Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Tim

In order to give you the story of Baby #3, I have to start back to this fall around the time we were moving out of our house and into Nana and Poppa's house:
(he is right side up looking straight at you, belly is bottom circle head is top smaller circle)

 I distinctly remember sitting in the playroom with boxes around us when Garyn first mentioned that he wanted a baby brother. (probably late August) I also remember saying I wasn't sure if he would have one since mommy had a hard time with Ansley. And he was adamant that he wanted a baby brother since he already had a baby sister. Then a couple weeks later, we were in the car and he said "Momma, I'm still thinking about my baby brother." I chuckled and told him I really didn't know if it was possible for momma to have another one and even if so, we wouldn't be able to choose if it was a boy or girl. I also told him he would have to talk to God about that since He made that decision. He wanted to pray about it right then and there! So we did!  A third time (maybe late Sept.), also in the car, he said he was thinking about his baby brother again. I asked what about and he said, "I was thinking his name should be Baby Tim." I mean who is this kid and where is he coming up with this! (BTW he did a very similar prediction with Ansley, he just didn't name her) The only Tim we know is my uncle whom we see about every other month for maybe and hour or two. I can't think of any other person or character with that name.

All the while, we laughed about these conversations. Tyler's parents started asking us if there was a baby Tim coming they needed to know about. Which brings me to talk about what Tyler and I were deciding pertaining to baby #3........

As you know, or even if you don't, we struggled to get pregnant with Ansley. (read here) Once we were pregnant, we thought we would never prevent pregnancy again! It was such a struggle and hard time for us that it seemed crazy to not allow it to happen as natural as possible. Once Ansley came, though, we went back and forth on that decision. I knew I wanted another, at some time, Tyler started feeling happy with just two. So sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't prevent. It was just one of those subjects we didn't really discuss much, not that we argued about it but just that we knew we didn't want to go through fertility treatments again but also didn't know if we wanted Ansley to be an infant either when having a third. I, honestly, didn't know if it could happen. I didn't want to think about it much because I didn't want to get back in that hole of stressing over it. I trust God and just wanted to leave it up to Him.

I still give God the glory for Ansley and now for this one as well! I was not having regular menstrual cycles and was on no medication to regulate them. ( With both the others, I was at least on the basic med that kept me in a cycle) I thought I would not be able to get pregnant until I started back on that basic med used to control Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which I have. However, as I said, I really wasn't concentrating on it. About the time Ansley turned one, we became less and less worried about preventing and felt it would be ok if another came along.

To get on with this story...I know you are ready for me to! In the midst of Garyn talking about Baby Tim and us laughing about how crazy it would be if he was right; I became pregnant in the month of October. After Thanksgiving weekend and being really late, I took a test. I WASN'T expecting to see a positive. I just thought I was becoming more irregular and would need to start my meds soon. I was in shock and that lasted about a month actually! I just couldn't believe I was pregnant and we weren't really trying! Yes, I know, we weren't preventing so we technically were trying. BUT there were no meds, no charts, no timing to it! I conceived completely natural! I know this excitement seems wild to some, but it really was a great testament to how God blesses us when we trust in Him and His timing.
(I tried several times to flip this, but the small little circle in the middle of the pic is his boy part!)
Fast forward a few months, we are having a baby BOY due July 28th, which is 4 days after Garyn's 6th birthday. Garyn wasn't at all surprised that I was pregnant and that it was a boy. We continue to call him Baby Tim. It was only fitting that his name include it. Yes, Baby Tim will officially be Layne Timothy! Layne is the name Tyler has wanted for all three of our children. He has brought it up each time when we were first pregnant. I really like the name myself and decided it was time to let him have the honor of naming him. When it came to the middle name, we just couldn't decide on any family names (both Garyn and Ansley have our middle names). We jokingly kept saying we should just do Timothy since everyone was already calling him Tim. I felt Garyn had prayed for and named this baby boy before we even knew about him therefore he deserved to be able to name him! I think this will be a great story to tell Layne one day. :)

I still am shocked that we are actually having a third when we are in the midst of moving, if we are completely moved even. It is also right before school starts for Tyler and Garyn! Yes, I will be dealing with a newborn and a new kindergartner plus add a two year old to that mix! AND it will be football season for Tyler! AHHH! Saying all of that makes me feel overwhelmed. But I know God has this planned and its the best when its in His timing!

(not the best pic, but most recent)

I am 21 weeks now and have been feeling great. I am hungry more and am recently feeling tired more, but over all, it has been a breeze, so far! He will be here before we know it. I am trying to soak up this time with my two babies especially since this is Garyn's last year at home. Therefore, I really haven't been planning much for Layne's arrival. Being that we will hopefully be in a new house before then, I really can't do anything anyway. Like I said, Garyn is completely content with a baby brother. Ansley, on the other hand, has no clue! She will be hands on yet jealous, I feel. She loves babies but also likes for me to be completely available to hold and tend to her beck and call. It will be an adjustment for her, I know. Knowing God was in control of this timing, I feel less stressed. It will be great fun for us all!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Moments

The last 20 or so hours have given me some sweet moments to cherish....

In the past week, since the time change especially, I have spent a lot of time rocking my baby girl (soon to be 2!). She just doesn't want to go "nigh night" as she says. So she has started singing to me for a change, I guess! Last night, I was singing "Lullaby and...." , she shouts rather quickly "GOODNIGHT, GO TO SLEEP NOW MY BABY!" I couldn't help but laugh although I was ready for her to settle down to sleep. It's a precious memory I want to keep (even if it was 10 pm and she should have been sleeping!)

I had an early wake up call at 4 am by my oldest son (can't believe I'll have to start differentiating this...) because he was sick to his stomach. I spent the next 2 hours comforting him through three bouts of vomiting. While laying on the floor in his room, trying to steer clear of the virus, I realized this isn't where I should be. He was moaning and tossing some and I just crawled in his bed, next to him, to comfort as best I could. Besides, the fact that he drank out of my water bottle the day before, had already given me high probability of catching the virus.

Then a few hours later, I left my sick (but sleeping) son to go check on my unborn son (He and Ansley were safe with my dad, don't worry.) I had a scheduled appointment and was able to see him on ultrasound as usual. I love that I can see and feel him move during the ultrasounds. I am feeling him a lot more lately and stronger movements. I had the realization today that I now have 3 children to tend to.

These scenarios may not seem so sweet to some. But during all of them, I was reminded that I am right where I am supposed to be. I have dreamed of being a mom all my life, I still do! I love my 24/7 job even in the hard times when I make sacrifices to care for them. I envision I'll be making even more as the third comes but it'll all be worth it! I thank God for these 3 babies Tyler and I get to love and care for, He has blessed us for sure!


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