Friday, October 1, 2010

One undesirable goal completed

September is already?!

Looking over the goals I did get more done than not...

All the fun goals were done:
         Went on date with hubby! Ate at Olive Garden and saw The Town (good movie)
          We have still been feeding 10-16 football players each week, excited that God has kept them coming.
          Also, did our Sunday School Party here, and it went well. Fun to entertain with our basement finished.
Of course, we haven't missed a football game yet.

The DIY goals were halfway:
We have been working on the downstairs and the hallway bathroom
Didn't get to plants

Playdoh and painting days were done
Didn't get to the labels or the picture frames

Had freezer cooking day!
Ate at home more but not as good as we should have been

Been doing good up until......

I broke my foot!!!
One goal I had not planned on completing!

UGH!! I am frustrated beyond belief that I had to fall and break my foot!
So now lots of sitting and icing are happening. I do not like sitting and watching others work for me. Please pray that I will sit, though, because its the only way it will get better.
I am more stubborn and independent than I thought I was a week ago (before I broke my foot)!
It surprises me that I want "to do it myself"

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