Friday, December 2, 2011

November Ends; December Begins

Its that time again. Goal time that is!

November went well, I feel.............

We had a good birthday dinner at Provino's for the first time. It will definitely be a new birthday meal for us.
I also went to the pottery day on my thing to do!
Then Thanksgiving was great and started off with a family girl's night here at my house.

not much got done....
We did paint the hallway and Tyler was able to put crown molding in Ansley's room
And he also got to work in the back yard....I on the other hand did no crafty things

All of this got done except for the laundry room

About the same on eating out...maybe a little better since football is over

Garyn is counting well, he counted to 50 for a prize at school. He can do some addition, need to work on it more though...
Bible time is sweet, I love hearing what he remembers or feels is important with each story

Coupons are mostly cut for the month of November
I have done ok with my own devotional time, just finished Revelation study by Beth Moore which was wonderful. Need to always improve though.

December is a busy crazy month so my only goals are basic......

-SS Christmas Party
-Red Bank Parade
-Nashville trip

-Decorating for Christmas
-Tyler to work on house projects

-Keeping floor clean since Ansley is everywhere!
-Clean up laundry room more
-keep car clean

-you know the goal!

-Bible time daily amongst craziness still
-Keep Christmas focus on birth of Christ!

-bathe dogs

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