Friday, November 19, 2010

Taking a moment

Just wanted to take a moment and present some great accomplishments by my little man....

He has began to color a lot and loving it, I'll say "Come on Garyn let's eat" and he replies "Hold on, I just have to finish coloring this" He is really working on coloring in the lines and coloring every much so you can't see the picture anymore! But today he was drawing.......

While you may think this is a dog, or bear; nope, it is Garyn. He brought it to me and said "It's Garyn, see my ears and eyes" I am so proud of this because it is his first real know usually its several lines and a scribble, which there is nothing wrong with abstract. But he made eyes and a circle for the face, a mouth and nose. He even pointed to the scribble at the top as his hair.......loving it!

Next, he loves to sing praise songs in the car with us. We listen to kids songs, too, but it is so precious to hear him singing such deep phrases with a sweet, child voice at the top of his lungs. I took a video of him last night. While Tyler was working on school stuff, they were listening to music. (Sorry it is long)
Just love that boy!

Haven't officially mentioned on here that along with this boy we are having a GIRL!

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