weather to the extra help to the safety......He had it all in his hands and it worked out beautifully.

Carter and Jack repairing a weak spot Jack's foot found :)

We had a couple experienced helpers that we had not originally planned on helping. Their help, though, made us both feel that the work was just as good as a professional. Tyler also got several football players, a lot of family and friends from church to help. We were blessed at how many showed up working for food only! It was also a great fellowship time for everyone.

Tyler, Jack and Myles laying shingles

More help laying shingles

I spent a lot of time running and getting water, powerades and food! Tyler had to worry about all the supplies, a dumpster and keeping everyone safe. It was a busy few days for sure juggling all the details.

Dinner at Tyler's parents one of the nights

Dinner with most of the help the night after they finished

It was worth it all though! They finished after 3 days of work and just hours before a rain storm hit!
Like I said, God was truly involved in the details! Now, we have a beautiful new roof!

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