Friday, December 2, 2011

Football Season 2011

I have been wanting to post on the event that takes up most of our time during the late summer/ early fall......which you can guess from the title is highschool football!

Tyler became the defensive coordinator for this year and was therefore busier than he normally is already with football. He loves it, though, even as time consuming as it can be for him. Garyn and I love going to the games on Fridays, but wish we could see him more during the week. But its just part of our life! Ansley seemed to enjoy it, too!

loved this outfit K.mac made!

she made the cute bow too

We didn't miss a game! The one cold rainy night of the season, I was planning to skip, but then Garyn insisted we go! So we went but didn't stay that whole game.
Garyn's favorite part is still getting to play on the field afterwards, here he is dancing

Don't remember what he was doing but he is wearing his RB jacket monogrammed by K.mac

The team finished 7-4 going into the first round of playoffs. Tyler survived his first year as a coordinator. I was stressed much more than he every thought about being most of the time! However, I was also proud and thought he handled it all well.

another outfit by K.mac

Daddy and his baby girl

I have always loved going to the games. However, I don't see as much now that I have Garyn to keep up with. Next year, I imagine I'll be chasing down Ansley, too. I actually had to this year really. She was passed around a lot between player's moms and teachers. Since Tyler and I went to Red Bank, we see a lot of people we know.

Speaking of Red Bank being our Alma mater, Tyler was crowned the Homecoming Queen from the male teacher homecoming court. Yes, that is him there in a lovely pink dress and red wig.....

It was truly hilarious, the whole gym was laughing except for Garyn who was terrified of his daddy and the others dressed up. We made the mistake of walking into the room they were waiting in before it started and he was not prepared to see all of them dressed in drag behind the door. So he stood in a corner crying and shaking. Poor thing! Any who...I couldn't stop laughing and frequently left his side to see and take pics. (There was a football parent with him) The pic below was a "cat fight" with another candidate.

I wish I had gotten a photo of the back...the dress wouldn't zip all the way but did clasp at the top so it looked like an oval shaped view of his beautiful and hairy back!


Good times, I tell ya! The season always keeps us busy but doing fun things. After a short break, work outs have already begun for next year! It will be here before we know it.

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  1. Oh. My. Word. Ansley looks ADORABLE in that first outfit! I am LOVING it!! :)



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