Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Moments

The last 20 or so hours have given me some sweet moments to cherish....

In the past week, since the time change especially, I have spent a lot of time rocking my baby girl (soon to be 2!). She just doesn't want to go "nigh night" as she says. So she has started singing to me for a change, I guess! Last night, I was singing "Lullaby and...." , she shouts rather quickly "GOODNIGHT, GO TO SLEEP NOW MY BABY!" I couldn't help but laugh although I was ready for her to settle down to sleep. It's a precious memory I want to keep (even if it was 10 pm and she should have been sleeping!)

I had an early wake up call at 4 am by my oldest son (can't believe I'll have to start differentiating this...) because he was sick to his stomach. I spent the next 2 hours comforting him through three bouts of vomiting. While laying on the floor in his room, trying to steer clear of the virus, I realized this isn't where I should be. He was moaning and tossing some and I just crawled in his bed, next to him, to comfort as best I could. Besides, the fact that he drank out of my water bottle the day before, had already given me high probability of catching the virus.

Then a few hours later, I left my sick (but sleeping) son to go check on my unborn son (He and Ansley were safe with my dad, don't worry.) I had a scheduled appointment and was able to see him on ultrasound as usual. I love that I can see and feel him move during the ultrasounds. I am feeling him a lot more lately and stronger movements. I had the realization today that I now have 3 children to tend to.

These scenarios may not seem so sweet to some. But during all of them, I was reminded that I am right where I am supposed to be. I have dreamed of being a mom all my life, I still do! I love my 24/7 job even in the hard times when I make sacrifices to care for them. I envision I'll be making even more as the third comes but it'll all be worth it! I thank God for these 3 babies Tyler and I get to love and care for, He has blessed us for sure!

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