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Christmas Celebrations 2012

The anticipation of Christmas with Garyn was so fun this year. Plus, Tyler and I couldn't wait to announce the news of Baby #3! But as always it came and went by fast.

The Sunday before Christmas, pre-Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with Pop and Josh, Karen, Lorna and Lakelin out at my dad's house. It was our first group to show off the Big Brother/Big Sister shirts off. My dad was the first and he didn't quite let it sink in. I pointed out Ansley's shirt and he read it aloud, then said "Ohhh, I like your shirt!" I looked at him a little pointedly and his jaw dropped and said "What?!" Then when my brother and everyone got there, my niece saw them first and pointed it out to everyone else. I think everyone was a little surprised but excited at the same
Karen, Lorna and Garyn
Of course, the kids couldn't wait to open presents. Ansley got the hang of it pretty quick.
I was supposed to work that night, too, and while I was there I got the call that I didn't have to go in. Made the afternoon/night not have to be rushed! We don't get to see my family as much as I wished, so its always nice to hang out.
Christmas Eve was spent going to the church service and then coming back to our house ( better known as Nana and Poppa's!) where we had Christmas with them and Philip, Kadie and "Mema".

The three cousins
Our little family, can't believe next year their will be a 5th member!

Philip, Kadie and Emma or "Mema" as Ansley says
Garyn got a Mariokart inflatable that he can play Wii in from Uncle Philip and Aunt Kadie!

Ansley was really getting the hang of present opening!

Garyn was so excited that he got K'nex track!
I have to tell you about these K'nex track sets. Garyn decided in early November, I would say, that he wanted more K'nex track sets to go with the one he bought with birthday money. He decided he wanted two sets from Santa. I explained that he would need to pick just one cause Santa might not be able to get both. One morning after that, he woke up and first thing and told me he had an idea: Nana could get him the second set so that Santa didn't have to buy both! Of course, Nana did just that. Also, she apparently "tricked" him. We frequent the toy areas at Toys R' Us and Target. After she had bought the set he realized it was gone but never put the two together. So Christmas, after he had gotten it, he told her she "tricked" him because he thought they ran out but she had bought it without telling him! Too funny!
"Mema" got lots of help opening presents
Ansley got a box full of play shoes from Uncle Philip, Kadie and Emma. She loves to walk around the house in them and somehow stays balanced! 
Daddy got an impact driver
Poppa with his new helicopter
We all got other things, of course. I got a purse, some clothes and that night opened a gift from Tyler and his parents both. It was a book of my blog! This blog! I love it and am so glad to have a tangible copy of my writings. 
That night was very exciting since Garyn is getting more and more into Santa. He had made reindeer glitter at preschool so we placed it outside to show Santa's reindeer how to get here. And while I was putting Garyn to bed, we even heard bells outside! He went to bed so easy.
Christmas Morning, we checked out what Santa brought. They were both ecstatic and didn't know what to say.
Ansley got a new doll, stroller and a vanity/makeup set

Garyn got another MarioKart set, just as he planned! he also got swords and a movie
Before we opened our presents we had breakfast. Our tradition is to light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Present time!

Ansley and Daddy had some tea :)
Next, we drove to Georgia to have Christmas with my family. They were next to see the announcement!
Not sure why Garyn looked so unhappy...
We got there pretty early so everyone saw the shirts one at time practically. But as more knew, they started yelling "Look at Garyn and Ansley's shirts" to everyone before they could even walk in. It was so exciting!
Garyn got a gun and holster set!
We also went to Tyler's grandparents that night but I didn't get any pictures. It was fun to see their faces, as well, when Ansley first walked in. Tyler's cousin, Josie looked at me and said "Wait, what does her shirt say?" Then they all turned to look. It was a fun way to announce! I had to work that night so I didn't get to stay long which is probably why I had no pictures.
Christmas went by just as fast as it came. My favorite part was Christmas morning with the kids being so excited about their toys. I couldn't soak up enough of it!

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