Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goodbye peach......Hello hillbilly?

We are redoing our bathroom and I could not be more excited to see the change! When we bought the house, we had this lovely 70s peach bathroom in the main hallway.
This is the bath tub and shower tile (and a cute little G-man at about 7 mos. taking a bath)

The toilet and sink were the same color, as you can see in the first picture. Once Tyler took them out, we went a day looking like rednecks! (no offense to any rednecks :) ) We had the ripped-out-linoleum in the front yard, too.

Tyler painted the tub and shower tile with tile paint. Excuse his goofiness.........and yes he is in his boxers

The paint worked well. He started this a couple weekends ago and then yesterday started the flooring.
We also took out the cabinets and are going to take out that wall heater you see. Tyler is going to have to work on the cabinets to fit our new granite counter top! So excited.....

Today, Tyler and his dad started tiling the floor today....

Daddy let Garyn help some.....

The tile is down, Tyler and Garyn are napping, and I am resting my foot. I wish I could have helped more cause I love this type of stuff. Can't wait to show more!

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