Thursday, November 3, 2011

November goals


-my birthday! date night


-possibly girls night with family

-pottery day with SS girls


just really don't know what I might be able to do....

-hang Christmas decorations...usually right after Thanksgiving
  (although Tyler already said, Halloween is over and its time for Christmas!)

-maybe do Ansley's pacifier

-work on pictures some more


-usual weekly cleaning

-work on switching Garyn's clothes out, winter items are still in cabinet of his room

-finish cleaning off dresser

-clean up in laundry room


-try for less eating out!

-have some ideas for the week decided on to make it easier


-work in Garyn's adding/math workbook

-continue our daily bible story and working on how he can apply them


-work on coupons, I have been organizing them better lately!

-stay up on my own daily bible study and prayer time

These are what all I can think of now, I am excited the fall holidays have started! But sad too, that it means Ansley is getting that much older! I know that probably sounds weird, but you moms know what I mean. Christmas is just around the corner and she will be 8 months Christmas day! I feel like she was just born like a month ago!

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