Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Laugh

So I quickly have to post this story.....

Garyn is a lot like his daddy in that he doesn't like Halloween. I have told some funny stories about it before that you can find here. This year hasn't proved to be much different, he is just more vocal about it now!

Our neighbors have been setting out their Halloween decorations, including the neighbor who does a haunted house in his front yard. Garyn has noticed them. He isn't crying-scared or anything (at least from in the car while driving away from the decorations). We talk about them a lot and how they are just pretend.

Anyway, I had mentioned that we needed to get our decorations out. He at first said, "No!" I thought I might not get to put them out! He later warmed up to the idea, almost intrigued to see what we had compared to the other yards. (I'll just say, we have nothing compared to our neighbors! A flag, a pumpkin on the porch and mailbox, a door hanger and some nick knacks for inside) Today, I said we were going to get them out and went downstairs to get the Rubbermaid bin they were in. I stopped in the laundry room first to load the dryer. Garyn starts yelling down the steps, "Momma?! Was that you?" I said yes,that I was putting clothes in the dryer then getting the Halloween before coming back up. Once I started looking for the bin of decorations, I had to move some stuff around in Tyler's workroom. I got the bin in hand just in time to hear him slam the door and start yelling, "Momma! Stop making that noise!" I start coming up the steps, not really tuning in on him yet, and tried to open the door. He is peering around the door, wide eyed and ready to take off! Still saying, "Momma, was that you making all that noise?!" and looking at the bin and behind me like something was about to jump out at him. I realized then that he was scared to death not knowing what Halloween decorations I might have in hand or even more, if I had been down there fighting with them or something!

I started laughing so hard I about peed in my pants! He, of course, only gets more alarmed at me horse laughing, still wide eyed looking in the bin and behind me! Oh, I just wish you could have been there.
I finally calmed down enough to calm him down. I cautiously and slowly came through the doorway and set down the bin. He cautiously stepped back! We slowly started looking in there and talked about how there was nothing scary in the bin.

Well, then he goes outside and I precede to put out the decorations around the house and on the porch with the front door open. Frequently, he runs in to check to see if I was making noises he was hearing. I put the rug on the porch and he runs in to ask me, "Were you the one with that rug?" I just couldn't stop laughing at the poor little guy. He was so terrified and trying to be so brave at the same time!

Of course, I had to call and tell his daddy. He only laughed and said, "That's my boy!"

I hope this was funny to you. If you know Garyn or have ever seen him scared, you will be able to picture his face. I am only hoping Ansley doesn't follow suite so that someone can go to the haunted houses with me!

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