Thursday, February 28, 2013

February to March: Intentional Recap

February is such a short month, isn't it! Those three days we miss out on seem like a week. However, I feel it was a great start towards my goal to being more Intentional in 2013. I felt more accomplished at the end of the day and that's a great feeling!

Of course, not everyday was peachy. I still had my lazy, unmotivated and unfocused days. However, most of the days I felt par for the course. Not because I accomplished so much but because I kept my priorities in line. I loved feeling good about playing with the kids; being positive and attentive while with Tyler; reading/ studying the bible; taking the time to call a few family members randomly to check in; hanging out with friends; and stretching every dollar. I was intentional to be in the moment and enjoy the task at hand.

(Ansley's new bow holder I made)

March should be just as successful!

1. Follow my Bible reading plan for March.
2. Continue reading Circle Maker- Can't wait!
3. Hang above bow holder
4. Meet with more friends for play dates/ lunch
5. Try to keep evenings for family time and not doing chores
6. Do Bible devotions with Garyn
7. Enjoy baseball season
8. Stop worrying about our next move, pray about it and let God reveal the answer
9. Focus on my scripture memory I have started
10. Listen to prayer needs and pray for them often

These may seem haphazardly listed, but I really am trying to focus on the small things. Being intentional about my everyday activities results in being more available for the unexpected and not feeling over run. I feel God is helping me to set my priorities straight and not busy my brain with all the unimportant thoughts or worries. Like I said, I don't go to bed wondering what happened that day. Yet, I feel more accomplished that I gave each task my all and don't regret wasted time. I just define wasted time differently when I am intentional about my goals! I guess I am trying to say that at times I feel if I can't say I have mopped, folded all the clothes, fixed so many meals and paid those bills then I haven't accomplished squat! Now, if I play Trouble with Garyn, sing songs with Ansley and check in on my Granny, I have done some meaningful yet intentional tasks that will resonate with all of us a lot longer then how many loads of laundry got done. I used to consider those wasted time, too. It's nice to be intentional about relationships rather than chores!

Hopefully, in 31 days I will feel just as good about intentional living!

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  1. Less is really more.

    And, the things you are choosing to do over the chores of life {chores will work their way in...they have to at some point} will be much more memorable then capsizing in a boat heavy laden with TO-DOS!

    .mac :)



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