Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun

This fall we have done more in way of decorating and festivities. Garyn at 3 is into doing activities and  understanding more of whats going on. However,Tyler and now Garyn are not fans of Halloween, more on that later.

But we went to a Pumpkin Patch this year as a Sunday School gathering. We all have little boys within a year apart so they love hanging out together. Here are all the pics....
 He was a little afraid of the witch behind him.

 Counting to play hide and seek.

 Garyn and Aiden
 Hayride to pumpkin field
 Pumpkin field and cotton field behind it

Ethan and Phil looking for pumpkins

 Garyn and daddy looking for pumpkins, while I sat on the hay ride with my boot

 Garyn and our 3 pumpkins

He got to pet and feed some farm animals

Jumping into the corn box 

 They were saying "to infinity and beyond"

 All but one boy on the wagon, Garyn, Aiden, Braxton and Maddox

Going thru the corn maze on the wagon

Sharing snacks with Aiden on the way home

Couple weeks later we carved our pumpkins, but it was about a week too early cause now they are wilted and moldy...  :(

Garyn helping scoop


Daddy's, one tooth tried to fall out

Mine, took forever...

Daddy and Garyn's cat

Tonight's Trunk or Treat at church and Trick or Treating later at home

Garyn is going as a football player, I think, yesterday we took back the Dash from the Incredibles. The costume has changed back and forth and we may end up with the same dilemma as last year.
We'll see!

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