Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Well, Thanksgiving is over! Wow, how 2010 has gone by......

We had a good Thanksgiving, although I missed the McGhee family (Tyler's mom's family). His grandmother had knee replacement surgery this past Monday so we had a smaller Thanksgiving at Nana and Poppa's house on Sunday night instead of our normal bigger gathering with his whole family.

The food was great!

My mother n' law set the table with china, and
tried a new turkey recipe that was wonderful.

The crew minus Nana

Uncle Philip and Garyn playing....they had a blast
with these two rabbits that were "attacking" Garyn

Then he and Nana danced and sang to the Wiggles in the kitchen.
 One of Garyn's favorite things to do with Nana and she says its a workout for her!

My family was great, too.
We went down (my family lives in Summerville, Ga an hour away) to my brother's house on Wednesday. I met up with my girl cousins, my niece and one of my aunts for a girl's night. It was some much needed time to get to see them more than I normally do. We went to the mall for a bit, saw a movie and then ate dinner.

My cousins Hannah and Lindsey, both in college.....

My aunt Joy and I....
 My niece, Lorna, cousin, Mandy and I

Tyler riding Lakelin's, my nephew, dirt bike....

Garyn and Lakelin playing, Garyn loves going to Lornie,
a.k.a Lorna, and Lakelin's house......

Garyn and I (and baby sister :)

Garyn getting to ride on the dirt bike...I insured he went really slow and was safe

Family at dinnertime, talking and laughing

Most of the younger cousins playng outside

It was a great Thanksgiving and now we are getting ready for Christmas around here!

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