Friday, September 24, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day FINALLY!

After not having a freezer cooking day since this one.......I am determined to not miss a month again. I couldn't believe how long it had been! I can see a difference too. We have been eating out a lot lately, even Garyn and I for lunch. Partly because I get so hungry and only certain things sound good to me. Cooking (mainly just strong smelling meals) makes me nauseous, too, so I have my excuses I guess.

But yesterday I hunkered down and got two things done to put in the freezer!

First, I made Brown Bag Burritos. I took advantage of the taco night we had for the football players on Wednesday and browned extra meat. (Tacos were one of the things that I could hardly stand in the kitchen while it was cooking.......don't care if I eat a taco for awhile.)

I got 12 done and hope this curbs the lunch-out issue!

Next, I made apple pies. I mixed the Slab Apple Pie recipe and the Mini Apple Pie recipe some, to get the best of both. I am not sure, though, how the crust is going to turn out. I used the Slab Apple Pies crust and it didn't do so well in the muffin pans. It turns out as a flakey, buttery good crust and that didn't want to stick together in the muffin pans. So I used the rest for 2 mini Slab Apple Pies.

So I now have 12 brown bag burritos, 9 mini apple pies and 2 small slab apple pies in the freezer! Better than nothing!

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