Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scared yet cute........

Halloween is becoming more enjoyable for the boys of my family. It seems Garyn has inherited Tyler's dislike for Halloween. Tyler doesn't like scary movies, haunted houses, etc because of some scares at Halloween when he was young. He doesn't do any "girl" screams or run and hide, but he just chooses not to watch/see things that might come back up in his dreams. Since about a year old,  we have realized Garyn was following in his footsteps....

Garyn is scared of a lot.....

   scared of the dark
   scared of mascots
   scared of anything that talks or sings without him knowing it will
   scared of being alone in a room while I am at the other end of the house
   scared of Halloween

Last year at Halloween, Garyn started getting very scared of Halloween decorations and costumes. We had a time getting him to wear his costume. When we were at stores, I would have to tell him it was only a toy and to not be scared of it in order to get by the Halloween section. From then on, he would tell me "Don't be scared momma, its just a toy", over and over.

Once Halloween was over, other things started scaring him. Christmas decorations and animals, some of his toys, mascots, pictures and the dark. Some things he is not afraid of and then switches to being afraid of it or vice verse. His pictures and stuffed animals in his room have been "taken away" several times at night, then replaced and he doesn't notice. He is even scared of the "G" on his wall.

Obviously, it has continued into this Halloween. One night, we were on the way home and he started telling us to "take away that bug." We had no idea what he was talking about. It started escalating into demands, crying and screams as we got closer to home. Then he told us to go another way and frantically started trying to get out of his car seat.   I feel so bad, but in my consoling I also want to laugh. That's horrible isn't it?  Then we arrived to the house on the corner that has many Halloween decorations. A graveyard, a large skeleton head with a spider web hanging, and eventually they have a haunted house in their front yard. We had to stop at the stop sign there next to it and he was trying to move from that window and was frantic. Poor baby! He is sooooo scared of things, I don't know how to console him when he gets so upset.

I guess we should have known with his first Halloween.................

Doesn't that just make you laugh!

We had many costume switches this year....First it was Buzz Lightyear, then he wanted to be Woody. When we went to buy a costume he wanted to be Dash from the Incredibles, but he pitched a fit when I put it on him. By this point it was the week before Halloween; we took back Dash and there was little to choose from. Everything I found in his size, he said he wouldn't wear. He doesn't like anything tight or furry or on his head. So we had a football uniform from buying his Texas helmet last year that was too big at the time. I had put it up so he didn't even realize he had it but was willing to be a football player when I suggested it.

He was a cute football player!

The helmet was on and off, but that was to be expected. I was surprised he let me put the shoulder pads on! And we already had the cleats so this was a free costume! (of course we had paid for it at one point but it was already something we had rather than buying something new :)

Trunk or Treat was more exciting and fun to him this year. He understood the games more, and was less afraid of everyone. You knew when he saw something that scared him because he would tense up and stop walking, but other than that, there were no crying fits.

He has an interesting way of playing the games....a cheating way! He wanted to walk right up to the holes or the basketball goal and put the ball in rather than attempt to throw it. Daddy was trying to get him to stand back, but he thought his way was so much better!

 High five! I did it!

Can't believe he actually got this on his head!

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